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Live at the Lucky U Ranch - The Sons of the Pioneers

Format: 1 CD

Label: Texas Moon Records BCG-1004


These songs were recorded in 1951 and 1952 on the Mutual Radio Network.


"The Lucky-U-Ranch programs were fun to do. All of us Pioneers were having a good time performing on this wonderful show. It was enjoyable! We would rehearse the night before at Lloyd Perryman's or my house. Wwe were well prepared for each show. Frankie Messina was a fantastic musician. He could play that accordion better than anyone. Lloyd Perryman was a wonderful MC. I treasure my years as a member of the Sons of the Pioneers. Those were fun years! Lots of rehearsals. We worked very hard learning new western songs." (Tommy Doss from the liner notes of the CD.)


Track List:

01. When Pay Day Rolls Around (Bob Nolan)

02. Texas Plains

03. Song of the Bandit (Bob Nolan)

04. Sweet Betsy from Pike

05. Grab Your Saddle Horn and Blow (Bob Nolan)

06. What This Country Needs

07. Cool Water (Bob Nolan)

08. Chant of the Plains (Bob Nolan)

09. Tumbleweed Trail (Bob Nolan)

10. San Antonio Rose

11. Dialogue with Bob Nolan and Tommy Doss

12. Hillbilly Wedding in June

13. Cool Water (Bob Nolan)

14. Song of the Trail

15. Narration by Stan Jones

16. Ghost Riders in the Sky

17. Alabama Jubilee

18. When I Leave This World Behind (Bob Nolan)

19. Round-up Time is Over (Bob Nolan)

20. Strawberry Roan

21. I Follow the Stream (Bob Nolan)