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Ride Away

 Audio CD (2009)

 Label: JAZMusic Productions Ltd.


Ride Away takes its title from the soundtrack of the classic John Ford film, The Searchers. Ride Away, like Yondering, crosses genres and, I believe, will appeal to a wide range of music enthusiasts. Some of the selections are new. Some are little known or rarely heard. One or two could be called folk. I chose each because it was a gem. Two of the songs, My Shadow and the Moon and Thirteen Voices, were written for the album by Ken DeAngelis (www.kenandjulie.com), whose compositions have been compared by critics to those of Harry Chapin and Simon & Garfunkel. Thirteen Voices was inspired by our acquaintance with the family of the Lakota elder, Beatrice Weasel Bear, one of The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. The efforts of these leaders from the Americas, Tibet, Africa, and the Arctic to save life on this planet are being documented in a new film, For The Next 7 Generations.  (Rich Flanders)



Ride Away is a worthy companion to Rich's previous album, Yondering. This one is a mixture of old familiar Sons of the Pioneers' songs and new creations, all tasting of the American West. The instrumental arrangements instill a mystical feeling to the Native American songs and make an exquisite setting for that little gem, Colorado Trail. Two of Bob Nolan's greatest songs are included - one joyful, the other melancholy.


Tracks (with clips):

1. Man Without a Star (Arnold Hughes & Frederick Herbert)
2. Call of the Wild (Joyce Woodson)
3. My Shadow & The Moon (Ken DeAngelis)
4. The White Buffalo (Allan Bergman)
5. Mah Lindy Lou (Lily Strickland)
6. The Hills of Old Wyoming (Ralph Rainger & Leo Dubin)
7. Pecos Bill (Johnny Lange & Elliot Daniel)
8. Colorado Trail (Traditional)
9. South of Santa Fe (Tim Spencer & Roy Rogers)
10. How Green Was My Valley (Alfred Newman & Paul Francis Webster)
11. A Cowboy Has To Sing (Bob Nolan)
12. This Ain't The Same Old Range (Bob Nolan)
13. Thirteen Voices (Music by Ken DeAngelis, Lyrics by Ken DeAngelis & Amy Ober)
14. The Searchers (Ride Away) (Stan Jones)


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