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 My Saddle Pals and I

Audio CD (May 17, 2005)

Box set of 4 Discs

Label: Proper Records UK





Disc 1:

 1. Way Out There (Nolan)

 2. Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Nolan)

 3. I Follow the Stream (Nolan)

 4. There's a Round-Up in the Sky (Nolan)

 5. The Rovin' Cowboy (Nolan)

 6. When Our Old Age Pension Check Comes to Our Door (Stone)

 7. Over the Santa Fe Trail (Tim Spencer)

 8. Song of the Pioneers (Tim and Glenn Spencer)

 9. Echoes from the Hills (Nolan)

10. Kilocycle Stomp (Hugh and Karl Farr)

11. Cajon Stomp (Hugh Farr)

12. Hills of Old Wyoming (Robin / Rainger)

13. A Melody from the Sky (Mitchell / Alter)

14. Blue Bonnet Girl (Glenn Spencer)

15. Ride, Ranger, Ride (Tim Spencer)

16. Empty Saddles (Billy Hill / J. Brennan)

17. Blue Prairie (Tim Spencer / Nolan)

18. I'm an Old Cowhand (J. Mercer)

19. One More Ride (Nolan)

20. My Saddle Pals and I (Roy Rogers)

21. I Wonder if She Waits for Me Tonight (Nolan)

22. Song of the Bandit (Nolan)

23. One More River to Cross

24. The Devil's Great Grandson (Nolan)

25. When the Golden Train Comes Down (Nolan)


Disc 2:

 1. Hold that Critter Down (Nolan)

 2. At the Rainbow's End (Nolan)

 3. So Long to the Red River Valley (Glenn Spencer)

 4. Cool Water (Nolan)

 5. When the Moon Comes Over Sun Valley (Tim Spencer / Roy Rogers)

 6. Private Buckaroo (Newman / Wrubel)

 7. I Hang My Head and Cry (Rose / Whitley / Autry)

 8. Forgive and Forget (Shug Fisher)

 9. Cool Water (Nolan)

10. Timber Trail (Tim Spencer)

11. Stars and Stripes on Iwo Jima (Wills / Johnson)

12. You're Getting Tired of Me (Fred Rose)

13. Gold Star Mother with Silvery Hair (Tim Spencer)

14. You'll Be Sorry When I'm Gone (Fred Rose)

15. I Wear Your Memory in My Heart (Fred Rose)

16. A Little White Cross on the Hill (Tim & Glenn Spencer / Ivan Ditmars)

17. Rock Me to Sleep in my Saddle (Marion)

18. I Can't Go on This Way (Fred Rose)

19. Cowboy Camp Meetin' (Tim Spencer)

20. Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Nolan)

21. Out California Way (Meakin / Carling)

22. Grievin' My Heart Out for You (J. Davis)

23. No One to Cry To (Willing / Robin)

24. The Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma (Tim Spencer)

25. Chant of the Wanderer (Nolan)


Disc 3:

 1. Blue Prairie (Spencer / Nolan)

 2. Baby Doll (Newman)

 3. A Penny for Your Thoughts (J. Carson)

 4. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Wiseman)

 5. Let's Pretend (Nolan)

 6. Cigareetes, Whusky and Wild Wild Women (Tim Spencer)

 7. Teardrops in My Heart (V. Horton)

 8. My Best to You (Jones / Willadsen)

 9. Will There be Sagebrush in Heaven (Walls / White)

10. You Don't Know What Lonesome Is (Carling / Washburne)

11. You'll Never Miss the Water 'Til the Well Runs Dry (Kent / Secon)

12. Lead Me Gently Home, Father (Thompson)

13. Too High, Too Wide, Too Low (Tim Spencer)

14. Out in Pioneertown (Tim Spencer)

15. A Hundred and Sixty Acres (D. Kapp)

16. The Last Round-Up (Billy Hill)

17. Cowboy Country (Tim Spencer)

18. The Bar-None Ranch (Coben / Melsher)

19. Where are You (Tim Spencer)

20. A Calico Apron and a Gingham Gown (Parker / Everett)

21. Happy Birthday Polka (Bergman / Segal)

22. Santa Fe, New Mexico (Glenn Spencer)

23. Down Where the Rio Flows (J. Carson)

24. My Feet Takes Me Away (Brooks / Norwood / Russell)

25. Red River Valley (traditional)


Disc 4:

 1. The Whiffenpoof Song (Minnegerode / Galloway / Pomeroy)

 2. The Old Rugged Cross (G. Bennard)

 3. Power in the Blood (L. Jones)

 4. Rounded Up in Glory (O. Fox)

 5. Blue Shadows on the Trail (Lange / Daniel)

 6. Pecos Bill (Lange / Daniel)

 7. Home on the Range (Higley / Kelley)

 8. No Rodeo Dough (Loeb / Harris / Coben)

 9. The Missouri is a Devil of a Woman (Brooks / Norwood)

10. Sentimental, Worried and Blue (Tim Spencer)

11. Little Gray Home in the West (Lohr / Wilmot)

12. Riders in the Sky (Stan Jones)

13. Room Full of Roses (Tim Spencer)

14. Lie Low, Little Dogies (Tim & Glenn Spencer)

15. Stampede (Rice / Willing)

16. Let's Go West Again (Irving Berlin)

17. Land Beyond the Sun (C Devoll)

18. Wagons West (Stan Jones)

19. Song of the Wagonmaster (Stan Jones)

20. Old Man Atom (Bibo / Partlow)

21. Diesel Smoke (C. Martin)

22. Home on the Range (Higley / Kelley)

23. The River of No Return (Darby / Newman)

24. The Lillies Grow High (Stan Jones)

25. Montana (Nolan / Forbes)