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Last update: Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Q&A 2008


January 1, 2008

Mr. Coburn,

    My name is Kristina Heflin and I, first of all, wanted to thank you so very much for creating your wonderful website about your grandfather. It has been so informative and entertaining, I go back almost every day! I'm a huge fan of Bob Nolan. But there's one question that's been bothering me for quite awhile.

    In "Bells of Rosarita", (one of my favorite films featuring Bob) he begins to describe the plot of his and Roy Rogers' latest film to Adele Mara. He starts to say, "The heavy, that's the villain in the picture, has stolen the... away from the girl." I just can't understand what it is he says got stolen!

    Now, I've seen this movie at least 50 times (it's one of my favorites) and I've asked other people, but we just can't make it out. Are we just thick-headed or is it an especially difficult line? I would appreciate it if you could tell us.

    Thank you again so much for the time and effort you've put forward so that others can enjoy your grandfather's work. God bless!


            Thank you for writing, Kristina. We are always happy to hear from such devoted fans. As for the line in "Bells of Rosarita", perhaps Bob's Canadian accent is hard to understand. He says, "The heavy, that's the villain in the picture, has stolen the borax works away from the girl."

            There's a play on the word "works" when Bob, after an interruption, says, "Now where was I?  I'm just about to get the works." Aware a double meaning to what he's just said, he pauses but, facing Adele's patently adoring look, he carries on happily.

           Happy New Year!



January 1, 2008

Love your website. Would like to hear more original music of the Sons and fewer remakes. I have been trying to locate my favorite western hymn which was in one of their albums. Do you know if there is a cd version of ALL WILD THINGS available? The song would make a good theme for an animals right group.

Herman S. King

PO Box 583

Wicomico, VA 23184 (in northern Tidewater) allegedly the home of Pocahontas.


We haven't heard of the song being produced on CD yet, Herman, but we are hoping that someone will put out a big boxed set of all Stan Jones' songs one day soon. In the meantime, go to our Stan Jones page and listen to "All Wild Things". It's from my old LP so the audio isn't that great but maybe it will bring back good memories.



January 1, 2008

Happy New Year to You. This is a marvelous compendium. I am learning to much about Bob, and just filling out my picture of him. Mainly, seeing that the early years were a wellspring of treasure which he dipped back into throughout his life. If only we all could have known him in person. I sure would love to know more about that dog, and/or any other animal pets/family members he ever had. Happy trails,

Pat Simons


In later years, Bob did have a much-photographed black Labrador Retriever he called "Tumbleweed", "Tumble" for short. He thought a lot of that dog and would never get another after it died. Stuart Hamblen offered him one of his famed puppies and was astonished when Bob refused. Bob also had a mynah bird that had quite a large vocabulary. You can read a bit about this bird in a 1976 interview. Concerning his family members, you might be interested in reading about his brother, Michael Earl Nolan, a civil engineer, a professional athlete and a much-decorated Marine.



January 2, 2008

I wrote a song once that was sung by Johnny Nash on the Arthur Godfrey show (back in the 50s) but it was never recorded professionally. I did have an acetate recording but lost it over the years. I also had several copies of the sheet music but now have only one. The lyrics were: A couple of years ago, I wrote a hymn, THE FIELDS OF FOREVER, but have not found someone to put a melody to it. Too bad I l can't write or sing music, but in my mind, I can hear it sung softly by  a choir:


I hear the wind chimes so lovely and so cool,

I smell your fragrance My flower of the pool:

Memories of a garden

and a sweet delight,

Gone just like the shadows

of an Eastern night....


Your lips like petals are still haunting me,

Now just the memory of a golden ecstasy.


I hear them tinkling, the wind chimes so cool,

Echoes of your voice, my Flower of the pool.


 A couple of years ago, I wrote a hymn, THE FIELDS OF FOREVER, but have not found someone to put a melody to it. Too bad I l can't write or sing music, but in my mind, I can hear it sung softly by  a choir:


Lift your face upward and gaze at the sky,

A peace beyond measure it does yield,

And as you hear the wind's lullaby,

You will be like the Lilies of the field.


Kneel down at night and pray to your Lord,

Let your faith in him be your shield,

You will never need armor nor sword,

You'll be like the Lilies of the field.


When death comes at last to lead you away,

Reach out for the hand of  your Saviour

And soon as night is followed by day,

Walk with him in the Fields of Forever.


Take the hand of your blessed Saviour,

Walk with Him in the Fields of Forever,

Where all of your loved ones who've gone on before

Meet with you in the Fields of Forever.


Herman S. King



January 2, 2008

Thank you very much for taking the time to write, Jim. Yes, we will be very happy to include your medley. And it goes without saying that we will be delighted to see and hear you and your group on video. Thanks again and have a great year!



January 2, 2008


I hope you and Calin had a great holiday season. I was working here at AMA, and I couldn't help but think of Bob and to visit his Website. I'm so glad that you convinced Calin to share his grandfather with the world, at least with us western fans.


Could you tell me how many people visit the site weekly or monthly, even with returns? I plan to move forward this year on the proposal for a book not just about Bob Nolan but about western music writers and their impact on the western cowboy icon.


Incidentally, you might want to suggest that Calin check out Time & Life, which is releasing a whole series of religious albums. See if there's a place for one or two of Bob's inspirational songs.


Best regards,



Florence, it was good of you to write again. Thank you for your suggestions. To set the record straight, I didn't have to "convince" Calin. The website was his generous idea! As far as the number of visitors to the website goes, we have a counter at the bottom of our Home Page and I see that today it reads 42,878 since we started in July, 2006. We look forward to hearing more about your book and wish you success and a good New Year.



January 2, 2008

re the special 100 year tribute to nolan. love the way it is set up. also the old songs. even tho some of the recordings not undamaged. seeing tim's picture when playing blue prairie from same noticed he looked blonde. i dont remember any of the pioneers being anything but dark hair but then i saw tim after his pioneer work. anyone else light colored hair? like perryman etc. Josie  Keep up good work


Josie, I'm afraid that I have no idea what Tim or Lloyd's hair color was. I'm sorry.



January 5, 2008

You sure had a wonderful Grand Dad.  Hopefully you had lots of time to spend with him.  What a fine American and inspiration to so many for so long................

Lilian M. Intartaglia



January 6, 2008

Stan Jones. What killed him at such an early age?


Stan Jones died of cancer, Herman.



January 7, 2008

Very nice website. I am 50 yrs old and have been a Pioneers fan since my father played their albums for me when I was 5 yrs old. I love Bob's work. I have many albums, CD's, tapes, and movies with Bob Nolan singing on them. I still listen to them almost daily. My 14 yr old son grew up listening to them. They are timeless. Just thought I'd share my appreciation with you.


Keith Ward


Thank you, Keith, for taking the time to write. It's good to know that Bob Nolan is still remembered and we hope the site will continue to interest you.



January 10, 2008

I think it is absolutely the BEST web site I have ever came across. Its very easy to sort out the part you want to check out that day {of course I looked at them all}. I always lived Bob Nolan and thought he should have had bigger parts in the movies, or starred in some of them. As a young kid I tried to imitate his voice and sing his songs. It was a most distinctive sound.

A fellow film collector, Jim McNeil


        Jim, those are such great words and just what we want to hear! Thank you for letting us know. We've been looking at the Starretts again and noticing that Bob did have excellent parts, far better than he had in the Roy Rogers movies. He must have worked hard to become as good as he did and he said he enjoyed being second lead to the star but he also stated that he absolutely did not want to be a star himself.

        You say you are a film collector - if you come across an uncut version of "Sons of the Pioneers" (Republic 1942 / Roy Rogers), please let us know? It has one of Bob's songs in it near the end called "Things are Never What They Seem". Roy sings it to Maris Wrixon, the heroine. We haven't found an uncut film yet and this has been a disappointment to us.



January 15, 2008

Hi Mr Coburn

 I was wondering if you know where Mr Nolan was born. If he was born in Saint John New Brunswick than his birthplace was only 100 miles away from where I lived in New Brunswick. Some say he was born in Winnipeg Canada.

Thank You



Good morning, Charlie.

        Bob Nolan was, indeed, born in Winnipeg but he thought he might have been born in New Brunswick because he lived in Hatfield Pt. for several years as a child.

        When we read what is written about Bob Nolan in various sources, we have to remember that Hollywood hype and invented histories are misleading. To read the truth about Bob's history, go to our page under Biographies. We have made a great effort to present only the proven facts.

        Thank you for writing. I hope this will clear things up for you.



January 16, 2008

Hi Calin, after seeing your web sight on your grandfather, it moved me to write you and tell you I am another of the many fans of Bob Nolan and the sons of the pioneers. I lived in Nashville for several years and saw Bob's picture and a brief story of him at a song writers office. Do you know where I could find a copy of his song (SOMEONE I USED TO KNOW) ? Hope to hear from you. My name is Harrison Beck. Thanks and God bless you and yours.


Hello, Harrison.

        We are happy to know you still remember Bob Nolan's songs. "Someone I Used to Know" was never published as sheet music. Dave Bourne made a demo for us from rough lead sheets we have. He sang it just as it was written on our "Lyrics" page for the song.

        The "Lyrics" page can be accessed from the sidebar on our Home Page. You can click on any song on this page and it will take you to the words and a recording you can sing along with.

        Thank you for writing - and keep singing!



January 20, 2008

I heard about your site from the Western Music Association. It is wonderful, just great. keep up the fine work. All fans appreciate your work. Al Johnson


That's what we need to hear, Al. Thanks!



January 23, 2008   Mystery Solved


    My dad was a cow/calf operator that ran cattle in the Cedar Mountain area of the Livermore Valley, Livermore, California. As we drove the dirt roads to/from the ranch we would often sing cowboy songs as our pickup did not have a radio.

    One special song that I remember had the words, "Nowhere to go and nothin' to do, I'm just a happy rovin' Cowboy . . ." . I loved this song and my Dad would always sing it with such gusto -- I'm sure that he's singing it in heaven. I never knew the origin nor the complete verses of the song until today when my friend Carol referred me to your website.

    My family still has cattle. My son and son-in-law carry on the tradition and I cannot wait until my 18 month-old grandson can sing the Happy Cowboy song with me in the pickup. When he does, I'll feel like my Dad is singing along.

    Thanks so much for your work on this site. I'm a Sons of the Pioneers fan with Tumbling Tumbleweeds and Cool Cool Water being among my favorite all-time songs.

    Thanks again,

    Robin Sachau


Our family always sang that song, too, so we know just how you feel. You know, you could substitute any word for "cowboy" and the song would still apply today. It's one of the songs Bob wrote that will never go out of date. Thanks for writing. Keep singing!



