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Classic Cowboy Songs

Audio CD (June 27, 2006)

Original Release Date: June 27, 2006

Label: Varese Sarabande 302 066 737 2



Album Review by O J Sikes:

        The 18 songs on this CD come from Standard and Orthacoustic radio transcriptions. They were just like commercial recordings, in the sense that they were made in the studio without dialogue or audience participation. But they were made expressly for radio stations to play on the air. The Sons of the Pioneers recorded many of these same songs commercially, but not in all cases, and not always during the same time periods. And in some instances the commercial versions have been lost.

        The Standards were recorded during the group's early years (1934-35) when Roy Rogers was still singing tenor with the group, and the Orthacoustics were recorded by the Farr Bros., Pat Brady, Lloyd Perryman, Bob Nolan & Tim Spencer in Chicago in 1941. Seven of the 18 recordings here are from the Orthacoustics, and the real gem in this crown of musical jewels is one of them, "Ridin' the Range with You." Neither this one nor "That Pioneer Mother of Mine" were released on the Soundies CDs from this series a few years ago, and the remastering of all of these songs is superb.

        Widely available. Try www.DeepDiscountCD.com online or Collector's Choice Music, phone (800) 993-6344.



 1. Ridin Down the Canyon (Burnette / Autry)

 2. Blue Bonnet Girl (Glenn Spencer)

 3. Press Along to the Big Corral (traditional)

 4. Sky Ball Paint (Bob Nolan)

 5. Grab Your Saddle Horn and Blow (Bob Nolan)

 6. Home on the Range (Higley / Kelley)

 7. Lone Star Trail (Cindy Walker)

 8. Billy the Kid (traditional)

 9. Round-Up in the Sky (Bob Nolan)

10. Strawberry Roan (Howard / Vincent / Curley Fletcher)

11. Jesse James (traditional)

12. This Ain't the Same Old Range (Bob Nolan)

13. There's a Home in Wyomin' (Billy Hill / Peter deRose)

14. Down Along the Sleepy Rio Grande (Roy Rogers)

15. Ridin' the Range with You (Tim Spencer)

16. Cowboy's Dream (traditional)

17. That Pioneer Mother of Mine (Tim Spencer)

18. When the Work's All Done This Fall (J D O'Malley)