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The West is in My Soul


 Format: one CD

 Label:  HCR - CD - 507


"Bob Wagoner, as I'm sure you already know, is one of America's very best western artists. He once told me that he often takes a tape player up into the High Sierra Mountains that rise majestically above his home in Bishop, California. There he listens to the music of the original Sons of the Pioneers to find inspiration for his paintings. His versatility with so many musical instruments, his beautiful voice, his unique arrangements are all outstanding. He calls this newest release 'The West is in My Soul' and it is indeed, and if it is not in your soul yet, it will be when you have finished listening to these wonderful recordings." (Rusty Richards)


All Robert Wagoner's cover paintings are his own. This one is titled "Following the Stream" after the song by Bob Nolan.



 1. Doggone Cowboy

 2. Sunrise on the Prairie

 3. Hold That Critter Down (Bob Nolan)

 4. Mexicali Trail

 5. Kin to the Wind

 6. It's a Cowboy's Life for Me

 7. The River of No Return

 8. The West is in My Soul (Bob Nolan)

 9. Summer Nights on the Range

10. Moon over Montana

11. White Water River

12. Land Beyond the Sun

13. It's a Lonely Trail

14. Born to the Saddle (Yippi Yi Yippi Yo)

15. Grand Canyon



To purchase, contact Robert Wagoner:

PO Box 213

Bishop, CA 93515