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Essential Collection: Cool Water [BOX SET]

  • Audio CD (August 5, 2008)

  • Number of Discs: 3 disc boxed set

  • Label: Dynamic Ent.

  • ASIN: B001B0H7FE

Review by OJ Sikes, p 37 Vol 18 Issue 4 Fall 2008 of The Western Way: D


Out of curiosity, I decided to take a chance and invest $14.99 in the new Sons of the Pioneers 3 CD boxed set on the Dynamic label. It's the one with a photo of Roy Rogers & the Pioneers in the center of a white cover, titled Cool Water - The Sons of the Pioneers: The Essential Collection. It was not a wise investment. The collection has no liner notes or recording dates or source information, but my ear tells me the following: There are several songs Roy recorded with the Pioneers for RCA Victor, but it goes downhill from there, i.e. there are also some Roy recorded without the Pioneers. And there's even one song labeled The Rovin' Cowboy that is a non-western song, recorded by a completely different group! In the collection of 75 songs, recorded between 1935 & 1954, approximately 6 are from Columbia, 3 from Coral, 16 from Decca, Along the Santa Fe Trail is a Ken Carson solo from a transcription, Chant of the Wanderer is of undetermined origin (not RCA), and the rest are from RCA Victor. Restoration of the oldest material is better than on some labels, but not as good as most. I haven't heard the Proper boxed set, so can't compare this to that one. My advice: wait until Bear Family releases more material. Bear Family always does a superb job of restoration, discography & liner notes. Let's hope Bear is willing to tackle another Sons of the Pioneers project soon!



Disc: 1

1. Cool Water
2. Along the Navajo Trail
3. I'm an Old Cowhand
4. My Best to You
5. Let's Go West Again
6. Room Full of Roses
7. Ride Ranger Ride
8. Song of the Pioneers
9. Riders in the Sky
10. Along the Santa Fe Trail
11. Little Grey Home in the West
12. Last Round-Up
13. River of No Return
14. When the Moon Comes Over Sun Valley
15. Bar-None Ranch
16. Melody from the Sky
17. Blue Bonnet Girl
18. Cigarettes, Whusky & Wild, Wild Women
19. Cowboy Country
20. Down Where the Rio Flows
21. Hills of Old Wyoming
22. I Wonder If She Waits for Me Tonight?
23. Montana
24. No One to Cry To
25. One More Ride

Disc: 2

1. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
2. At the Rainbows End
3. Baby Doll
4. Blue Shadows on the Trail
5. Cowboy Camp Meeting
6. Don't Fence Me In
7. I Wear Your Memory on My Heart
8. My Saddle Pals and I
9. Out in Pioneer Town
10. Song of the Wagon Master
11. Sentimental, Worried and Blue
12. Song of the Bandit
13. Teardrops in My Heart
14. Devil's Great Grandson
15. Lillie's Grow High
16. There's a Round-Up in the Sky
17. Wagons West
18. I Follow the Stream
19. You'll Be Sorry When I'm Gone
20. Rock Me to Sleep in My Saddle
21. Rounded Up in Glory
22. Calico Apron and a Gingham Gown
23. Blue Prairie
24. Chant of the Wanderer
25. Echoes from the Hills

Disc: 3

1. Red River Valley
2. Home on the Range
3. Stars and Stripes on Iwo Jima
4. Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma
5. Rovin' Cowboy
6. I Hang My Head and Cry
7. Forgive and Forget
8. Way out There
9. Wind
10. You'll Never Miss the Water, Till the Well Runs Dry
11. Santa Fe, New Mexico
12. Grieving My Heart out for You
13. Missouri Is a Devil of a Woman
14. Timber Trail
15. Cajun Stomp
16. Empty Saddles
17. No Rodeo Dough
18. Out California
19. Over the Santa Fe Trail
20. (There'll Never Be Another) Pecos Bill
21. Will There Be Sagebrush in Heaven
22. Kaw-Liga
23. Lie Low Little Doggies (Cowboy's Lament)
24. Stampede
25. One More River to Cross