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After the Pioneers - Tommy Doss Sings a Million Memories

Texas Moon Records BCG-1008

Tommy Doss replaced Bob Nolan in the Sons of the Pioneers in 1949 and his voice was so similar that most people were not aware that Bob had retired. On this remastered collection, tracks 1, 3, 5, 9, 11 and 13 are Tommy's home recordings. The others were originally recorded in Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, California, May 1972.


Album Review by O J Sikes:

    In 1972, several years after Tommy Doss recorded his last LP with the Sons of the Pioneers, Bill Wiley convinced him to return to the studio to make an LP of solo material. Only a couple of those songs had been recorded by the Pioneers, and on one of them, "Rosa," Tommy sang the solo Dale Warren had sung on the Pioneers' recording. It was an exquisite rendition of a beautiful song.    

     That recording and the other 10 from that session had not been released on CD until Fred Goodwin produced this new collection. It contains all of those tracks from 1972, plus 6 more from Tommy's home studio recordings. These new 6 feature instrumental backing from Paul Denton of The New Pioneers who, along with other members of the group, handled post-production chores. Wait till you hear them do "I Wear Your Memory in My Heart." It'll knock your hat in the creek, and if you've never heard Tommy's 1972 LP, you'll be delighted with this whole package.

    The CD opens with "Cherokee Maiden," a throw back to Tommy's early Western swing work with Luke Wills and his Rhythm Busters, among others. He also does "So Long to the Red River Valley," but most of the tracks are country material. And Tommy's renditions of those country ballads are gorgeous. You won't find better anywhere. Tommy sings harmony with himself, and you can really appreciate his amazing range. He and Lloyd Perryman probably had the greatest vocal range of any of the Pioneers.

    This limited edition CD is only available ($22.95 ppd) from Concept Productions, P.O. Box 3151, Murfreesboro, TN 37133-3151 (phone 615-890-3047). Don't miss it!



 1. Cherokee Maiden

 2. The Call

 3. Let's Pretend

 4. I Care No More

 5. So Long to the Red River Valley

 6. If You Would Only be Mine

 7. Trouble in Mind

 8. Sing a Sad Song

 9. I Wear Your Memory

10. I Invented the Word

11. A Million Memories

12. Every Fool has a Rainbow

13. Cottage in the Clouds

14. King of the Fools

15. The Memory

16. So Much to Remember

17. Rosa