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"Doc" Denning Sings of Trails West


All voices and instruments by "Doc" Denning via multi-track recording.


"The early pioneers left wagon tracks that are still visible in parts of this country, even after 150 years, 'Trails West'. The settlers, mountain men and cowboys inspired many composers to write of the lives, loves, legends and the land that make up our Great American West. I even penned a few myself. Many of these songs were sung by groups such as The Sons of the Pioneers, The Reinsmen and by the 'silver screen cowboys' like Roy Rogers, Rex Allen Sr, Eddie Dean, Ken 'Festus' Curtis, Tex Williams and others. I've had the honor of appearing with these men on film, TV, recordings and stage. They came to be friends as well as mentors. Those Saturday afternoon matinee heroes are gone now, but I've tried here to keep their 'western' music alive in the style they introduced. This April of 2001 I've reached my 80th year and I feel blessed that I'm still able to play and sing their music. I hope you enjoy the results. My best to you, 'Doc' Denning."



 1. Throw a Saddle on a Star

 2. Moonlight on the Colorado

 3. Sioux City Sue

 4. Roomful of Roses

 5. Somewhere in Old Wyoming

 6. Mail Order Bride

 7. Sentimental Trails

 8. roll Along, Prairie Moon

 9. Moonlight and Roses

10. That's My Home

11. Pretty Painted Ladies

12. Home in San Antone

13. Arizona Sunset

14. Santa Fe, New Mexico

15. Moon O'er Montana

16. Ain't No Fool Like an Old Fool

17. The Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma

18. Rollin' Prairie

19. Heart to Heart

20. The Place Where I Worship

21. How Great Thou Art


To purchase, Contact:

Doc Denning

5148 Ridgewood Drive

Klamath Falls, OR 97603

ph: (541) 850-6077