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Old Home Town

(Bob Nolan)


Sing Along with Bob Nolan


I think Iíll take me back today and see my Old Home Town

I donít expect to find her still a bride in wedding gown.

But only that she still recalls the one who loved her so

And leads me down the old familiar streets we used to know.

But thereís a strangeness in the air today.

Have I come home or have I lost my way?

This just canít be the Old Home Town I gave my dreams to hold.

Thereís too much make-up on her face, her eyes are much too cold.


And so I turn myself around and slowly walk away.

And somehow deep inside I know I wonít be back this way.

So I must close the pages now on this old reverie.

Not only have I lost a love, Iíve lost the memory.

With heavy heart, I step on board this train

Back to that new home town from which I came.

Then just as we rolled out of town, a breeze from who knows where

Blew down to brush my tears away, as she would were she only there.





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