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Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs

 Audio CD

 Label: Texas Moon Records (from RCA Victor masters)


Album Review by OJ Sikes:

    Dale Warren told me once that he wished the re-issues of Sons of the Pioneers recordings hadn't broken up the LPs. I agreed. We got used to the order of the songs on the old LPs, and we liked the concept albums. It was a little frustrating to find the songs on CDs out-of-order, so to speak, and even worse to see that some favorites were missing. Well, we've been counting on producers like Fred Goodwin to help us fill gaps in our CD collections ever since. Now, he's come up with a winner!

    All but one of the 22 songs here feature the Tommy Doss, Dale Warren, Lloyd Perryman trio. The exception is "The Restless Gun" from 1957, with Ken Curtis singing lead, Perryman on tenor and Bob Nolan on baritone. A number of songs appear on CD for the first time, like my favorite version of "Outlaws," Cindy Walker's great "Gringo's Guitar," the theme from my ol' pard Will Hutchins' TV show, "Sugarfoot" and Andy Parker's beautiful "Trail Dust," which was the title song from the Pioneers' 1963 LP. 6 of the songs from that LP are here, all for the first time on CD, as far as I know. In his liner notes, Tommy Doss explains that there are also alternate versions of 3 other songs on the disc. And I've only mentioned a handful of the great, rare titles.

     Highly recommended! Call executive producer Fred Goodwin at 1 (615) 890-3047, write Concept Productions, PO Box 3151, Murphreesboro, TN 37133-3151

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