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Trail Herdin’ Cowboy

(Bob Nolan)


Sing along with the Sons of the Pioneers


Trail herdin’ cowboy, hop on your pony, singing ho -

“He-le-ay, he-le-o!”

Start ridin’ now, boy, we’ll make San Antonie, singin’ ho -

“He-le-ay, he-le-o!”

Long weary days and a dusty road to travel

But we’ll make the boss pay for all this battle drivin’ cattle.

Light-hearted, carefree trail herdin’ cowboy, singing’ ho -

“He-le-ay, he-le-o!”


One little dogie strayed from his mother, singin’ ho -

“He-le-ay, he-le-o!”

Trail herdin’ cowboy, there goes another, singin’ ho -

“He-le-ay, he-le-o!”

Follow the dogies through endless days of sunshine.

When this drive is over, we’ll take our funtime all at one time.

Makes me a happy trail herdin’ cowboy, singin’ ho -

“He-le-ay, he-le-o!”


Keep movin’, dogies, time is a-wastin’, singin’ ho -

“He-le-ay, he-le-o!”

I’m not impatient, but why don’t you hasten? Singin’ ho -

“He-le-ay, he-le-o!”

You ought to know that a certain someone’s waitin’,

You ought to know that two captivatin’, confiscatin’

Arms will enfold this trail herdin’ cowboy, singin’ ho -

“He-le-ay, he-le-o!”





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