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Tumbleweed Trail

 (Bob Nolan)


Sing along with the Sons of the Pioneers


Barren plains where cattle used to low,

Wind and dust and not a thing will grow.

I donít know what to do, this ainít the west I knew,

Guess my work is through today.

See that tumbleweed go rolliní by?

What can his hurry be? Why donít he wait for me?

He knows Iím goiní his way.


Gone are the plains where cattle were lowiní,

Gone are the fields where clover was growiní,

Nothing is left and soon Iíll be goiní

Down the tumbleweed trail.

Where is the gal I knew in Wyominí?

Where are the songs she sang in the gloaminí?

Gone like the wind that started her roaminí

Down the tumbleweed trail.


Sweetheart of mine, Iíll find you;

I know you passed this way

And Iím not far behind you.

Iíll meet you some sweet day

And I will linger, part from you never,

Just as we promised, always together,

Glad that we found this land of forever

Down the tumbleweed trail.

Down the tumbleweed trail.





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