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Trail of Memories

 Audio CD

 Label: HCR - CD - 508


"During a visit with Ken Curtis in 1984, Ken placed a tape on his machine and asked my opinion of what I was about to hear. Acknowledging my limited musical ability, I listened intently to the beautiful three and four part harmony. After a couple of songs, Ken asked if I recognized the group. I replied with confidence that although it was a very polished sound, it wasn't the acclaimed Reinsmen singing group, nor Riders in the Sky and certainly not the Sons of the Pioneers. Following another song or two Curtis finally relented and informed me that it was the multi-tracked voice of one individual, that of Robert Wagoner. This album (his eighth) must be acknowledged as good as Bob has ever done." (Ken Griffis)



 1. Song of the Sierra

 2. Waltzing on Top of the World

 3. Could I be Falling in Love

 4. Sundown on the Prairie

 5. Chapel in the moonlight

 6. Somewhere on the Painted Desert

 7. Gotta Get Me Somebody to Love

 8. Trail of Memories

 9. Warm Again* (Bob Nolan & R. Wagoner)

10. Let Me Share Your Name (Bob Nolan)

11. Sunrise of Taxco

12. Nevada


*"These lyrics came from a poem penned by Bob Nolan which was found after his death in 1980. Bob's daughter, Roberta, sent it to me and asked that I write music to the words, which I did. As I was with 'The Wonder of it All', I am honored to have my name beside Bob's as co-writer." (Robert Wagoner)


To purchase, contact Robert Wagoner:

PO Box 213

Bishop, CA 93515