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Song Poems of Bob Nolan

 Audio CD (2002)

 Label: Old Coot Music


Music and lyrics of Bob Nolan arranged by the Lobo Rangers. Recorded February 2000 through March 2002 by Dave Bourne (ramrod, guitar, vocals), Patty Bourne (vocals), Drew Daniels (bass, vocals), Billy Beeman (fiddle), Bill Knopf (guitar, banjo, vocals).


"Nolan's writing single-handedly established an entire genre of music. Western music reached its zenith with the 'B' westerns of the 1930s and 40s. Nolan called his material 'song poems' and it is an apt appellation. His lyrics stand alone as great poetry, his melodies distinctive. Bob retired from the Pioneers in 1949 but continued to write until his death on June 16, 1980." (Dave Bourne)



 1. Close to Heaven

 2. Open Range Ahead

 3. The Touch of God's Hand

 4. He Walks with the Wild and the Lonely

 5. Chant of the Wanderer

 6. Let's Pretend

 7. Rocky Roads

 8. The Mystery of His Way

 9. Chant of the Plains

10. Let Me Share Your Name

11. Vagabond Whirlwinds

12. A Summer Night's Rain

13. When I Leave this World Behind

14. Trav'lin with the Sun

15. The King's Highway

16. Wandering

17. Trail Dreamin'

18. Here is My Helping Hand


To purchase, contact: (unavailable at the moment)

Dave Bourne

Box 173

Agoura Hills, CA 91376

Fax: (818) 991-3610

Ph: (818) 991-2479


Dave is a professional pianist and he also has for sale many saloon piano CDs. Go to his website for more details: http://www.drewdaniels.com/lr/ or email Dave at saloonpiano@adelphia.net