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The Sons of the Pioneers Greatest Hits

· Audio CD 

· Number of Discs: 2 

· ASIN: B002HU0930


"This great collection of hits recorded by the Sons of the Pioneers during their days on the RCA Victor label, showcases some of the finest harmonies ever to come from the Pioneer sound. With the distinctive voice of Tommy Doss, the unparalleled tenor of Lloyd Perryman, and the smooth, velvety texture of lead singers Ken Curtis and Dale Warren, Pioneer fans everywhere will be transported to a different place and time, as they listen to the trio combinations that many consider to be the best the Pioneers ever had."


Track Lists


01. The Lillies Grown High
02. Don’t Fence Me In
03. Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie
04. The Strawberry Roan
05. Silver on the Sage]
06. Along the Navajo Trail
07. The Cowboy’s Lament
08. Cool Water (Bob Nolan)
09. High Noon
10. Along the Santa Fe Trail
11. Riders in the Sky
12. Blue Shadows on the Trail
13. Ole Faithful
14. Red River Valley
15. Little Joe the Wrangler
16. Empty Saddles
17. Ridin’ Down The Canyon
18. Autumn On The Trail
19. The Searchers (Ride Away)
20. Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Bob Nolan)



01. The Place Where I Worship (Is the Wide Open Places)
02. Power in the Blood
03. He Walks with the Wild and the Lonely (Bob Nolan)
04. Rounded Up in Glory
05. The Old Rugged Cross
06. Will There Be Sagebrush in Heaven
07. The Mystery of His Way (Bob Nolan)
08. I Believe
09. You Must Come in at the Door
10. The Boss Is Hanging Out a Rainbow (Bob Nolan)
11. Lead Me Gently Home, Father
12. Lord, You Made The Cowboy Happy (Bob Nolan)
13. Suddenly There’s A Valley
14. Read The Bible Every Day
15. God Speaks
16. All Wild Things
17. Wonder’s of God’s Green Earth
18. How Will I Know Him When He Walks By (Bob Nolan)
19. Cowboy Camp Meetin’
20. How Great Thou Art