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(Bob Nolan)


Sing along with Bob Nolan


When the autumn clouds come flying across the sky and crying,

“Follow me!”

It’s then this wandering heart of mine would reach the clouds to find

A bright new shiny sea.

And so I ask the vagrant wind to join the clouds and him

As they go sailing by

For clouds and winds know all the places, warm hearts and smiling faces.

So must I.


And so I search the outer bounds for warmer suns and sounds

Of songs sung low

Of promises and touching hands, farewells in distant lands

That I have still to know.

And even as the world grows old, the years will take their toll

And I still search for thee.

And though I burn my bridges down, someday I’ll turn around

And there you’ll be.


And when that day comes wandering by, along the windy sky,

I’ll know you’re near

Because the music here within will rise above the wind

For all the world to hear.

And you will stop and turn around and wonder what that sound

Can really mean to you.

And, oh, I hope your eyes will own me although you’ve never known me.

And they do.


And there your smile at last appears, a promise through the years

By wind and sea.

And I have promised in return we’d come to them to learn

Their wondrous mystery.

And we’ll become the sun and seas, the clouds and galaxies

And, oh, our hearts will sing.

From the sunset side of never to the dawning of forever,

We’ll go wandering.

From the sunset side of never to the dawning of forever,

We’ll go a-wandering.

We’ll go a-wandering.





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For permission to record Bob Nolan's music, contact: The Songwriter’s Guild of America