January 23, 2008

    This is an amazing website. My Dad was a great Sons of the Pioneers fan. So, WE as kids heard it All of the time (When I was trying to listed to 70's rock and roll!!!)

    Anyway, we have family members with middle names of Nolan and so it just Feels like I Knew the sons of the pioneers personally. I recently had the pleasure of visiting with Tommy Doss by phone and getting an album that I had searched for for 20 years. (Sons of the Pioneers sing the songs of Bob Nolan. My Dad passed away in 1990, but when I hear that sound......It feels like he is still with me...especially the transcendental lyrics of Bob Nolan.......

    Thanks for keeping that pioneer sound alive.

    Connie in Oklahoma


We understand that Tommy Doss just sold his record collection. I'm happy you chose the one you did - one of our favorites, too.



January 24, 2008

        Heard about the site from the Western Music Association. Love it! This web site is long overdue! What a treat! Bob was indeed the "Poet of the Plains" as well as "The Sound of the Pioneers". Bob along with Billy Hill and Marty Robbins are the "Big Three" of Western/Cowboy songs as far as I'm concerned. I had a radio program here in Tampa 1979-91 called "Country Music Memories". On June 20, 1990 I did a two hour long program on Bob and his music. I was also a member of the S.O.P Historical Society back in the 1980's/90's. I was saddened when Ken Griffis had to discontinue it. His songs, like his voice has such a distinct sound, even if you hadn't heard the song before, you'd know it was a Bob Nolan composition.

        I came to the U.S. in May, 1948 from the Cayman Islands where I was born. I was not quite 12 years old at the time. My Dad, being a merchant seaman, would always bring those old 78's (remember them) home to play on our wind-up Victrola. Among them were always the latest SOP's records. The first Saturday morning in Tampa my brother and I ventured downtown with a new-found next-door friend. We went to the Strand Theatre (no longer around) and they were showing "Under California Stars". That was the first time I saw Roy Rogers and the SOP's on the screen. I was mesmerized seeing then on the screen. I sat through the movie 3 times just to hear Roy and the SOP's sing (My brother and our new-found friend Wallace left and went home after the first showing). My mother was in a state of panic because I didn't come home with my younger brother and knowing we had only been here in Tampa 3 days. After that I saw "Pecos Bill" and "The Eyes of Texas" and I was hooked forever on the SOPs.

        I now have the SOPs on 41 LPs, 16 CDs, a number of old 78's and the "Cowboy Classics" 78 rpm set my mother bought for me as a 13th birthday present in 1950. Back when I was doing my "Country Music Memories" program on WMNF, WTAN & WRFA 1979-1991 here in Tampa, I always played a least 2 songs on each program by the SOPs and one 2-hour special each year. I was on WMNF here in Tampa for 12 consecutive years and at the same time on WTAN (1984-86) in Clearwater and WRFA (1986-89) in Largo.

But I could go on forever, because the SOPs bring out the kid in me.

        One thing more I should mention. My wife and I are members of the First Baptist Church here in Tampa. I sing in the choir and I also play the guitar. Every 7 or 8 weeks my turn comes around to solo and last October I sang "The Touch of God's Hand" and everyone wanted to know where the song came from. The funny thing about this whole thing was that at the last moment, as I was walking to the mikes, I decided to sing it and not the song I was originally planning to sing! If I was being accompanied on the organ I never would have been able to switch and do something like that.

        Again, thanks for this beautiful tribute to a truly great composer.

Roy Bodden


Good morning, Roy. What a fine tribute to Bob Nolan! Thank you for taking the time to tell us. We're happy to hear you are enjoying the website, too. Keep checking. We are adding more all the time.



January 24, 2008

Who does the yodel on "Chant of the Wanderer"? (1946). Sounds like Lloyd to me. Thanks.



I don't know for sure, of course, but I've always thought it was Lloyd.



January 26, 2008

We heard about the site from the internet - oj Sikes. We loved it, you all have put together a wonderful site. It is truly amazing. Our hats off to you all. We are always looking for ways to bring more attention to Western music. We are Tommy Doss`s son and daughter-in-law, and you have given us much to look at and think about. Great for you. I am Carole and Tim is Tommy's 2nd son. We live here in Enterprise, close to Tommy and Naomi. They are both in their 80s now and really doing well. I will show them the site, I know they will love it as much as we did. Thankx Carole and Tim


Thanks, Carole. That is high praise from you. Our very best greetings to Tommy. I see that he is offering his 45 rpm recordings for sale so we have included your message and email address in case any of our readers are interested.


Hello to all.

        Dad (Tommy Doss) and I (Tim Doss) are going thru Tommy's collection of 45rpm records, and have decided to offer some them here . Most of these 45s were advanced promo copies, given out to the artists themselves to listen to.

        Take a look and if you are interested just call me Tim Doss @ 1-541-426-3442 or e-mail me  @ tcdos@yahoo.com 

         Here's the list:        

1- 7 copies of Montana/Lonely Little Room in the original brown paper dust covers under the Coral Label.

2- 2 copies of A Garden full of Roses, in the original (hard covers with the Pioneers picture on them)

3- 1 Cowboy Country, flipside, Maverick, on the Mercury label . From the old 50s western on television.

4- 1 green RCA 45 signed by Tommy in the 50s original.

5- 2 Theme 45s from the old television show Sugarfoot, and The Californians, featuring Tommy.

        We also are offering many older obscure western artists 45s as well, just call or e-mail and I can give you that list, Thanks to all,




January 26, 2008

        Foy Willing's widow told me about the site when I contacted her to give my praise to Foy and also to compare the Sons to the Riders, each group with certain superior talents to the other. Bob, the greatest songwriter, Foy, the greater arranger. She wrote a book on Foy, and agreed with my praise for Bob Nolan

        This is the most fabulous thing I ever hope to see on this computer of mine. A veritable treasure, so well done and so complete; so wonderful to have so many folks, great folks involved with such a project.

Ron Boothe


Praise, indeed! Thank you so much, Ron, and please give our greetings to Mrs. Willing. We have a lot of Foy's recordings and I think my own favorite is Dale Warren singing "Dreary Black Hills" with the Riders of the Purple Sage. Smooth, smooth sound.



January 27, 2008

This is the very best website for western music and the Sons of the Pioneers. Bob Nolan is in a class by himself. I would like to get the lyrics to "You Don't Know What Lonesome Is." Can you help me? Thanx.

Abe Reddekopp


I'm sorry I can't help you with the lyrics, Uncle Abe. I'd like to see the sheet music myself. The words "nipwick hen" and "ching-pung" or whatever it is, defeat me! I'm very sorry. In fact, if you get the lyrics from a reputable source, remember us. We'd like to see them, too. 


Thanks so much for getting back to me. I talked with Dale Warren about the lyrics and he did not know where to get the written words either. He said the words are "when the hoot owl toots his tulu to the wail of the nitwick hen, when the chingpong chirps on a chilly night..." Between shows, he and I and Ken Latimore sang the lyrics as we remembered them. I would also like the words to Rex Allen's, "Who shot the hole in my sombrero." Thanks for your good work. If I ever find the lyrics to "Lonesome", I'll yell. See also



January 27, 2008

Were the Smokey the Bear programs of the 1950s 5 minutes long?



I don't know, Bob. We have only the radio programs the Sons of the Pioneers made when Bob Nolan was with them. Perhaps a reader will let you know and then you can tell us!



January 27, 2008

I found your site by accident while looking for information about Roy Rogers. This is a wonderful site. And what a tribute to your grandfather. I commend the wonderful work you have done on this site.


Thank you very much, Sharon. Keep watching. There will be more coming!



January 28, 2008

Of course I'm agreeable to having a blurb about my book on your Bob Nolan site...who wouldn't? Bob Nolan was one of Foy's idols. You may check out my site at www.sharonwilling.com and my book is available through there (although it's less expensive through Amazon). Are you familiar with Lawrence Hopper? He wrote a Bob Nolan book, too. Let me know, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write me again. Thanks so much for getting in touch with me!

Best regards,





Hi, Sharon.

        We are very pleased to point our readers to your book! You'll see the little ad at the bottom of this page: http://bobnolan-sop.net/Books/Books.htm Good luck!

        Yes, I know Larry Hopper. He wrote the Bob Nolan book based on the collection I donated to the Southern Folklife Collection at the University of North Carolina. He helped me tremendously in those early years and we owe him a great deal.



January 28, 2008

Hi Abe and Elizabeth,

I started collecting lyrics of my favorite songs back when I was 13 years old (1950) by clipping them out of song books, i.e. "Country Song Roundup", "Hit Parade", etc. I continued until about 1972 when it got to the point that I lost interest in what music I was hearing. So now I have 8 scrap books of lyrics. On page 3 of my very first scrap book I have the lyrics to "You Don't Know What Lonesome Is" by Foster Carling & Country Washburne written in 1947. Following are the lyrics...


When the hoot-owl toots his "too-loo"

To the wail of the "nip-wick" hen

And the "ching-fung" chirps in the chilly night

It's mighty lonesome then

And it's mighty lonesome when the wind

Howls thru the jack pine boughs

But you don't know what lonesome is

Till you git to herdin' cows.


Do-me ah-ma-do, do-me-ah-ma day,

All alone, all alone.


Now the ordinary feller,

Gits off on a Saturday night,

And he gits a chance to see his pals

Which ain't no more than right

But when the saddle is your life

There's no time to carouse,

And you don't know what lonesome is

Till you git to herdin' cows.


Do-me ah-ma-do, do-me ah-ma day,

By myself, by myself.


Now the keeper of the lighthouse

And the sailorman at sea

And the lookout on the mountain top

Ain't got a thing on me

"Cause I've got all the lonesomeness

The common law allows

And you don't know what lonesome is

Till you git to herdin' cow.


Do-me ah-ma-do, do-me ah-ma-day

Cowboy blues, cowboy blues.


Now you may often wonder

Why a cowboy sings so sad

He's thinkin' of the many things

In life he never had

No pal, no gal for company

Just the cattle as they browse

Man, you don't know what lonesome is

Till you git to herdin' cows.


Do-me ah-ma-do, do-me ah-my-day

All alone, by myself, cowboy blues, doggone cows.


All the best,

Roy Bodden, Tampa, FL


Thanks from all of us, Roy. Keep those scrapbooks handy. What an excellent reference source!



