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At the Rainbow's End

(Bob Nolan)


Sing Along with the Sons of the Pioneers


I’ve traveled this whole world over and now

I’m going down to the rainbow’s end.

From twilight till dawn a-trudgin’ on and on

Till I come to the rainbow’s end.


I’m weary and tired but I don’t care,

I’m going down to the rainbow’s end.

I have no friends, no home, just a-travelin’ alone

On my way to the rainbow’s end.


They say there are treasures of silver and gold

That's buried down by the rainbow’s end.

But the treasure I’ll find will bring me real peace of mind

When I come to the rainbow’s end.


For someone has waited there all alone

So I will know, at the rainbow’s end,

How it feels to be pressed to an angel’s breast

When we meet at the rainbow’s end.





More about this song.

Inquire about purchasing scanned copies of the original sheet music.

The version you are singing was recorded in 1966 by the Sons of the Pioneers and features Dale Warren.

It may be possible to find the complete recording by the Sons of the Pioneers. Go to our Discography pages for guidance or write us.

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For permission to record Bob Nolan's music, contact: The Songwriter’s Guild of America