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Memories of the Lucky U Ranch

Audio CD (April 3, 2002)

Original Release Date: April 3, 2002

Number of Discs: 1

Label: Jasmine Music

ASIN: B0000630AS


If you remember the Sons of the Pioneers' radio programs from the 1950s, you'll love this album. The selections are from radio transcriptions of the Lucky U Ranch programs after Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer had retired and been replaced by Ken Curtis and Tommy Doss. The photo on the front of the album is actually from the John Ford / John Wayne movie, "Rio Grande", where the Sons of the Pioneers appeared several times as the regimental singers. In the centre is Stan Jones, the composer of the songs in that film, and around him starting at the bottom in clockwise direction are Karl Farr, Hugh Farr, Shug Fisher, Lloyd Perryman, Tommy Doss and Ken Curtis.



 1.  Introduction by Lloyd Perryman

 2. There's a Blue Sky Way Out Yonder (Fields / Hall)

 3. Little Annie Rooney (Michael Nolan)

 4. Cowboy Jubilee (Ken Carson)

 5. This ain't the Same Old Range (Bob Nolan)

 6. 'Deed I Do

 7. Introductory conversation with Curtis and Perryman

 8. Heartbreak Hill (Twomey / Wise / Weisman)

 9. Silver Bell (traditional)

10. Ridin' Home (Bob Nolan)

11. Blue Prairie (Tim Spencer / Bob Nolan)

12. Comedy with Dink Swink (Ken Curtis)

13. Happy Cowboy (Bob Nolan)

14. Blues in "D" (Farr Brothers)

15. Conversation between Lloyd Perryman, Tommy Doss, Betty Taylor, Bob Nolan and Shug Fisher.

16. Hillbilly Wedding in June sung by Tommy Doss and Bob Nolan, alternately.

17. Conversation with Stan Jones.

18. My Gal is Purple (Stan Jones)

19. Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet (Murphy / Wenrich)

20. Conversation between Stan Jones, Lloyd Perryman, etc.

21. Owl Lullaby (Stan Jones)

22. Conversation between Shug Fisher, Lloyd Perryman, etc.

23. Too Old to Cut the Mustard (Bill Carlisle)

24. Sweet Georgia Brown (Pinkard / Casey)

25. Echoes from the Hills (Bob Nolan)

26. Love Son of the Waterfall (Bob Nolan)

27. Room Full of Roses (Tim Spencer)

28. Keep a Light in Your Window (McFarland / Gardner / Turner)

29. I was Seeing Nellie Home (Kyle / Fletcher)

30. China Boy

31. Thought for the Day monologue by Hugh Farr.

32. Bring Your Roses to Her Now (Ennis / Giles / Large)