February 01, 2008

The guy looking for Rex Allen's "Who Shot the Hole in My Sombrero" will be glad to know that the recording is available on a CD from British Archive of Country Music (BACM)


REX ALLEN Song of the Hills -- CD D 051

Hootin’ And Howlin’/ Afraid/ As Long As The River Flows On/ Cottage In

The Clouds/ Jambalaya/ Song Of The Hills/ No One Will Ever Know/ Miranda

Doaks/ Ragtime Melody/ Tennessee Tears/ Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero/

Chime Bells/ Broken Down Merry Go Round/ Loaded Pistol/ Always You/ Till

The Well Goes Dry/ Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old Tucky Home/ Two Faced Clock/

Waltz Of The Roses/ Rack Up The Balls Boy/ Further Along/ Tag Along


Thanks pardner. I have the song but not the written lyrics. There are a few Mexican names I'm not sure of.



Have you tried OJ Sikes? osikes@nj.r.com He is fluent in Spanish and will know. He is familiar with the song. I've heard it on his Internet radio show: www.bostonpete.com/ojsikes/



February 01, 2008

I enjoyed reading your new Q & A page.  A great idea. I noted in this exchange that Herman King was looking for All Wild Things - no doubt the original version by the Pioneers, but thought I might let him know about my version as well.  If you have an email for him, I'll contact him, or if not, I'll drop him a line at the address he's provided.    Meantime, his message reminds me to get in touch with some animal rights and nature organizations about the song!





 Another great song for animal rights and nature organizations is Marty Robbins' "Man Walks Among Us" which was one of Bob Nolan's favorites. He recorded it for his last LP, "Bob Nolan - The Sound of a Pioneer" by Elektra.



February 01, 2008 

Ahhhh....this is wonderful!!  I "fell in love" with Bob Nolan's voice when I was very very young!!....When I heard "Cool Water" ....and...."Chant of the Wanderer" ...I was enchanted!!  My father was already teaching me the songs of the Sons of the Pioneers...long before I actually heard any of their recordings.... Some of Dad's favorites that he passed on early to me were ..."Wind"... "When Pay Day Rolls Around".... "Chant of the Plains"...."Old Skybald Paint"...and my all time favorite.... "Song of the Bandit"!!  Then I, in turn....taught them to my younger sisters!   We styled our trio harmonies after that of the Sons of the Pioneers...and perform their songs to this very day!!  They are still the Best of the Best!! Thank you so much for giving us this website....Bob Nolan is one of my Heroes!!!

Donna Guffey -of the-

"Sisters of the Silver Sage" http://sistersofthesilversage.com/


vFebruary 01, 2008   

I've been visiting your website and I must say one again....it's remarkable. I doubt if anyone else has such a wonderful website devoted to them. The variety of the information and the thoroughness of each entry is  remarkable.


Just read about You Are My Eyes and one line really caught me. The one about Lloyd Perryman and what a fine guy he was. Lloyd was one of the finest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. A gem of a guy. A gentleman. Humble. Down to earth. Truly a fine, fine gentleman and a wonderful friend.


While I still have lots more to look through on the website I do have a suggestion (if it's not already there somewhere)


My impression was that Lloyd and Bob were very close...at least as close as Bob would let anyone get. Sort or like a big brother and little brother relationship. Perhaps Lloyd's son could help clarify what I mean. I think it would be wonderful to go into this to whatever degree it could be done. I think that one o the reasons Bob was willing to walk away from the Pioneers was that he knew the group would be in Lloyd's hands and that was a comfort factor.


In the time I knew Lloyd I only had one criticism of him.....I wished he'd have quit smoking. He just couldn't quit and it took his life at much too early an age. I feel that his heart attacks were brought on by his smoking and it was such a waste of an fine guy and such an enormous talent.


And what a talent. The guy had it all. He could sing like an angel. He could do vocal arrangements better than anyone. And he loved the Pioneers with all his heart.


He was a gem and I hope you'll find someway to bring this to the attention of more people.


Best regards,

Laurence Zwisohn


Yes. Your suggestion is a good one. I think the best thing to do is to Spotlight Lloyd Perryman next month. That will be found faster than the way our site is set up now. Thanks! Perhaps some of our readers could tell us more about Lloyd.



February 01, 2008   

Big Favor to Ask - Could your web site add a note about the Honoring of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans at the Cowtown Opry Gala on Mar. 1 in Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in Fort Worth?  We would really appreciate your help as he and Bob and the Sons of the P. were real close and we need to let the people across the world know about this chance to HONOR ROY and DALE-their daughter Cheryl Rogers Barnett will stand in for Mom and Dad.




 Great job and hope you can help on this getting the word out.




Richard Linnartz- Publicity Cowtown Opry, Historic Fort Worth  Stockyards, Cowtown USA


Glad to help!



February 02, 2008 

Bob and dad were very close.  They worked on songs together, drank beer together, fished together. Bob was a pretty reclusive guy but he and my dad were very good friends.  Bob would come to our house often. I remember him speaking Spanish with my grandmother. Bob was an exceptional human and his friendship was very important to my dad. I have recently found some old pictures of dad and Bob drinking beer in Pioneertown. I am in the field now counting gray whales.  When I get back to the lab I will send you some.

Wayne Perryman



February 05, 2008 

        I have been a fan of the Sons of the Pioneers since the 1940s.  Since these questions are to be brief, I will get to the point. 

        Around 1995 I bought a video tape called The Singing Cowboys.  It contains movie clips of  these various artists singing, such as Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, (Roy's clips also included the Sons of the Pioneers).  There were all of the usual ones shown, but near the end of the tape was a song supposedly sung by Ken Maynard.  The name of the movie was In Old Santa Fe made in 1934.  The recordings I heard on  music samples on the internet do not sound  at all  the same as was  on the video tape. On the music samples, he has a high squeaky voice, where on the video his voice is rather deep.  I told my daughter at the time that  it sounded like Bob

Nolan dubbing his singing.  Is there any way you could find out whether this is indeed  Bob singing? I do not know the name of the song. 

        I would like to, later on, write you and tell you about  how much I have loved the Pioneer's music since the mid l940's.  I still love them to this day.

        Thank you for having all this information on your web site.  I enjoy reading everything on it.

Martha Rosser


Hello, Martha.

        Good to hear from you again. You are quite correct. Bob Nolan's voice was dubbed in for Ken Maynard's in a little song called "That's Why I Like My Dog" (aka "As Long as I've Got My Dog".) It amused Bob to think that Columbia Pictures was dubbing different baritones over his voice in the Charles Starrett pictures when his own voice was being used in other movies like "Song of the Saddle" and the Ken Maynard picture you mention, "In Old Santa Fe".

        For a little more information on "In Old Santa Fe", go to our Filmography page and select Various Films& Bit Parts.  You'll hear Bob singing the song from that movie when you open the page.

        We would love to hear in full about your reflections on the Sons of the Pioneers. Thank you for writing today.



February 06, 2008

Hello Calin,

    Our names are Anne & Peter and we come from Germany. We are collecting Country Music records for more than 40 years now and the Sons of the Pioneers are our very favorite Western group. We nearly have all their commercially available recordings and copies of some of their transcriptions. We discovered your wonderful website about your granddad recently, while searching for some up to date information about the group. There are some special anniversaries ahead. 75 Years of the Sons of the Pioneers, Bob Nolan’s 100th birthday and also Tim Spencer’s 100th birthday. We are planning to do a special radio program and a podcast in memory of Bob Nolan and the SOP in April for the fans and western music lovers here in Germany.

    We love Bob’s singing and songwriting. We even used “Cool Water” as a lullaby for or two daughters, when they were babies and small kids. They are 17 and 19 now and still remember and love the song. And it was on a trip through the southwestern states of the US in 1982 when we learnt that “tumbleweeds” are real and not an invention of some movie directors.

    The website you put together is really a gem. We’ve spend hours in reading, looking at the pictures and listening to the songs. Really interesting for us are the video clips. It’s so nice to see Bob and the boys in action as we never had the chance to see the old B-Western on TV. Since there are DVDs things have changed. Now a lot of the old movies are available again but only in the US.

    You are collecting versions of Cool Water and Tumbling Tumbleweeds by other artists. Do you know if these two songs have been recorded in other languages – perhaps in Spanish? We are just trying to find out, if there are versions of one of the songs in German. And we were lucky. There is a German version of “Cool Water” . Now the song is called “Charlie” and it is sung by a guy named “Ronny”. He was famous for covering Country and Western songs in German in the 50s. There’s also another version of “Charlie” by a group called “The Rangers, Vocal perhaps by Ralph Paulsen”. We’ve attached these two version to this email – just for your interest.

    We are also putting together a list of Bob Nolan’s composition sung by other artist. We have already more than 40 of his songs sung by different artists in our database.

    We also enjoyed your “Spotlight on Ken Curtis” last month. Did you know that Ken Curtis has made an LP with some songs in German in 1978? If you like to have this for your collection, we can send you a copy on a CD as this LP is out of print for many years. While being in Germany Ken Curtis also appeared in a German TV Show “It’s Country Time”. There he sang “Tumbling Tumbleweeds”. We have an audio and video clip of this in our collection. If you like to have a copy of this – no problem.

    Once again congratulations to your great website. It helps us a lot with “our Bob Nolan project”. Kind regards from Germany



Hello, Anne and Peter.

        Greetings to Western Music lovers in Germany from both Canada and the USA! We are delighted to hear from you. Thank you very much for the German renditions of Cool Water. We've put them on the Bob Nolan website plus a link from the Home Page. "Ronny" has a beautiful voice, as I'm sure you'll agree.

        Yes, we would very much like to add your Ken Curtis material to our collection. Ken was a friend of Bob Nolan's, as well as a co-worker, and we are doing what we can to let our visitors know more about him.

        Again, thank you for your interest in Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. I hope you manage to find some of the Charles Starrett movies they were in because those films were the best showcases of the Sons of the Pioneers' music.

        If you would like us to add your website to our Links page, we will be very happy to do so.



February 07, 2008

When you get the translation, please send it on.  Will be interesting to read and compare.  I could understand some of the words but they sure didn't  'keep a movin' Dan' in my limited experience.



Here you are, the translation from Anne Greb.


