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Trav'lin' with the Sun

(Bob Nolan)


Sing along with the Sons of the Pioneers


Some folks long for the busy throng and the noise as they hurry by,

But all I want is somewhere to go and a sun in the clear blue sky.


For he makes the shady nooks where I can lie and dream

He dances on the ripples of a lazy little stream.

Heís a vagabond at heart, may our friendship never part

For Iím happy when Iím traveling with the sun.

When evening comes I know he isnít far from here.

Heís just beyond the other side of somewhere near

But heíll be back at dawn and together weíll roll on

For Iím happy when Iím traveling with the sun.

Give me the open road, a song to sing,

The sun above and everything is happy in this world of mine.

Where he goes Iím right behind him for he beckons me

To follow where he leads me to the open sea.

Heís a king and so am IóI own the earth, he owns the sky 

And Iím happy when Iím traveling with the sun.





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