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The Tumbling Tumbleweeds

· Audio CD (June, 2008)

· Format: one CD


As their name suggests, The Tumbling Tumbleweeds pay homage to The Sons of the Pioneers whom they consider to be the “masters of cowboy music.” "As vocalists we find their music and harmonies totally irresistible and as Westerners we find their songs a romantic tribute to the West that was." The Tumbling Tumbleweeds have been together since 2005 and have been wetting their feet (or boots) with performances in and around Southern California with hopes of turning a "sideline profession" into a full time profession and thankfully, every year gets busier than the one before.


 1. Hold That Critter Down 

 2. The Timber Trail 

 3. Blue Shadows on the Trail 

 4. Pecos Bill
 6. Little Patch of Heaven 
 7. Empty Saddles
 8. Golden Grizzly 
 9. My Saddle Pals and I 
10. Lonely River 
11. (So Long) Old Pinto
12. Ghost Riders in the Sky 
13. Poor Big Daddy 
14. San Antonio Rose 
15. Tumbling Tumbleweeds 

The Tumbling Tumbleweeds Debut Album!


        After a triumphant debut appearance at the Western Music Association’s Western Music Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico in November of 2007 The Tumbling Tumbleweeds were enthusiastically urged to produce a CD by both fans and colleagues in the Western Music Community.  The Tumbling Tumbleweeds answered back with their first album aptly titled, “The Tumbling Tumbleweeds.”

        This collection of songs from The Tumbling Tumbleweeds repertoire is playfully assembled here on their debut CD.  With songs as well known as Ghost Riders in the Sky to their own original, “Golden Grizzly,” a humorous tale told in song about a true-life figure in California history, William Holcomb, a miner who discovered gold by accident while chasing a bear he’d shot at and missed.  It is that element of story and whimsical fortune that not only keeps the American West alive and in the hearts of people everywhere but also that which The Tumbling Tumbleweeds wish to honor musically.

        The album also includes tributes to the works of Gene Autry and Walt Disney along with some (what the Tumbleweeds call) “Schtick” preceding their version of the rollicking Western Swing classic San Antonio Rose.