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The Touch of Godís Hand

(Bob Nolan)


Sing along with the Sons of the Pioneers


The prairie sun sends down its ray

To warm my heart through every day,

The starlight beams that guide my way

They're all the touch of Godís hand.

The scattered pearls of morning dew,

The rainbow mist on hills of blue,

The silver veil of moonbeams, too,

Are just the touch of Godís hand.


The desert breeze that brushed my hair,

The leaf that fell from who knows where,

The scent of wild flowers in the air

Is just the touch of Godís hand.

The wasteland call that fills the sky,

The hum of wild wings sailing by,

The warm earth bed on which I lie

Is just the touch of Godís hand.


The desert yields a water pool

Where wild things meet, their throats to cool,

And Iím a carefree, happy fool,

I know the touch of Godís hand.

The rain that falls I love so dear,

And joy is mine just living here,

I know God must be standing near,

Iíve felt the touch of His hand.

I felt the touch of God's hand.







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