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The Essential Collection


Audio CD (March 4, 2003)

 Original Release Date: March 4, 2003

Number of Discs: 2-CD

Label: Varese Sarabande

ASIN: B00008J2KI


This 2-CD set of the Orthacoustic Transcriptions, with the 1-CD "Symphonies of the Sage", contains  most of the best-known Nolan Spencer Farr songs. Neither set is complete. These are the Classic Sons of the Pioneers the way they sounded in the Charles Starrett movies, the songs they wrote for their 7 song folios. Highly recommended.




 1. When Payday Rolls Around (Bob Nolan)

 2. Love Song of the Waterfall (Bob Nolan)

 3. Chant of the Wanderer (Bob Nolan)

 4. Sagebrush Symphony (Glenn Spencer)

 5. The West is in My Soul (Bob Nolan)

 6. A Cowboy has to Sing (Bob Nolan)

 7. Ridin' Home (Bob Nolan)

 8. Springtime on the Range (Tim Spencer)

 9. Cool Water (Bob Nolan)

10. Cajon Stomp (Farr Brothers)

11. The Touch of God's Hand (Bob Nolan)

12. Timber Trail (Tim Spencer)

13. There's a Rainbow Over the Range (Tim Spencer)

14. The Boss is Hangin' out a Rainbow (Bob Nolan)

15. Yippi Yi Your Troubles Away (Glenn & Tim Spencer)

16. Trail Herdin' Cowboy (Bob Nolan)

17. Trail Dreamin' (Bob Nolan)

18. The New Frontier (Tim Spencer)

19. He's Gone up the Trail (Tim Spencer)

20. Lord, You Made the Cowboy Happy (Bob Nolan)

21. Texas Crapshooter (Farr Brothers)



 1. So Long to the Red River Valley (Glenn Spencer)

 2. Blue Prairie (Tim Spencer / Bob Nolan)

 3. Hold that Critter Down (Bob Nolan)

 4. Howlin' Pup

 5. When the Prairie Sun Climbs Out of the Hay (Glenn & Tim Spencer)

 6. One More Ride (Bob Nolan)

 7. Blow, Wind, Blow (Glenn Spencer)

 8. Open Range Ahead (Bob Nolan)

 9. Song of the Bandit (Bob Nolan)

10. Following the Sun All Day (Bob Nolan)

11. Whisperin' Wind (Tim Spencer)

12. By a Campfire on the Trail (Tim Spencer)

13. Happy Cowboy (Bob Nolan)

14. Over the Santa Fe Trail (Tim Spencer)

15. Whoopee Ti Yi Yo (traditional)

16. Tumbleweed Trail (Bob Nolan)

17. Wending my Way to Wyomin' (Bob Nolan)

18. Kelly Waltz (traditional)

19. Down Along the Sleepy Rio Grande (Roy Rogers)

20. When the Moon Comes over Sun Valley (Roy Rogers / Tim Spencer)

21. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (Thomas P. Westendorf )