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The Reinsmen, "Painters of the West in Song"

 Audio CD (2006)

 Format: 2-CD

 Label: Audiophonic

 ASIN: ARM060721


"We made a conscious decision never to let Western Music fade to a point where some may ask: What does Western music sound like? We couldn't let that happen to the music of Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer, Stan Jones, Marty Robbins and to that of our contemporary composers such as Rusty Richards and Jack Hannah. Their songs are as important as is the Art of the West, and should be heard by future generations. As long as it is in our power, the Reinsmen will never let it become a lost treasure." (Dick Goodman, Reinsman)




1. Pretty Painted Ladies

2. Green Ice and Mountain Men

3. Saddle Up!

4. Buffalo

5. You Don't Know what Lonesome Is

6. Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Cool Water medley (Bob Nolan)

7. Along the Santa Fe Trail

8. Too High, Too Wide, Too Low

9. He Walks with the Wild and the Lonely (Bob Nolan)

10. Man Walks Among Us

11. The Cowboy's Dream

12. Goldmine in the Sky

13. Shenandoah

14. Arizona Sunset

15. Call of the Canyon

16. Dutchman's Gold

17. High Country



1. New Moon over my Shoulder

2. Springtime in the Rockies

3. Autumn on the Trail

4. Blue Prairie

5. Teardrops in my Heart

6. Ridin' Home (Bob Nolan)

7. Trail to San Antone

8. Tumbleweed Trail (Bob Nolan)

9. The Singing Hills

10. Sentimental, Worried and Blue

11. So Long to the Red River Valley

12. If You Would Only Be Mine

13. Sentimental Trails

14. This ain't the Same Old Range (Bob Nolan)

15. Land beyond the Sun

16. Will there be Sagebrush in Heaven

17. Sedona, Arizona

18. Lilies Grow High


You can purchase the Reinsmen 2-CD set from http://www.deepdiscount.com or write to Dick Goodman at reinsman.scw@cox.net