Old Charlie (deutscher Text)


Heut‘ reiten wir zum letzten Mal nach Laremie hinüber

Old Charlie

Den Felsenweg im Geiertal mit dir ritt ich hinüber

Good old Charlie

Pferde, Gin und Frau’n und dann auf im Morgengrauen

Ob es Ernst war oder Spaß

Stets den Colt bereit, ja das war Charlie

Doch eines Tages ritt er aus

Und sein Mustang kam am Abend

Ohne ihn nach Haus

Good old Charlie


Sie fanden ihn vor Laremie

Und manches Mädchen weinte

Old Charlie

Denn jede meint, er starb für sie

Drum schwiegen seine Freunde

Good old Charlie


Pferde, Gin und Frau’n und dann auf im Morgengrauen

Ob es Ernst war oder Spaß

Stets den Colt bereit

Ja, das war Charlie

Er lebte noch so manches Jahr

Und hatte nur das Pech, dass ein Anderer einmal schneller war

Good old Charlie



Charley (roughly translated)


We’re riding for the last time to Laramie today

Old Charlie

The rocky road through hawk valley I rode with you

Good old Charlie

Horses, gin and women and up at daybreak (dawn)

Serious or fun

Ready with the gun

Yes, that was Charlie

One day he rode away

and his mustang came home without him

good old Charlie

They found him next to Laramie

And some girls cried above him

Because they thought he died for them

But his friends were quite

Good old Charlie


Horses, gin and women, up at daybreak (dawn)

Serious or fun

Ready with the gun

Yes, that was Charlie

He still lives on for some more years

But his fate was that someone was faster

Good old Charlie




February 08, 2008

Dear Elizabeth and Calin--

    I have another  question for you.  On the 1940's transcriptions, made in Chicago in 1940 and 41, there are two songs  I'm not sure if one of the Pioneers wrote them. They are:  I  Belong to the Range and Riding the Range with You.   These transcriptions contained  so many beautiful songs.  I really do not know which songs I like the best.  They were all sung superbly. I bought these from Jimmie Wilhelm. I accidentally got on his website last summer and I have gotten a lot of the Pioneer's music from him and also from Amazon.com.  Amazon.com is where I purchased  the first cd's which was a 5 CD set called Songs of the Prairie.  These were all 1934 and 35 transcriptions . All of the LP records, CD's I have, I recorded them on cassette tapes and I play them all the time--even in my car.  I never get tired of listening to their music.  They were the greatest ever. Once I get started talking about them, it seems as though I can't  stop.  I am 75 years old and I thought I would  never hear those old songs which I used to listen to back in the 40's Their music makes my day.                                  



"Ridin' the Range with You" was written by Tim Spencer and "I  Belong to the Range" was written by his brother, Glenn Spencer. Someday we will create a page for Glenn Spencer who wrote so many beautiful songs for the Sons of the Pioneers.



February 12, 2008

Hi there. I am overjoyed to hear you are a grandson of Bob Nolan.. I simply LOVED the Sons of the Pioneers and looked forward to see film with Roy just to see and hear them. The first 45RPM record set that I bought was a collection of theirs including COOL WATER, CHANT OF THE WANDERER, etc. Played it over and over, and over...Tell me more about Bob, please.  I will definitely check to see if I can locate an uncut copy with that song included...Derald Hendry  


Well, Derald, the best I can do is to point you to the Bob Nolan website his grandson and I have created together. If you like singing, check out the Lyrics page where you can sing along with the Sons of the Pioneers. If you liked the movies, go to Filmography. Or if you want to know all about Bob, go to Biographies and click away till you find what you want. The site is huge and if you need help navigating, please let us know.



February 17, 2008




When I hear this great old song I always tense up when the bridge arrives.  There’s apparently a lot of individual interpretations of what the chords are supposed to be in the first two bars.  It seems that most folks play it this way.


   G7                         C

I know     when night has gone

         D7                     G7

that a new world’s born at dawn


I thought I took my version from the early Pioneer’s recording of it. My version…


   G7                         C

I know     when night has gone

         B7                     Em 

that a new world’s born at dawn


I came across an original copy of the sheet music from 1934. Nolan (or his publisher) has it this way.


   Fm6 G7                         C

I know          when night has gone

         Am6#  B7                      Em B7 G7

that a new            world’s born at dawn


(Note  The # on the Am6 chord would appear to be a misprint.)


I kind of dig the sheet music chords but I’m still satisfied with a straight B7 to Em, probably because I first heard it that way and have been doing it for over 50 years now.


Dave Bourne



March 1, 2008

Interesting song(s) of the month! “Sky Ball Paint” was a song about a horse. “The Devil’s Great-Grandson” was a song about a man. For some reason, I’ve always liked Sky Ball Paint more than Devil’s Great Grandson, but I have no idea why. And I’ve heard Roy [Rogers] say Sky Ball was his favorite song.


The song, “The Home Corral,” recorded by Patsy Montana (apparently in 1933 for the Bluebird label), is attributed to Bob Nolan. I don’t find it in Ken’s book. Can you confirm that Bob wrote it?


OJ Sikes


You are solving a mystery for us, I think. This title is in Bob Nolan's Music of the West catalog but we've never been able to find the song. I wonder if this is it. Is it from a 78rpm? If so, could the person who owns it scan the label for me, please? I wish I could understand Patsy Montana better. I can't get all the verses. To me it sounds more like Tim Spencer than Bob Nolan but then Bob did admit to writing some songs he wasn't proud of. I can confirm that Bob Nolan wrote a song called The Home Corral" which we have never found.


I don’t really know the source. It’s re-issued on a new Cattle (Germany) CD and credited to Bob with the following specifics: The Home Corral (Bob Nolan) Bluebird 5973 <77248-1>; rec. 33-12-06. I agree that it doesn’t sound much like him, but I can’t imagine where Cattle might have found Bob’s credit if it wasn’t on whatever source theirs came from. I’ve never heard another song like it. OJ



March 1, 2008

By the way, do you know where I could get the guitar chords to Twilight on the Trail?  The first part is easy but the second part?



Would ukulele chords do? All you need is the name of the chord, right? If so, the sheet music with ukulele chords is in Jim Bob Tinsley's book, "For a Cowboy Has to Sing" on pages 167-69. If you don't have the book already, we highly recommend it.



March 2, 2008  

Hello Calin and Elizabeth:

     I came across your website over a year ago when surfing the Internet for information on Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers and I have enjoyed visiting it frequently since then.  The website is a wonderful, informative tribute to Bob and the others.  Thanks to you both for all your time and efforts in bringing it off.

     I remember as a kid anxiously waiting for Saturdays to roll around so I could watch old  Roy Rogers and the Pioneers movies on TV.  When I started collecting copies of these old films a few years back, I also began collecting the music of the Pioneers, especially that from the group which includes Bob, Tim, Lloyd, Pat, Karl, and Hugh.  They are by far my favorite Pioneer group.  Although I like most everything that group played, nearly all favorite songs were written by Bob Nolan.  His song-poems touch a part of my soul like no one else.  He was an incredible talent.

     I do have a question for you.  On your most recent Song of the Month page, you have a link to a version of "The Devil's Great Grandson" that you show as recorded in 1940.  I have a copy of a CD called the "Sons of the Pioneers, Columbia Historic Edition", released by CBS Inc., in 1982.  That version of the song is on the album and the liner notes show the song was recorded in Los Angeles, CA on December 14, 1937.  I'm pretty sure I recognize Roy Rogers voice (and his yodeling) on the recording from your webpage and I didn't think he was recording with the Pioneers after 1937 when he left the group and went to work for Republic Pictures.  Do you know which date is correct?


C. A. Robertson


You are absolutely correct and I thank you for pointing out the error. I hadn't finished linking the songs and I did link to the ARC version instead of to the Orthacoustic. I have made the corrections and completed the samples now. We are really happy when readers care enough to point out these things to us because we want our site to be accurate. Thank you very much for writing.



March 3, 2008

You are doing wonders with the Nolan Website. I introduced three colleagues to the site last week and made three new Nolan fans for Bob. It's amazing how so many people have grown up loving his music yet never knew from whom the songs came. This a.m. I was watching a Rogers movie in which Ne Ha Nee was sung. Bob also plays a little bigger part in the movie, thereby making it a "keeper." The SOPs actually sing a song without Roy!!!!

Best regards,



The film was "Under Nevada Skies". And wasn't the last recording in the film excellent of Ne Ha Neé?


Absolutely! I also loved the sea chant, although it wasn't Nolan's song about the sea, was it?


No, it wasn't Nolan's sea chantey, it was "Sea Goin' Cowboy" by Gordon Forster (Tim Spencer).



March 4, 2008

BTW this morning while browsing through the pictures on the "Lloyd Perryman" spotlight I found the autographed picture of the "Tommy Doss- SOP Group" . I was discussing with Peter the other day that there where only less pictures of this "Pioneers Group", especially with autographs. You'll find copies of autographed pictures of the "Bob Nolan-Group" now and then on EBAY but I've not seen one with Tommy Doss yet - that's the first one.

    Speaking of Tommy Doss... there's another question: Is the song "Hillbilly wedding in June" from the Lucky U Ranch really the only duet of Tommy and Bob or are there others hidden somewhere? They must have met on some other occasions I guess. And I think it must have been a bit difficult for both of them ... Tommy was with the group on the road and on radio and Bob on the recordings. Do you know more about their relationship - were they friends or just colleagues?

    Just some questions that come to my mind. I am not sure, that there are answers.

yours,  ANNE


I understand that Bob did appear more than once on a Lucky U radio program but no one seems to know which one. There were so many. I've heard that all the Lucky U programs were donated to the Southern Folklife Collection a few years ago. Perhaps they have them audited now and can help you. You can contact Steve Weiss and, if you find Bob on another program, perhaps you can let us know, too.


Steve Weiss smweiss@email.unc.edu

Director, Southern Folklife Collection

CB#3926, Wilson Library

Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27514-8890

Phone (919)962-1345

Fax (919)962-3594



I don't know how well Tommy Doss knew Bob but I suggest you contact his daughter-in-law, Carole, to find out more about that. 



March 5, 2008


On the page about Roy Rogers, you state that he sang with his "cousins" Russ Scott and Stanley Slye. Just thought you'd like to know that Russ Scott was Stanley Slye's stage name, they were one in the same. I am Stan's granddaughter, so trust me, I know. Just thought you might want to be more accurate.


Thank you so much! As you can see, we are Bob Nolan experts but we have to rely on others for the biographies of Roy and the Pioneers. I'll make the change today. Do you happen to have any snapshots you could scan for the page - or some bio information about Stan you'd like us to put on Roy's page? Stan is only a name right now and any information you can give us will please Roy's fans immensely. Did Stan continue in the entertainment field? Did any of his family? Thank you again. It was a real pleasure to hear from you.



March 6, 2008

I just read the answer from O.J. Sikes about the song "The Home Corral". If you like to get more information you can write to: Dagmar Binge She is the one "behind" Cattle and Bronco Buster Records. She puts all the CDs together and she has a huge archive and knowledge of the recordings. I think she will send you a scan from the source where she took that song from. You can order that CD Patsy Montana "Rose of Oklahoma" Cattle CCD 333 there also. I have that CD in my collection but I didn't realize up to now the mystery behind that song.



