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The Best of the Roy Rogers Radio Shows -Roy & Dale, Bob Nolan & the Sons of the Pioneers, Gabby Hayes, Pat Buttram


Boxed set (3 audio discs)  


Roy Rogers Trigger Dale Evans Gabby Hayes Pat Buttram
Bob Nolan and The Sons of the Pioneers featuring Pat Brady
The Farr Brothers
Roy Lanham & the Whippowills
Foy Willing & the Riders of the Purple Sage
The music of Country Washburne
Perry Botkin & his orchestra
Al Sack & his orchestra
Announcer: ďHonestĒ Charlie Lyon


Album Review by OJ Sikes      

        The Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum has released a 3 CD set of beautifully remastered material from the Roy Rogers radio shows, 1940-1951. If you have the Rhino set that came out in 1999, you have a fair amount of the music that's here, but not all of it, by a long shot. For example, this one includes a great early (1940) version of "Rhythm of the Range," and there's a rare 1951 rendition of Dale's "Ah Ha, San Antone" with Roy, Dale and Roy Lanham & the Whipoorwills, the group that was to back them on their classic commercial recording of "Happy Trails." Roy introduces Bob Nolan & the Sons of the Pioneers doing "Rise & Shine," a different version from their Orthacoustic transcription (this time, without Pat Brady). But Pat solos on "Cody of the Pony Express" from April, 1941.

         Adding even more spice to the mix, there's a healthy dose of Gabby Hayes and Pat Buttram, whose tall, humorous tales will leave you in stitches. Most people associate Pat Buttram with Gene Autry; they worked together on radio, TV and in films for over 10 years. But in 1946, Gene was still overseas and his Melody Ranch show was on hold when these Roy Rogers shows were aired. And Pat made a significant contribution to them, long before he was to make movies with Gene and to become "Mr. Haney" on the Green Acres TV show.

        The 3 discs contain 78 tracks, and the 12-page booklet has literally dozens of rare photos, most of which are in color. But to me, the highlight of this package is the rare opportunity to hear Roy and the Pioneers singing the way we used to enjoy them on screen. They didn't record a lot of commercial sides together, but collections like this help make up for that loss.

        Contact the Museum gift shop online at www.RoyRogers.com or phone (417) 339-1900, extn. 225.



Introduction - Silver Stars - Purple Sage - Eyes of Blue - Gabby Meets Pat Buttram & Dale - Out California Way - Mail Call - Cowboy Jubilee - Cowboy Band Instrumental - Ridiní Down the Canyon - Gabby Speaks Apache - Gonna Build a Big Fence Around Texas - Take Me Back To T-E-X-A-S - The Timber Trail Gabbyís Horse Lesson - Thatís My Home - Twilight On the Trail Candy Kisses - Little Joe the Wrangler - Ragtime Cowboy Joe Cowboy Camp Meeting - Miss Clank the Astrologer & Pat Buttram Iím An Old Cowhand - Ridiní Down the Sunshine Trail Gabby & Patís Trail Drive - Git Along Little Dogies - Home On the Range



Cowboy Ham & Eggs - Trail Herding Cowboy - Pat Buttram & the Professor - Ten Days With Baby - If Youíre Ever Down In Texas - The Professor Plays Patís Bones - Jingle Jangle Jingle - I Love the Prairie - The Wheel of the Wagon Is Broken - Gabby and the Lost Dutchman Mine - Down the Trail To San Antoine - Milenberg Joys - Gabby the Fossil Empty Saddles - Ride Emí Cowboy - Roy Calls a Square Dance Cleaning My - Rifle and Thinking of You - Cousin Trillbyís Letter - You Ainít Heard Nothing Till You Hear Him Roar - Along the Navajo Trail - Gabbyís Midget Ranch - A Two Seated Saddle - Way Out There - The Red River Valley - My Little Buckaroo



Chickashay Girl - The Rhythm of the Range Cool Water - Gabby and Mrs. Fluke, The Big Dude Lady - Iím Gonna Lasso a Dream - Rise & Shine - My Heart Went Thataway Gabby Fires Pat - My Saddle Pals & I - Sweet Georgia Brown - Hazy Mountains - Aha San Antoine - Pat Buttram Sings an Aria Smiles Are Made Out of the Sunshine - Silver On the Sage - Gabby vs Deadeye Dick - My Little Gal (Hattie Brown) - Pistol Packiní Mama - Cody of the Pony Express - Gabby Departs Iím Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes - Weíll Rest At the End of the Trail - May the Good Lord Take a Likiní To You