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Sons of the Pioneers Sing Cowboy Classics


· Audio CD


Album Review by OJ Sikes:

        Nearly 30 years ago, Dale Warren & I discussed our frustration over record companies re-issuing parts of LPs rather than the whole albums. For decades, many songs we loved on LPs lay in vaults, un-issued on CD. But now, producer Fred Goodwin has come to the rescue once again.
        In the fall of 2007, Fred issued this new CD of 24 songs recorded between 1959 & ’66, at least 10 of which have never been issued on CD anywhere. Some of the songs that have been issued are on CDs like Cool Water that have not been easy to find, so this CD is a real treasure. Most of the “new” songs come from the Songs of Bob Nolan (5), & Tumbleweed Trail (4) LPs. All are in the original stereo and sound terrific. The trio on all recordings is Lloyd Perryman (tenor), Tommy Doss (baritone) and Dale Warren (lead).
        Goodwin wrote the liner notes and used rare photos for the art work. Highly recommended! $24.95ppd (major credit cards accepted) from Concept Productions, PO Box 3151, Murfreesboro, TN 37133-3151 or call 1 (615) 890-3047.



  1. Cimmarron

  2. Hills Of Old Wyoming

  3. Whoopie-Ti-Yo

  4. Blue Shadows On The Trail

  5. Pecos Bill

  6. Along The Navajo Trail

  7. Blue Prairie

  8. Twilight On The Trail

  9. The Cattle Call

  10. Tumbleweed Trail

  11. Dusty Skies

  12. At The Rainbows End

  13. That Lucky Old Sun

  14. You Are My Eyes

  15. Chant Of The Wanderer

  16. Chant Of The Plains

  17. Way Out There

  18. One More Ride

  19. Ridin' Home

  20. The Boss Is Hangin' Out A Rainbow

  21. Following The Sun All Day

  22. Yippee-Yi-Yippe-Yo

  23. Buffalo

  24. Tumbling Tumbleweeds