Good morning, Anne. Thank you so much for the information and the addresses. I shall get onto this immediately. I'm going to paste the list of songs we are still searching for and perhaps you have some of them in your vast collection. Some we definitely know are Bob Nolan's. Some he had a hand in. And some are just rumored to be his so we have to research more. If any of these are familiar to you, please let us know?


Music of the West (definitely Bob Nolan)

She Ain’t What She Used to Be (with T. Spencer)

I’m Constantly Dreaming of You (with B. Allston)

Hi [Hey] Diddle Diddle, He Played the Fiddle (with B. Allston)

The Glory of the Lamb (with Tim Spencer)

A Faded Flower Lei



Sons of the Pioneers 1942 (definitely Bob Nolan)

Things are Never What They Seem


Other sources: (rumored to be Bob's, or he had a part in creating them)

Back Streets and Side Roads

Chuck Wagon Time (with C. Crawford, B. Mize)

Conversation with a ______________ (word missing)

Goofus Stomp

Life and its Glory (with E. Komanski)

Oklahoma Bound

Old Cowboys Never Die (with June Hershey and Don Swander)

The Ranch Next Door


You Left the Moon Too Near


Elizabeth, I will pass the song list around our music collecting friends here in Germany. Perhaps some knows. You should send this list also to Dagmar Binge. She has really a huge archive and she also knows a lot of other collectors. Btw did you remove the "Tumbleweeds song page" .... I just got some more "Cool Water and Tumbling Tumbleweeds" versions and I wanted to check which are already there, but the "Tumblweeds" page wouldn't open....



  Thanks for letting me know, Anne. This sort of thing happens with our server - the odd page will not be automatically published and our site is so large that we don't check every page every day. I re-published the Tumbling Tumbleweeds page and it's fine now.



March 6, 2008

I have checked my database and I regret to tell you that I have been 100% unsuccessful. Also, I cannot help with a better copy of "Little Space Man" or a label scan of "Home Corral". I don't have the original disc and the collector who copied it for me passed away in the 1990s. However, I have 4 different songs entitled "Crossroads" and "Oklahoma Bound" written by Paul Westmoreland, but I don't suppose Bob Nolan ever used a pseudonym.There are thousands of songs I have not indexed yet. The computer age and its overwhelming technical changes make a lot of things possible now for us record collectors but it takes many years to catch up with these things. Maybe I can come up with some information in the future but it may take years. I am truly sorry I can't be of any assistance at the moment.

Dagmar Anita Binge


Thank you very much for looking, Dagmar. We didn't expect to hear back from you so soon. I know you are busy.No, we have never heard that Bob Nolan wrote under another name. Paul Westmoreland is a different person altogether. It's puzzling why these two songs are in Bob's catalog unless he had a part in writing them.  Perhaps we can tell from a study of the words and melody of "Crossroads" and "Oklahoma Bound" if Bob had a hand in writing them



March 6, 2008 .

Thanks for the beautiful tribute to Lloyd. The pictures are great, especially the one of the boys all in sharp business suits. Dick's discussion of "stacking" is right on target and easy to understand for the layman. He was right: Lloyd was a much more natural tenor than Tim. And the comments re "Halfway Round the World" are very touching indeed.


The pictures from Lloyd's son are great, aren't they? We can't write enough good things about Mr. Pioneer.



March 8, 2008 .

Thanks so much for  this and  any updates. I thrive  on  this  great web site.

Ron Boothe


And thank you, Ron, for letting us know! We created this site for you.



March 9, 2008 .

Hello, Elizabeth. My name is Timmy, I caught your note to Mr. Hall, on his website. I checked out Bob Nolans' Tribute website, and found it wonderful. I don't know if this is of any interest to you, but I transfer audio to CD or "wave" data, from almost any source. Records, tapes, that kind of stuff. I have done this for Mr. Hall, as well as several radio personalities, here in California. If I can be of any help, please feel free to let me know. I will be looking for a record or two of some cover versions you might not have included in the website yet. Thanx for a great tribute site.

Timmy Manocheo.


Great to hear from you, Timmy. Thank you for your kind offer. We would certainly like to have a copy of Mr. Hall's interview of Bob Nolan to include on our website. Jimmy Wakely interviewed Bob backstage during the Walk of Fame evening performance on September 24, 1976. The first tape was with the items Bob saved for his grandson, Calin Coburn, and the rest of the interview was lost. We hope it will turn up one day as it was excellent as far as it went. We're glad to hear that you enjoy the site and thank you for the photos! You'll have to tell us more of that meeting, Fred.



March 10, 2008 .

Great tribute to Lloyd Perryman. I enjoyed meeting him in the early 70's and he was VERY nice to me.

Fred Sopher


You'll have to tell us more of that meeting, Fred!



March 11, 2008 .

I have been meaning to write something on Bob and will get around to it and also Lloyd. By the way I was searching on the internet and found a site that offers 28 10-2-4 Dr. Pepper Shows for sale.





March 12, 2008

     Regarding the copyright years of Bob Nolan's songs, or better the years when the songs were written - it was just an idea... if you had in in your database ... You need not to put it together extra for me. I just thought you might have a chronological list when they were written (not published or copyrighted). I find it always interesting to put songs in context with the years when they have been written or with other things that might be important. Or simply I just want to know when they came to daylight. So your hint with the book and the email address of Larry Hopper will be helpful - not only for the Bob Nolan songs, I guess .

     BTW with the link you send me, I discovered a part of the website, I haven't been before. Really interesting is Bob's Repertoire Box. Having the lyrics here of so many songs, it helps me much in understanding the words of the songs. Wow - what a collection - and how many hours Calin must have spend in scanning all this - the songs, the photos, the newspaper clips etc. What would it have been, if not so many parts were lost....



Your request for a chronological list of Bob's songs is a good one, Anne. We will prepare one and put it on the Reference / Documents page very soon. Thank you for the suggestion.



March 12, 2008

Elizabeth, I thought you might be interested in the email reply I received when I contacted "American Cowboy Magazine" with the idea of doing something in an issue of their magazine in conjunction with Bob's 100th birthday year. You & Calin might want to follow up with them! The man was truly a gift from God!!  

A True Bob Nolan Fan! 

Bill Marquet (attached message)


To the Editor;

        I recently became a subscriber to your magazine. I have always been interested in the "American Cowboy" and also the "movie" cowboys. I am especially fond of western cowboy music. My question to you is has anyone ever thought of doing an article on Bob Nolan one of the founding members of The Sons of The Pioneers singing group? There are many people who consider him to be one of the finest writers of western music ever. This year (2008) is the 100th anniversary of his birth and it would be kind of neat to see something in your magazine about him. A fitting tribute to the writer of "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" and "Cool Water"!



Bill Marquet

721 SW 78th Terrace

Ocala,Florida 34474

Email: ocala721@yahoo.com


It’s a nice idea and thanks for suggesting it. I don’t know that we can do it but we will consider.

Our best,



Jesse Mullins


American Cowboy Magazine

4603 Nervin Street

The Colony, TX 75056 






March 16, 2008


    First of all, congratulations on a simply superb web site!  It’s a pleasure to wander around and discover something new at every turn. Secondly, I am a huge Bob Nolan and SOP fan and I come to that honestly. When I was a kid in Great Falls, Montana, before the war (must have been 1940 or so…) KFBB a local radio station ran a 15 minute SOP program at noon, almost, as I recall, everyday.  I still, after all these years, remember that it was sponsored by the Wolf Langman Livestock Auction.

    Fast forward a few years and I’m in the third row watching every cowboy movie that played and fascinated seeing one of my favorite groups in the flesh—so to speak!

    About six weeks ago, I bought the Bear SOP collection (yeah, the one that costs the earth!) and have enjoyed playing the older BN and SOP songs. One song especially, “Somewhere in Old Wyoming.”  We moved to Thermopolis, Wyoming when I was in junior HS and I’ve lived here, off and on, ever since. 

    On the First Saturday in April, I’ll be hosting a two hour western/cowboy music, poetry and whatever program here on KDNO fm. As you can see from the poster, I’ve titled the show, “Somewhere in Old Wyoming” and will use the chorus of the SOP version as the theme song. I don’t think the signal will reach, but if you’re ever up this way, give us a listen!

Cordially, Dick Hall


Good to hear from you, Dick. I thought I would mention the fact that Bear Family has not one but three boxed CD sets of Sons of the Pioneers music. Pricey, yes, but invaluable to a Sons of the Pioneers fan. See our Discography section for details. We don't sell the sets, but we describe them for you. Click on the image on the Discography page and it will bring up full descriptions.



March 16, 2008

I did some "promotion" for the website and also for our coming radio program. I wrote to Marvin O'Dell of www.heartlandpublicradio.org  and he told me that he will do a special on Bob Nolan in his program "Around the Campfire" on HPR2 - The Western Channel -  starting on March, 29th and with a 5 times  repeat the following week.  Ken Hippler from www.kfai.org wrote me a nice email with following text:


Hello Anne & Peter:

    Thank you very much for your kind remarks about "Good & Country". It is truly a labor of love for me and I feel very lucky and fortunate to be able to have 2 hours of volunteer airtime available to me to do this. I have been raised on country music and have collected recordings since I was 12 years old-or for the last 37 years.

   Doing a special of some kind to mark these noteworthy Sons Of The Pioneers anniversaries seems very appropriate. We will be doing our spring pledge drive soon at KFAI. After that, I will most likely be doing something in this regard-perhaps a 1 hour special as part of the show. You have certainly inspired me to give this serious thought indeed. The contributions that were made by the Sons Of The Pioneers to country music (songwriting and oerforming) and the art of harmony singing cannot be overstated.

    I am going to save this email in my "requests" folder and use it as a guide for formulating the show and check out the website you have mentioned. I thank you again for your comments and inspiration. All the best regards-Ken Hippler


 You see there's something going on in the country. The chronological list of Bob Nolan's compositions is indeed very helpful and I added some dates and years to our program. There is one question coming up as you said that these were the copyright dates and not the writing dates: for the song "Three friends have I" - recorded by Rex Allen jr in 1982 - the date is given 1972 12 05 and for the song "Old home town" that Bob recorded on his own LP it's 1976 03 29 -. Have these two songs really been written in that time? These two might be the only ones of Bob Nolan's later compositions that have been recorded by other artists up to now. Rex Allen Sr. and Don Edwards recorded "Old home town" in 1999. Kind regards from a very wet Germany.



