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One More Ride

(Bob Nolan)


Sing Along with the Sons of the Pioneers


How I long for a trip, don’t need no grip,

I’m taking one more ride

‘Way out there in the prairie air.

I guess it’s in my hide

For the clickety-clack of the railroad track is callin’.

Here’s a man that knows where the Santa Fe goes

When she gets under steam.

And her big loud bell bids a fond farewell,

Hear her whistle scream.

She’s bound to go where there ain’t no snow a-fallin’.

One more ride!


How I miss the gloom of the pale white moon

That seemed to know my name.

And the tumbleweeds where the prairie dog feeds,

I miss them just the same.

They’re all a part of the song in my heart I’m singin’.

I recall the tune I sang to the moon,

It seemed to make him smile

As I rode away at the close of day

And stayed so long awhile.

But I long to be with the memory he’s bringin’.

One more ride!


As the years roll by I wonder why

I long to leave my home

And hit the trail of the iron rail

‘Way out there alone.

But my heart will sigh till I know that I am leavin’.

If I don’t come back, there’s a one-way track

Way down in Mexico.

You’ll find me there or any old where

That a tumbleweed will grow.

So, it’s goodbye now you’ll never know how I’m grievin’.

One more ride!





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