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How Great Thou Art & Other Cowboy Spirituals   

    - Sons of the Pioneers

                                                                                            Label: Texas Moon Records (from RCA Victor masters)


Album Review by OJ Sikes:


    Wouldn't you know it? I had just started a series on my radio show, on "lost" Sons of the Pioneers songs from the 1950s, when this 20-song CD arrived in the mail! The songs I've been featuring on Western Music Time are songs that had never been put on CD or LP. This new CD includes a bunch of 'em, like "Song of the Prodigal," "God Has His Arms Around Me," "The King's Highway" and "The Wonder of It All." What a treasure!

    And unless you have a really extensive Sons of the Pioneers CD collection, you may find others here you've never heard before, at least not on CD. The album is a combination of gospel, hymns and cowboy-Western inspirational songs, recorded between 1946 and 1957. Bob Nolan, Tim & Glenn Spencer, Stan Jones and Ken Carson are among the composers. Late in his life, Ken remembered writing "Wonderous Word," (he even sent me a copy of the sheet music), but he was unaware that the Pioneers had recorded it in 1951, when the trio was Tommy Doss, Lloyd Perryman and Ken Curtis. It's here, and if you haven't heard Ken Curtis sing "The Lord's Prayer" or  Stan Jones' "Resurrectus," you're in for a real treat when you listen to this CD.

     Liner notes are by Hal Spencer, Tim's son, who was in the RCA studio in 1955 when the title song was recorded. Among other things, you'll read about Hal's role in bringing that song to the Pioneers and to his dad's music company. For copies of this Highly Recommended CD, call executive producer Fred Goodwin, 1 (615) 890-3047,  write Concept Productions, PO Box 3151, Murphreesboro, TN 37133-3151 or go to web site www.CowboyLegends.com


  1. How Great Thou Art
  2. Little White Cross
  3. Power In The Blood
  4. Lead Me Gently Home, Father
  5. Rounded Up In Glory
  6. The Old Rugged Cross
  7. Resurrectus
  8. The Wondrous Word
  9. Cowboy Camp Meeting
  10. The Touch Of God's Hand (Bob Nolan)
  11. Too High, Too Wide, Too Low
  12. Read The Bible Everyday
  13. Song Of The Prodigal
  14. I Wonder When We'll Ever Know (The Wonder Of It All)
  15. The King's Highway (Bob Nolan)
  16. The Lord 's Prayer
  17. The Sea Walker
  18. God Has His Arms Around Me
  19. Will There Be A Sagebrush In Heaven
  20.  What This Country Needs