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Song of the Prairie

(Bob Nolan)


Sing along with the Sons of the Pioneers


I've heard the song of a prairie dove,

I've heard a coyote wail.

I've heard the beat of his tired feet

As he stole down the moonlight trail

Into the night, calliní his mate,

Calliní, but all in vain

Till the wind that sighs and the prairie skies

Were filled with a sad refrain.


Prairie, garden of purple hue

Covered by heavens blue

Making my worries few,

Iím glad to be here with you

Singing a song.

Moon, just like a maiden fair,

Stardust is scattered there

Over your golden hair,

Its beauty beyond compare,

Singing a song.


Every living thing

Beneath the sky begins to sing,

Till your very soul will ring

With the longing that they bring

In their sighing, crying song.


Wind, breath of an angelís sigh,

Sending your lonesome cry

Down from a midnight sky.

Heaven is right close by,

Singing a song.





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