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The Republic Years

· Audio CD (October 3, 2006)

· Original Release Date: October 3, 2006

· Label: Varese Sarabande

· ASIN: B000I2IQE2


This album is a real treat to anyone who loved the Roy Rogers – Sons of the Pioneers movies of the 1940s. The selections are from Republic Studio's vaults and consist primarily of rehearsals and final takes for songs that were later dubbed into the various films.  "It's an Old Spanish Custom", is included in error because by this time the Sons of the Pioneers had been replaced by Foy Willing, not the Sons of the Pioneers.


Album Review by OJ Sikes:

         In 1984, the Varese Sarabande record label issued an LP of material recorded in the 1940s & '50s for use on the soundtracks of 12 of Roy Rogers' movies. These were recorded by Roy & the Sons of the Pioneers in a studio, without interference from dialogue or horses snorting, etc. interrupting the music. Later, they would lip-synch on camera, while their pre-recorded music played as they rode down the trail or sang at a square dance at some other point in the movie, making for a better sounding soundtrack.
        This LP was a major "find" for fans, but it has not been re-issued on CD until now. Remastering has not completely eliminated all of the distortion from the original discs, but the sound is considerably better than it was on the LP. There were a couple of false starts on the LP that are not on the CD, so you just get the music, and it's really some of the best music Roy and the Pioneers recorded. I like some of the arrangements better than those used on commercial recordings of the same songs, e.g. "Utah Trail," "My Saddle Pals & I," and there are a number of songs here that were never recorded for record labels, e.g. the beautiful "Lights of Old Santa Fe," (which, alone, is worth the price of the CD). Roy also sings a duet with Jane Frazee ("My Adobe Hacienda") & one with Penny Edwards ("It's an Old Spanish Custom" accompanied by Foy Willing & the Riders of the Purple Sage).
        If you missed the LP, don't miss the CD. If you have the LP, it's time for an "upgrade." Widely available. Online try www.DeepDiscountCD.com Whatever you do, don't miss it!



 1. My Saddle Pals and I (Roy Rogers) from "Heldorado", 1946.

 2. Silver Spurs, Purple Sage, Eyes of Blue (Denver Darling) from "Heldorado", 1946.

 3. The Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma (Tim Spencer) from "Home in Oklahoma", 1946.

 4. Rainbow over Texas (Jack Elliott) from "Rainbow over Texas", 1946.

 5. My Adobe Hacienda (Massey / Penny) from "On the Old Spanish Trail", 1947.

 6. Cowboy Country (Tim Spencer) from "The Gay Ranchero", 1948.

 7. I'm an Old Cowhand (Johnny Mercer) from "King of the Cowboys", 1943.

 8. Medley: When it's Springtime in the Rockies (Sauer / Taggart) / Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Bob Nolan) / Highways are Happy Ways (Shaw / Malie / Harris) from "Silver Spurs", 1943.

 9. Mexicali Rose (Stone / Tenney) from "Song of Texas", 1943.

10. Whoopee Ti Yi Yo (traditional) from "Song of Texas", 1943.

11. Don't Fence Me In (Cole Porter) from "Don't Fence Me In", 1945.

12. Utah Trail (B. Palmer) from "Utah", 1945.

13. Cowboy Jubilee (Ken Carson) from "Lights of Old Santa Fe", 1944.

14. Ride 'em, Cowboy (Tim Spencer / Roy Rogers) from "Lights of Old Santa Fe", 1944.

15. Lights of Old Santa Fe (Jack Elliott) from "Lights of Old Santa Fe", 1944.

16. It's an Old Spanish Custom (Jack Elliott – English / Aaron González - Spanish) from "Spoilers of the Plains", 1951.

17. Ride, Ranger, Ride (Tim Spencer) from "King of the Cowboys", 1943.

18. Lonesome Cowboy Blues (Tim Spencer) from "Utah", 1945.

19. Red River Valley (traditional) from "King of the Cowboys", 1943.

20. On the Old Spanish Trail (Smith / Kennedy) from "On the Old Spanish Trail", 1947.