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Michael Foster "Mike" Nolan
(1932 - 1996)

Bob Nolan had two brothers named "Michael", a full brother (Michael Earle Nolan) and a half brother, Michael Foster "Mike" Nolan. Mike was born on October 4, 1932, at Tucson, Arizona, to Harry B. Nolan and Bertie Lee Foster Nolan. Mike had a sister, Mary Nolan. He was married twice and had two daughters - Michele Paula Nolan (November 10, 1954) and Rochele Deana Nolan (September 16, 1955).

Calin Coburn remembers his Uncle Mike as being a very likable person, outgoing and always making a joke about this or that. He loved to fish and throw parties on his boat. Mike was a favorite uncle of Bobbie's and, being 3 years younger, was more of a pal than an uncle.

Bob was fond of this half-brother of his who was 24 years his junior. Mike often took Bob with him on his ocean fishing excursions and they would stay away for several days at a time, stopping when and where they pleased. It was following one such fishing trip that Bob suffered his fatal heart attack.

Very little is known of Mike other than he had sixteen years of education and was a computer systems analyst. Dick Goodman met him twice and described him as a small, personable man whom he met when he drove Bob, P-Nuts, Mike and his lady friend to a western shindig on Montie Montana's Ranch in the 1970s. Dick met him again at the memorial service for Bob Nolan.

Michael Foster Nolan died on October 3, 1996 in Cincinatti, Ohio. He was only 64 years old.





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