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Roberta Nolan Mileusnich


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Roberta Irene was born to Robert and Pearl (nee Fields) Nolan on August 4, 1929. Her parents were seldom together during the Depression when work was so hard to find and Bobbie, as she came to be known, spent a great deal of time with her mother and maternal grandmother. After their separation and divorce, Pearl refused to let Bob see his daughter again although he did send monthly cheques in child support. It wasn't until 1944 that Pearl relented and introduced Bobbie to Bob during a Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers show in Oakland. After that, Bobbie spent every other weekend with Bob and his second wife, Clara, until she finished school.


On June 11, 1947, Bobbie married Albert Garland. They had no family. In a later relationship with Kenneth Coburn, Bobbie had a son, Calin Ray Coburn.  Then, on January 15, 1959, Bobbie married Milo Mileusnich and their marriage lasted until her death by cancer in 2000. They had no children but Milo had two sons by a previous marriage so the Milo and Bobbie raised three sons together.


Pearl and Bob Nolan, Bobbie's parents, 1931                    Baby Bobbie, 1929




Before she met her father, Bobbie joined the Sons of the Pioneers Fan Club.

Prattler Vol 1, Issue 3, p8 - New Members. In the California section:

Roberta McEniry, 420-28th St., Oakland. (McEniry was her stepfather's name.)