Hello, Anne. Thank you very much for your promotional help. Excellent! The copyright dates I gave you are the dates in the Library of Congress. In other words, the songs were registered for copyright quite awhile before they were recorded. A selection of Bob's later songs recorded by other artists:


Gene Davenport recorded "Lighthouse of the Lord".

The Lobo Rangers recorded "Wandering" and "Vagabond Whirlwinds".



March 17, 2008

I heard about your site from Larry Hopper. Extremely interesting and easy to navigate - and it's pretty.

Sharon Willing


Thank you, Sharon. We're glad you enjoy it.



March 17, 2008

I'm glad there's an effort to preserve Nolan's music and, as one who knows the value of research, I'm thrilled information is being made available.  Continued success and the best of luck. You might consider archiving copies of your work with the Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Autry Center in LA.  Thank you for putting the Trigger book on your Reference page.

Leo Pando


 Leo has written a fascinating and well-researched book about Roy Rogers' Triggers. We highly recommend it.



March 24, 2008


        Just to let you know, I am in the process of putting together a One Hour singing tribute to Roy Rogers. I did a similar venture last September to honor Gene Autry's 100th birthday.

        Because this year is the 100th birthday year for both Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer, I'm planning a small tribute in each of my performances to honor them and their songs.

        I'm also working closely with a woman to do a radio tribute in a couple weeks to honor Bob Nolan's birthdate in April. This will be mainly playing their CDs and an interview with Larry Hopper. The show will be streamed over the internet so we will let you know when it airs.

        My question, however, is this. In planning my Roy Rogers tribute I came across a song in the movie Rough Riders' Roundup called "Here on the Range With You" written by Tim Spencer. Other than the title and the phrase in the song it's exactly like "Riding the Range With You." I know it's a small point but I'm wondering if there's any background info on why the change was made. I'm assuming they felt it was a good song and played well in the movie but decided for a general audience the new title would work better.

Thank you.

Ron Affolter




 Hi, Ron.

        Yes, please let us know when your show will be aired. We are always interested in Bob Nolan tributes and we're happy to give you any information you may need when you're writing the script.

        As far as Tim's song goes, I don't have specific background on "Riding the Range with You" but I do know that Bob's and Tim's songs were sometimes changed a bit for different films. For example, "Moonlight on the Prairie" was changed to "Moonlight in the Valley". "Ride, Ranger, Ride" and "Sing, Cowboy, Sing" are virtually the same. Larry Hopper is an expert on background. You can't go wrong there.

        I'm sorry we can't be more helpful. Perhaps one of our readers has the answer?



March 29, 2008

Found the site by surfing' -- lookin' for more info on my favorite group since I was 4 years old in 1946. Simply OUTSTANDING!



Hello, Ken. Those are words that are very easy on the ears. Thank you!



April 1, 2008

I was looking at the Questions & Answers page on your website. In most cases the question is not visible on my IMac.  The answer is 

but not the question. What do you have against those of us who are on Macs?



I called Godaddy and they informed me that Mac users should have no problems viewing our site as it's on a Linux server at Godaddy which is compatible with most platforms such as PC and Mac, etc. But, he said that some new Macs have Safari search programs that do cause some problems with viewing of our site. They would have no problems using Firefox (Mac) software.


Calin Coburn




April 2, 2008

Your web site brings back so many memories of happy days with my mom and dad and all the group.  We spent a lot of time with Bob and P-nuts.  Here is a shot of them at Pioneer town.  The older man is Grandpa Thatcher who was a blacksmith with the rough riders.  He met and married my grandmother in Puerto Rico.  You will notice that beer consumption was from larger bottles to avoid the problem of frequent trips to the cooler.  My mom is next to Bob. Nice work, keep it up.

Wayne Perryman


Your pictures mean a lot to us, Wayne, and your memories. Every little bit helps to round out the picture. Thank you again.



April 3, 2008

I first replied to your first posting on January 23, but just now discovered that I inadvertently neglected to send it. I can't tell you how much I appreciate learning of the website and who knows how many would otherwise never have known about it. I've loved his music as far back as I can remember, having been born five days after the group officially became the Sons of the Pioneers.

Liza Dennis

Albuquerque NM


Thank you for taking the time to let us know, Liza. We'd love to hear more.



April 4, 2008

Dear Elizabeth & Calin --

        Could you tell me if you are going to have a tribute to Tim Spencer, also?  He has written a lot of beautiful songs.  I have the book Hear My Song and it contains a lot of information about the Pioneers. There is a list of songs Bob Nolan wrote as well as those that were written by Tim and also Glenn Spencer, plus all the movies in which the Pioneers appeared .You probably have this book also and know that it contains a lot of information. 

        Keep up the wonderful work on  Bob Nolans website


Martha Rosser at Gettysburg, Pa.


        We will certainly spotlight Tim Spencer in July, the month he was born, Martha. I wish we had more information about this talented man. His songs are still popular among the western musicians and I wish we could do more for his memory. As we learn more about him, we will add more to his page. Tim, Bob and Roy made history.

        We do, indeed, have Ken Griffis' definitive history of the Sons of the Pioneers. My own copy is worn right out and I had to have it rebound.

         Thank you for writing. We are always happy to hear from you.



April 4, 2008

Please keep up your great work.  Love the site and the update reminders you send me.   You are two special people.



We will! For as long as we are able.



April 5, 2008

Dear Calin Coburn, congratulations on your wonderful website to your grandfather. I am a huge fan of Ken Curtis and I have some nice pictures of him. I thought you would enjoy seeing a picture of the poster that Ken's father, Dan Gates, used in his campaign for sheriff. I pasted it in below, and I hope you like it. Pandra




That is a fascinating picture, Pandra. Thank you for sending it.



April 7, 2008

Good morning on this miserable morning - it is cold and snow is  falling, covering the first flowers in the garden  - I have some time to look at the website again.   It grows and grows with all the addition you've made in the past weeks. And so many people are involved now sending pictures and letters. That's great. The poster and the pictures of Ken Curtis that  Pandra has send are very interesting indeed. On this way "hidden treasures" are seeing daylight again. Re.: "Home Corral" recording.. I've talked to some collectors again and it seems to be that the recording date of the song is right, as it is mentioned in several discographies of Patsy Montana and  in a list of the "Bluebird" record label. But in the discographies and also in that "Bluebird list" there is no composer for this song given ..... Perhaps we solve this mystery some day with a real proof, we'll wait and see.


Thank you, Anne.



April 12, 2008

Last month I mentioned that I was contacting Larry Hopper about a tribute to Bob Nolan. That will be happening this Monday April 14, one day after Bobs 100th birthday celebration. Please let any Bob Nolan fans know. The program will be broadcast over the internet so you will be able to record it if you wish.

Take Care.

Ron Affolter



April 12, 2008

I found something in a box in our cellar, that might be interesting for the website. You know that Ken Curtis was in Germany in 1979 for some weeks for Television appearances and recording that LP I've sent you. And thinking about that I remembered that there must be an edition of the German Country Music magazine "Country Corner" with Ken Curtis on the front cover. I still have that and I found it and here it is a scan of it. In a following issue there were some nice pictures (one with autograph by Ken) and a short interview. I think this should also belong to the "Ken Curtis Collection". Then I looked in an other pile of old magazines for a note or an article about Bob Nolan's death in 1980. But I couldn't find anything. Sadly that happened very unnoticed in the European Country Music World ..... at that time other people in the Country Music were more important.... What I found was a short  review of the Bob Nolan LP "Sound of a Pioneer" in the British "Country Music People" magazine of Dec. 1979 written by Tony Byworth (the editor of that magazine at that time). I scanned that all so you can put it in your collection, too.


Thanks again, Anne. We greatly appreciate this! I have added the scans to Ken Curtis' page and the one of Bob to his.



April 12, 2008

Heard about your site quite by accident; I was doing a browser search for some background info on Bob. Your website is truly professional, well done, and a fitting tribute to a great artist.  I was excited to hear about the centennial program being aired on 4/14/08.  I host a country/western recorded music show here on a public radio station Monday nights 8:00 - 11:00 EDT (WOBO-FM 88.7) and I would like to feature a few of Bob's tunes this Monday evening, 4/14/08 as well.


Hi, Chuck. Great to hear that you are planning to play some of Bob's songs on your program. Let us know some more details, if you like. We'll post what you've sent already on our Announcements page tonight but I can add more tomorrow. Thanks for writing in.



April 13, 2008

I heard about your website from Ken Griffis. I absolutely love it. I watched all the old western movies on Saturday mornings when I was a little girl. I love the movies that had the Sons of the Pioneers in them and Bob Nolan was my favorite. In the summer of 1992 we went to the Mid State Fair in Pasa Robles, CA, and I had the opportunity to meet Ken Griffis....we were there to see the Riders in the Sky and  a new western group from Visalia, CA, the Sons of the San Joaquin. You see, Joe and Jack grew up listening the Sons of the Pioneers and sang along with their dad. Many years later, Joe's son, Lonnie, convinced them they should start a group of their own. I wonder what Bob would think, having so many people admire his music. I just wish he were here to see how special his music truly is. I had the opportunity to meet Bobbie at a Western Music Festival when they did the tribute to the Son of the Pioneers in Tucson, AZ. Also met Bob Wagoner. Thank you so much for this wonderful website.


Valerie Andrews Lassiter


Good morning, Valerie. We're glad you are enjoying the website and it was good of you to write and tell us so. Keep watching. There are some features that change every month!



April 14, 2008

When we first started thinking about making a special program about Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers in December last year we really weren't aware what would come with it. At first it was just "a trip down memory lane" for us or "a labour of love" for his music. But when we discovered your website everything changed. You gave us some new ideas and inspirations, so we have to thank you. A shortened  3 part- podcast - version will be on the internet within the next few days. I




April 15, 2008 (Re: KMSU Radio 89.7 FM  Mankato, Minnesota Monday, Monday April 14  -  7:00 - 9:00 pm CST)

Radio show last night.  I kept it going fairly well, mentioned you a couple of times.  Music mix was kept interesting between those songs featuring Bob's vocals, his songs with other vocals and selections from various times in the SOP output. Included things like I Still Do, A Summer Night's Rain, Sky Ball and Devil's back to back for comparison, short note on the technical construction of the Cool Water chorus, Man Walks Among Us and closed with a brief bio of Bob's younger days leading to the writing of Tumbling Leaves, how it morphed into Tumbling Tumbleweeds and then closed with the Victor recording. Also managed some cross referencing in that I had Pioneers sing NOTCT as the transitional piece for when they were out of Roy's pics at the time of Bob's retirement and Foy and his group came in.  Sharon [Willing] called the show from Arizona.  Learned this morning that a woman who wrote books on Pat Buttram was one of the listeners.

