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Symphonies of the Sage

Audio CD (October 23, 2001)

Original Release Date: October 23, 2001

Number of Discs: 1

Format: Original recording remastered

Label: Bloodshot Records

ASIN: B00005QK2R


Recorded in Chicago in 1940, the Sons of the Pioneers' Orthacoustic Radio Transcriptions,  or "Symphonies of the Sage", are the best examples of their classic sound. The trio of Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer and Lloyd Perryman was accompanied by the Farr Brothers and Pat Brady in these lively recordings. This is the group just as they were when they completed their Columbia contract in the Charles Starrett movies and these are the songs they created and sang for those films. Although not all the Orthacoustic Transcriptions have been re-issued, these 25 tracks plus 2-CD "The Essential Collection" include the best-known songs.



 1. When Payday Rolls Around (Bob Nolan)

 2. Sagebrush Symphony (Glenn Spencer)

 3. Song of the Bandit (Bob Nolan)

 4. Ne-Ha-Nee (Bob Nolan)

 5. The Howlin' Pup (Hugh & Karl Farr)

 6. Rocky Mountain Express (Harry & Charles Tobias / Alber von Tilzer)

 7. One More Ride (Bob Nolan)

 8. So Long to the Red River Valley (Glenn Spencer)

 9. Coyote Serenade (Bob Nolan)

10. South in my Soul (Karl Farr)

11. Cool Water (Bob Nolan)

12. Rainbow Over the Range (Tim Spencer)

13. Happy Cowboy (Bob Nolan)

14. Texas Crapshooter (Hugh & Karl Farr)

15. At the Old Barn Dance (Tim Spencer / Winge)

16. Move Along, You Lazy Cattle (Bob Nolan)

17. Swingin' the Bow (Karl & Hugh Farr)

18. Whoopee Ti Yi Yo (traditional)

19. Jubilation Jamboree (Glenn Spencer)

20. Bound for the Rio Grande (Bob Nolan)

21. Cactus Swing (Hugh & Karl Farr)

22. Ridin' Down the Canyon (Burnette / Autry)

23. Saddle Your Worries to the Wind (Bob Nolan)

24. Cajon Stomp (Hugh Farr)

25. Trail Dreamin' (Bob Nolan)