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Bob Nolan's Music


Ask about Sons of the Pioneers and Bob Nolan Original Song Folios

Listen to the Songs and Read the Lyrics


Sheet music or lead sheet scans are available for the following songs:


All the Way

April (lead sheet only)

At the Rainbow's End

Autumn Reverie (lead sheet only)

The Beauty of Your Smile

Biscuit Blues

Blue Prairie

The Boss is Hangin' Out a Rainbow

Bound for the Rio Grande

A Broken Heart Waltz

Bronco Pal (lead sheet only)

Chant of the Plains (I Need You)

Chant of the Wanderer

Close to Heaven

Cody of the Pony Express

Cool Water

Cottage in the Clouds

A Cowboy has to Sing

Coyote's Serenade



The Devil's Great Grandson

Don't Expect Me Home in the Morning

Echoes from the Hills

Empty Arms

Far Enchanted Isle (lead sheet only)

Following the Sun All Day

Grab Your Saddle Horn and Blow

Half Way Round the World (lead sheet only)

The Hangin' Blues

Happy Cowboy

He Walks with the Wild and the Lonely

Heaven is My Island  (lead sheet only)

Heavenly Aeroplane

Hello, Way Up There

Hold That Critter Down

How Will I Know Him (when He Walks By)

I Follow the Stream

I Still Do

In This Room (lead sheet only)

It's a Lie! (lead sheet only)

The King's Highway


Let Me Share Your Name

Let's Pretend

Lighthouse of the Lord (lead sheet only)

Lone Buckaroo

Lonely Little Room

Love Song of the Waterfall


Moonlight on the Prairie

Move On, You Lazy Cattle


My Boy

My Daddy

The Mystery of His Way

Ne Ha Nee

Night Falls on the Prairie

A No Good Son of a Gun

Oh, I Miss You So, My Darling

Old Forgotten Trails

Old Home Town (lead sheet only)

On the Rhythm Range

One More Ride

Open Range Ahead

The Other Side of Somewhere (lead sheet only)


Pali Wind (lead sheet only)

Parting (lead sheet only)

The Relative Man

Remember Me

Ridin' Home

Rise and Shine

Rocky Roads

Round-Up in the Sky

Round-Up Time is Over

Saddle the Sun

Saddle Your Worries to the Wind

A Sailor Dreams

A Sandman Lullaby

Shadows of the Wildwood

Sky Ball Paint

Slumber Time on the Range (lead sheet only)

Someone I Used to Know (lead sheet only)

Song of the Bandit

Song of the Prairie

Starlightin' Time in Texas

Still Water Pool

Stop! (lead sheet only)

Stray Wind

A Summer Night's Rain

That Cloud (lead sheet only)

They're Gone

This Ain't the Same Old Range

This Old White Mule of Mine

Three Friends have I (lead sheet only)

The Touch of God's Hand

Trail Dreamin'

Trail Herdin' Cowboy

Trav'lin' with the Sun

Tumbleweed Trail (lead sheet only)

Tumbling Leaves (lead sheet only)

Tumbling Tumble Weeds (original version)

Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Sam Fox)

Vagabond Whirlwinds (lead sheet only)

Wandering (lead sheet only)

Watching the Moon Roll By

Way Out There

Welcome to the Spring

The West is in My Soul

When He Walks By (How Will I Know Him)

When I Leave this World Behind

When Pay Day Rolls Around

When the Golden Train Comes Down

When the Prairie Sun Says Good Mornin'

Why, Tell Me, Why


You are My Eyes