Larry Hopper


Glad to hear it went well, Larry. We're looking forward to the taped show!



April 15, 2008

Hi, Elizabeth, and thanks for your interest and reply.  We played three tunes that featured Bob Nolan during our "Golden Years of Country" segment Monday night from 10:00 - 11:00, including "Cool Water" (the original version) and "Wandering" (from his last album), preceded by a brief biographical synopsis and some commentary on the centennial event.  Received a few telephone calls afterwards with positive comments.  I neglected to mention in my earlier note that we are located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and there is not a whole lot of western music played here. As a side note, my father Carl Hoberg worked at Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica, CA in the early 1930s and he supplemented his income by working weekends as a life guard at the beach.  He often claimed that he knew Bob from his life-guarding days. The Bob Nolan website is fantastic!


Chuck Hoberg

WOBO-fm 88.7

Batavia (Cincinnati) Ohio


Now, that is really very interesting, Chuck! Do you have any pictures from that Santa Monica lifeguarding time? In uniform / bathing costume? Do you have any letters or anything like that? Stories your dad passed on about those days? We'd really like to hear more. I'm glad your program was so well received. Thanks again for recognizing Bob!


Sorry, Elizabeth, but Dad traveled light in those days, and the only photos he took (or saved) were after he met my mother in 1933.  Those were mostly photos of each other, scenery pictures of coastal California, Santa Barbara, or the Catalina Steamer terminal.  Sadly, in those boyhood days in Santa Monica I was too young to have any stories he related make any impression on me.  I do recall him commenting when  'Sons of the Pioneers' records were played on the radio "I used to work with that guy down at the beach" or, "That's Bob Nolan singing", or words to that effect.  

Regret I cannot be of more help.

Chuck Hoberg

Cincinnati, Ohio

(WOBO-fm 88.7)



April 15, 2008

I've  just uploaded the 3-part podcast of our program to our radio website. You'll find it on www.vogelsbergradio.de  and the title is "Big wide wonderful World of Country Music Vol. 1 - 3 "Poet of the West" A musical tribute to Bob Nolan in the German language by Anne & Peter Greb You can listen online or download it to your computer (download with right mouse click "save target as..." )




April 17, 2008

As a Gunsmoke fan, the link for the biography for Ken Curtis was shared with me from a fellow fan, and from there, I have roamed the site. What a wonderful tribute!! I have a question about the piece of music that plays on the Discography page... what's the name, and what CD is it on??  I have just fallen SO in love with it!!  I am slowly making my way through the entire site... and it is, really, just an incredibly well put together site, and an incredible tribute to these men!!

Michelle tayryn_sa@yahoo.com


Nice to hear you are enjoying the site, Michelle. Thanks for letting us know. The Tumbling Tumbleweeds cut on the Discography page is from a CD - a 1999 reissue of a 1977 Grady Martin Album, "Cowboy Classics", Sony 33631. The album also contains other western classics put to jazzy or disco beats by that superb guitarist, Grady Martin. We don't have the album. A fan sent the track of Tumbling Tumbleweeds to us for our Weeds'n'Water page.



April 17, 2008

I got the address from Anne and Peter Greb, Germany. A great site about a legend who taught me how the west was sung.

Falk Henrici p5-Meinborn@gmx.de


Thank you for the good words, Falk.



April 18, 2008

More Cool Water and Tumbling Tumbleweeds by the Sons of the Pioneers for your Weeds'n'Water page:


Tumbling Tumbleweeds: Roy & Dale with the SOP May, 1979


Cool Water and Tumbling Tumbleweeds by the SOP 1990 from a souvenir cassette ("Sing and Swing") available at their concerts for several years


Cool Water and Tumbling Tumbleweeds by the SOP 1999 from their CD "My Best to You".


Medley: SOP live from a Branson concert on May 21, 2005.


Thanks for all you do!

John Fullerton


John, thanks for all you do. Your generosity in sharing your Tumbleweed Topics, photos and music is overwhelming. In fact, we can't thank you enough.



April 19, 2008

Howdy Elizabeth,

     Just wanted to give you a heads up that your Bob Nolan lyrics pages are not loading correctly in my browser. I am on a Mac using Safari. The link pages that contain the lyrics themselves do not show the text of the lyrics. Just a big empty space. They are there. But are colored "white" somehow (I can copy and paste the text-- I just cannot see it).

     I tried Firefox on my Mac and the pages loaded fine. So maybe your webmaster needs to tweak his/her code a bit to get it to display in Safari (the default browser that comes with every Mac). You are leaving out a lot of Mac users as is.

     FYI, my new KPOV Calling All Cowboys Radio web page is now up and running. I do have a link to your Bob Nolan site on my page. This artist list will continue to grow in time (I hope).

     You can also listen to my show by looking for the show archives link on the left hand side of the page. I will have a new show posted every week.

     See my page at: http://www.kpov.org/index.php?option=com_shows&task=view&id=57


Chuckaroo The Buckaroo

Calling All Cowboys Radio

106.7 KPOV FM

Bend OR



Thanks for letting us know, Chuck. We have had a lot of complaints from Mac users but nothing we do seems to help. We'll keep working at the problem - there has to be a solution - but in the meantime, if there are any lyrics you want just let me know and I'll email them to you.


I saved a lyric page to my desktop where it loaded into Safari correctly (minus the broken links). So it does not seem to be any sort of page miscoding issue on your part. It appears to be a function of the web server itself. Ask your web guru if there could be some setting that is using a feature of one browser layout engine (say, perhaps, Gecko) that cannot be used by Safari's imaging engine (Konqueror).


Calin wrote the web server (GoDaddy) and they replied - said they were unable to help. This is so frustrating because it's the musicians who prefer the Mac and it's the musicians we'd like to reach. :-(


Firefox is free and easy enough to load. Just put a disclaimer on the main lyric page that suggests that Mac visitors use Firefox until you can figure it out.


Thanks for the suggestion, Chuck. We took your advice. Any other suggestion you have that will make things easier for our readers, we will certainly consider seriously.



April 19, 2008

I just happened to come upon it looking up," Bob Nolan". I was hoping to find his cowboy poems which I had heard about. Totally Impressed! I've loved the Sons of the Pioneers for decades and last year I got Bob Nolan's own 'Sound of a Pioneer' cd which I play several times a week . I think it is his best work. I play my own guitar along with each song and have all the chords down. "My favourite is, " Old Home Town" and can relate to it : A  girl I used to go with died of Cancer before I could get back.

Thank you for this site.

Joe  Lemieux


Hello, Joe. We really appreciate your message and I know how you feel about "Old Home Town". Bob really got it right!



April 22, 2008

Check out our new home page and see if it works for you.  We have a new Search page for finding names, too. If there are any problems, please let us know and we'll try to fix them.


Started to take a look at the new page, much more organized, and then tried the menu at Reference, and didn't get a link. Recollections went to that menu page so okay there.  Missed the Puzzles page somehow which I check occasionally to see how pic identification is coming along.  One of these days we may get a winner there.

Larry Hopper


Thanks for reminding me of "Puzzles", Larry. I'd entirely forgotten it. It's now on the lower left side of the home page.


Great new website page!!! Don't ever let it expire! I don't know if I told you this or not, but for some time now I have been a member of a 90 voice mixed chorus here in Sun City West. We put on two paid concerts a year at a small theatre over at the Rec Center, one at Christmastime and the other during the Spring. They are always a "sell out." This year's Spring Concert was themed "On The Road Again...A trip across America." We did everything from Broadway show tunes to Western. When we hit the Southwest, one of the songs featured was "Cool Water." I don't have to tell you who did the solo verses. The old man hasn't lost it, yet!  This was the first time in my life I've ever sang a song with background harmony coming from 90 voices! It was awesome!  And it happened to be my arrangement. That was cool! I think Bob would have been proud.

My best,



It would be awesome. Yes! I can hear it in my mind. It's a wonder you could sing because I'm sure your throat would swell and your eyes prickle a bit.


I think the new look and arrangement of the site works beautifully.  (Although I didn't hear any music - Burl Ives' Cool Water, nor the song on my page.  I don't know if that represents a problem or not.  Just letting you know.)  Thanks for keeping us posted. 

My best wishes,

Rich Flanders


The songs on those pages take awhile to load, Rich. Try it again.



April 24, 2008


I am writing to let you know that my father, Edward Phillips, passed away yesterday afternoon.



I am so sorry to hear that. He was a good friend, indeed, and will be greatly missed.



April 24, 2008

I love the Sons of the Pioneers and the voice of Bob Nolan, so typed in "Bob Nolan" and found your web-site. It is well done, plenty of information.

Suzanne Hewstone hewstones@internode.on.net



April 28, 2008

Of all the music I have by the Sons of the Pioneers, I do not have Silent Trails.  I keep looking on the internet for new CD's which may contain that song but havc not found any.  I have all the Orthacoustic and Thesaurus Transcriptions as well as some Melody Round up cd's.  I was wondering if you  would know where I could get that song.  I  had forgotten about that song until I heard it on a  Gene Autry movie, The Big Corral.  After I heard the song in that movie, I remember that I had heard it way back in the 40's listening to their transcriptions on the radio.

Martha Rosse


"Silent Trails" is on the Varese Sarabande CD "Gene Autry With The Legendary Singing Groups Of The West". I see it's on sale at Amazon.com right now. I know you'll enjoy it.



April 28, 2008

needed to let you know i cant find bob sings or t topics on my apt computer which is an xp copaq yahoo combo



Go to "Reference" for Tumbleweed Topics. Go to "Discography" for the "Bob Sings" button at the top of the page. Hope this helps!



April 30, 2008

    I've written to this site before and I think it's great. The only trouble seems to be that it's very slow in coming up.

    I wanted to comment on the song "Remember Me." I had bought the movie Sunset On the Desert and heard Roy sing the song. I loved it so much. It's interesting to know that there is another set of lyrics to it. I wish Roy singing the song was available on  some of the Pioneer recordings. Keep up the good work.



The problem with music pages is that they do take a long time to load, especially for dial-up readers. There is just no way we can address this problem, I'm afraid.


There is a well-known California musician considering recording "Remember Me" and you can be sure it will be good. He is meticulous and well-versed in the Sons of the Pioneers harmony styling. We will announce it when his CD is available but it will be awhile yet.



April 30, 2008

        My sister sent the website address to me.  We are both of the same cloth as our mother. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, because this is a page out of my past, a happy time when my mother would put on all her Sons of the Pioneer records, and our home was filled with the most beautiful, poetic music I have ever heard.  I was just a kid, but this sound and the love that went with it has been with me for 68 years.  

