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The Home Corral

(Bob Nolan)


Sing Along with Patsy Montana


Sometimes when on night herd I'm riding

And the stars are a-gleam in the sky

Like millions of wee little candles

That glimmer and sparkle on high.

I wonder if up there among them

Are streets that are shining with gold.

And if it's as pretty a country

As all the sky pilots have told.


And sometimes I wander and wonder

If over that lone Great Divide

I'll meet with my pals who have journeyed

Across to that dim, farther side.

If out on the great starry ranges

Someday in the future, I, too,

Shall ride on a heavenly bronco

When earth's final round-up is through.


They tell us no storms nor blizzards

Blow over that blue, scattered range.

That it's always and always like summer

A land where there's never a change.

At nights when I lie in my blanket

And the star world casts o'er me its spell

I seem to look on the glories

That lie in that great home corral.



(recording by Patsy Montana: The Home Corral (Bob Nolan) Bluebird 5973 <77248-1>; rec. 33-12-06)

Many thanks to OJ Sikes for finding the song for us.

The song was registered for copyright by Bob Nolan on May 7, 1936.





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