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Lucky U Ranch - The Sons of the Pioneers


Format: 2 CD set

Label: Audiophonic ASOP051030


Album Review by OJ Sikes:


        Noted historian Ken Griffis has teamed up with the Audiophonic label to issue this 2 CD set of 32 songs, monologues & dialogues by the Sons of the Pioneers. The material comes from air checks of the Lucky U Ranch radio show from 1951 to 1953. The show began as The Rex Allen Show while Rex was starring in B-Westerns at Republic. But when Rex had to leave, the Pioneers took over and made it their own.

        The Pioneers in those years were Ken Curtis (lead), Lloyd Perryman (tenor) & Tommy Doss (baritone), with Hugh Farr on fiddle, brother Karl Farr on guitar and Shug Fisher on bass (and providing some of the comedy). Accordionist Frankie Messina added to the "sound." Ken Griffis wrote the liner notes for this project and his writing provides insights into what went into these recordings.

        The songs are largely, but not exclusively, Western. There are also folk, popular and country songs, and some hot instrumentals by the flyin' fiddle and gallopin' guitar of the Farr Brothers. Some of the most interesting songs are those the boys didn't record commercially, like "Texas Plains," "Love Song of the Waterfall," "When You Come to the End of the Day," "When Payday Rolls Around" & "There's a Blue Sky 'Way Out Yonder," to name just a few. And there are innovative renditions of songs like "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain," which Lloyd and Tommy sing as a duet. The trio represented on these recordings was a favorite of many fans, so it will be a special pleasure to hear their versions of "Tumbleweed Trail," "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" and others, and Stan Jones, visiting the show, explains how he wrote "Riders in the Sky."  All these make the collection a real treasure. Available from several sources. Try the Collectors Choice (800-923-1122) or Worlds Records (800-742-6663) catalogs or online at www.DeepDiscountCD.com



Texas Plains
This Ain't The Same Old Range
Heartbreak Hill
Lovesong Of The Waterfall
Deed I Do
Happy Rovin' Cowboy
Silver Bell
When You Come To The End Of The Day
Blue Prairie
When Payday Rolls Around
He's Ridin' Home
When You Wore A Tulip
Sweet Georgia Brown
Rose Of Tralee
Room Full Of Roses
There's A Blue Sky "Way Out Yonder
Echoes From The Hills
Wait 'Til The Sun Shines Nellie
China Boy
Ridin' Down To Santa Fe
My Saddle Pals And I
Riders In The Sky
Galway Bay
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Fire Ball Mail
Tumbleweed Trail
Draggin' The Bow
Whisp'rin' Wind
Red River Valley
Tennessee Waltz
Tumbling Tumbleweeds