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You Are My Eyes

(Bob Nolan)


Sing along with the Sons of the Pioneers


While strolling thru the park one day, I saw a loving pair.

They seemed content and so they spent the hours ling’ring there.

He took her hand and led her down beside a shady dell.

Then smiled at her so tenderly and tried his best to tell

How flowers grew of azure blue and roses blooming red.

Because I find the maid was blind, she turned to him and said,

“I know that days end and streams wend and roads bend and I spend

The hours ‘mid flowers,

For you are my eyes, dear one.”


There seemed to be a band of happy angels watching near

Who sang and danced around them when he said, “I love you, dear.”

I wondered if a love divine like that could ever be

But now I know it must be so for I was there to see.

Their arms entwined, a joy to find the other held so near,

The boy then tried a tear to hide as she whispered in his ear,

“I know that hearts yearn when fires burn and leaves turn when birds learn

 To sing sweet while wings beat

For you are my eyes, dear one.”


Later on that evening when the sun had gone to rest,

He took her hand and helped her stand and started home, I guess.

I wonder if the Lord above arranged their meeting there—

This smiling boy with eyes of blue and maid of golden hair.

You’d never dream she’d never seen the light of gleaming day.,

For as they went a soft wind sent a sigh that seemed to say,

“I know the sky’s blue, your heart’s true, the moon’s new, I love you,

My darling, for you bring them all

 To my eyes, dear one.”





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