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Lord, You Made the Cowboy Happy

(Bob Nolan)


Sing Along with the Sons of the Pioneers


I met a cowboy down the trail just the other day.

I still can hear his, “Howdy, boy!” as he passed and rode away.

He turned in his saddle, he waved his hand, this happy sort of a lad.

His smile was sent from Heaven above and Heaven made him glad.


The white clouds sail before the wind,

The grass bows to the touch of him,

The hills are where they’ve always been.

Oh, Lord, You made the cowboy happy.

The plains are big and grand as You,

The skies are always clear and blue,

My heart is always smiling, too.

Oh, Lord, You made the cowboy happy.


I know that someday, somewhere, the trail will surely end.

I know that when I get there, this message I will send:


“You gave this happy soul to me,

These eyes that beauty I may see,

Then, like the wind, You set me free.

Oh, Lord, You made the cowboy happy.

Lord, You set the cowboy free.”





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