        Mom was able to meet Bob and the rest of the Pioneers in Cheyenne during Frontier Days in 1947.  In fact, they all stood around a rock with me sitting in the center and Mom centered among them.  One of my treasures is a copy of that picture. 

        Thank you for this site.  I will be looking at it for a long, long time, but excuse me for now.  The tears are clouding the keyboard.

        We lived in Rock Springs, Wyoming at the time, but my dad wanted Mom to go to Cheyenne to see their show, because he knew just how much she loved them and their music.  As it turned out, they were impressed with how much Mom admired them and knew their music.  So they got her a front row seat to the show and set her up with the fan club.  They even sent her a snapshot of Carl Farr holding his birthday cake.  I have that one, too, somewhere in a safe place. 

        Thank you for making this space available to those of us who realize what a great artist Bob Nolan really was.  His poetry, his music, they say something to the deepest part of of one's soul as no one else I've ever heard. 


Judy, we're looking forward to the picture! Thank you very much. And thank you for adding to the background. It's folks like you who make all these long hours of web building worthwhile. Good days to you and keep on singing.



May 3, 2008

It's the best thing since I don't know what. I've been looking for Wesley  Tuttle  lyrics  to  "When Payday Rolls Around " for a long, long  time, and then your site came along. Thanks for the info. Bye the way, your site is nice. Keep up the good work

Alan MIller


Thanks, Alan! It's nice to know we can help keep the words available to folks.


May 9, 2008

    Your website is terrific!  I check on it every day or two and usually spend too much time here.  There is work to be done but this is too tempting.

     I first heard the Pioneers in the Charles Starrett pictures and I can remember telling my friends at that time they were going to be famous some day.  Their harmony was so intriguing, special and different from other groups.  Change is constant but for me the present group of Pioneers doesn't have what the original group did.  I do believe the Sons of the San Joaquin are the closest to their style.

     In person, I saw the group in New Hampshire in the early 40's and my friend took pictures.  If I ever get his negatives, I will be glad to send them on but it may never happen.  (He is in MA and I live in CO and we both are aging, too fast!)  I also saw the Pioneers when they were appearing with Roy Rogers at the Boston Gardens.

 Grace Thompson


Thank you so much for your good words and your personal list of Tim's "Top 10"songs. We'll add it to the pile of responses we've had and let you know in July. Yes, we'd love to see the pictures if you can ever find them.



May 9, 2008

Who is the lead singer on "We'll' Sing the Songs of the Sons of the Pioneers?" Is it Dale Warren.'?


It's Stan Corliss, Herman. It's his own song, "Songs of the Sons of the Pioneers". It's from a CD called "Westerner". You can purchase it from him at the following address and I've also seen it on eBay -


Comancheros Productions

PO Box 2943

Hendersonville, TN 37075



May 10, 2008

I was on the location in Kernville when they shot Lights Of Old Santa Fe. 1944. Roy rode his motorcycle up and Republic did not like it as they did not want him to get hurt. Bob floated in an inner tube on the Kern River. Roy taught me how to make a special rope knot . . .

Karl E. Farr


Thanks, Karl. Great to hear these stories from the son of one of the Sons of the Pioneers!



May 10, 2008

Elizabeth, I think I can help you in identifying two of the "unknown" photos on Bob Nolan's website. They are photos #26 and #27.The monument in the picture is of Stephen Foster and it is located at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The other picture says, "Pittsburgh-July 4,1826.That was the birth date of Stephen Foster. I don't know if that helps but I believe that is where The Pioneers and Roy Rogers were when that was taken. Sincerely, Bill Marquet


And thank you, Bill. We have applied your answer to the "Puzzles" page.



May 10, 2008

Hi Calin...

I finally scanned Tumbleweed Topics number eleven, it's on a CD and I mailed it to Elizabeth, it should arrive in 7 to 10 days. I've got over 100 photos 1939-46 that I'm scanning and those will be on the way soon also. Keep up the great work.

John Fullerton


We hope to Spotlight your collection in August, John. It will be tremendously interesting to everyone.



May 12, 2008

I was Researching Glenn's music and naturally did a search on Bob Nolan.  Is it possible you have any information on Glenn, arranger and composer? He was the brother of  the late Tim Spencer and my late father in law. He worked with Bob Nolan and spoke very fondly of him.

Lois H.  Spencer


Lois, we're so happy to hear from you! We have always regretted not being able to have a page for Glenn because we know so little about him. He was an integral part of the Sons of the Pioneers and yet the biographers have missed him. You are just the person we need. We have lists of Glenn's compositions but not a single photograph. We know he had a large family but we know nothing about them. We've heard that he was concert piano material who had to give up his dreams because he had injured his hand. That's all we know. We don't know his birth date, his death date or how he died. We get so many questions about him and can answer so few. Any serious fan or student of the Sons of the Pioneers wants to know more about Glenn Spencer. He was such a great melodist. If you would like to send us some biographical material, we would be delighted to create a page for him and credit you. Would it be possible for you to scan photos of him, as well? We have a couple of blurred photos that might be him. Perhaps you will be able to help us there. Thank you so much for writing. If we can aid your research in any way, please let us know.



May 13, 2008

Here is the picture promised on April 30. It is Ethel (my mother) Wright and Judy Wright (me) with the Sons of the Pioneers at Cheyenne Frontier Days, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 1947.



Back: Hugh Farr, Bob Nolan, Ethel Wright, Pat Brady and Lloyd Perryman

Front: Tim Spencer, Judy Wright Kruse and Karl Farr.


Thank you very much, Judy. These dated pictures are a valuable aid in tracing the tour routes on the Pioneers. I have started a page of your own in the Reflections section since you suggested that your sister may have some more snapshots. We'd be delighted to add them to the site.



May 14, 2008

I don't know if I told you this or not, but for some time now I have been a member of a 90 voice mixed chorus here in Sun City West. We put on two paid concerts a year at a small theatre over at the Rec Center, one at Christmastime and the other during the Spring. They are always a "sell out." This year's Spring Concert in April was themed "On The Road Again...A trip across America." We did everything from Broadway show tunes to Western. When we hit the Southwest, one of the songs featured was "Cool Water." I don't have to tell you who did the solo verses. The old man hasn't lost it, yet! This was the first time in my life I've ever sang a song with background harmony coming from 90 voices! It was awesome!  And it happened to be my arrangement. That was cool! I think Bob would have been proud.


We know he'd have been proud. Listen to that audience as you introduce the song. The name "Bob Nolan" doesn't mean anything, but they remember the song!



        I just discovered your Bob Nolan website, surfing, looking for anything new on Nolan, as I do now and then. Spectacular!  I'm as big a fan of Nolan as there's ever been - I do about thirty or forty of his songs - and most of whatever I know about songwriting I learned from the Bob Nolan songs, later from Ian Tyson and Marty Robbins, and Cole Porter.  I wrote "Silver Spurs," which you may have heard, on Great American Cowboy by the Sons of the San Joaquin. One of my fondest dreams is to, someday, record a CD box set of the Songs of Bob Nolan, all or most of them.  They're way too good to lose.

My best

Ray Kraft


PS -

Driving across the Mojave one night, a great white owl flew across just in front of my windshield, the moon was full and the desert blue, and I composed this "Song for Bob Nolan."  Here are the words.


Blue moon

on the Mojave

autumn chill

in the air

white owl

wingin' so softly

I feel

your spirit there


Timber sighs

in the Sierra

summer storm

in the sky

rainbow rim

over the meadow

I see

you passin' by


They say, when a man

rides his last long trail

over the hills

to the West

that his heart

will roam eternity

in the places he

loves the best


In the voice

of the prairie

in the hush

of the snow

in the song

of the campfire

I hear

you singin' low


I hear you

singin' low.



Song for Bob Nolan

Ray Kraft


Yes, of course, we are familiar with "Silver Spurs" and we're delighted to hear from the man who wrote it. It is an outstanding western song and you can be proud of it. Thank you for the Bob Nolan song. Have you written music for it? I'm sure you have. We would love to hear it -  so would our readers. When your CD comes out, please let us know where we can purchase it.



May 17, 2008

If you're wondering what some of the original Reinsmen are doing now since we retired the name back in 2000, here's an update on our tenor, Don Richardson. He emailed me the other day to tell me he's now a regular member of the popular Dixieland jazz band, "The Nightblooming Jazzmen." Their website is


Bring it up and listen to some great Dixieland!

Dick Goodman


Tell me, Dick, is he still a champion sharpshooter, too? [Don Richardson was once a six-gun quick-draw champion.]


To my knowledge, Don hasn't done any "fast draw" contests for quite some time now. I think he "hung up his guns" back in the mid-seventies. He was good, though, and broke some records along the way.



May 19, 2008

Instrumental western music accompanied some photos, and it triggered the memory - I googled "sons of the pioneers" and here you are! I am a great fan of the Sons of the Pioneers and grew up with their records.  I wore out the album that had so many classic songs and wish I could buy it again.   Is the music available on CD?  I wasn't able to hear the songs on the song page - maybe it's because I use Firefox as my browser.  I'm not able to hear "Cool Water" on this page either. (PC, Windows XP)

Anne Blankenship


Hello, Anne. I tried the pages again and they seem to be OK. I'm sure you checked to see if your speakers are on. The only other suggestion I can make is that you make Windows Media Player your default player so when you click on a song link, it will open in that program. Good luck!


For a partial list of the Sons of the Pioneers' CDs available today, go to our Discography page. If you click on the CD photo, it will bring up the track list. You won't be able to hear the tracks but it will give you an idea of what's out there for sale.


 Thank you for your immediate response!  I will make Windows Media the default player.  (Lately I've noticed iTunes tries to grab everything). You cannot know this, but hearing from you touches me greatly.  My childhood was filled with these songs, and I can "hear" Bob Nolan's unique voice even if I can't hear the music on the website! When I was very young, Roy Rogers lived on a street near ours and his older children went to the same elementary school (Cherimoya). Thank you for keeping these memories alive!

Best wishes,




May 24, 2008

Do you know if it is possible to get a copy of the taped interviews done at the Jamboree in TN by "Snuff Garret" with Bob Nolan? The dates that you give for the songs on the album Symphony of the Sage are those dates taken from the individual first recording dates of those songs, or are they the date the album was produced? If it is the date that the album was produced, do you have the date of first recording of each of those songs? Are all of Bob's songs on your web site, available for purchase?  If so, can you tell me where to get them.

David Watson


Hello, David.

We haven't heard of an interview Snuff did of Bob Nolan at a Jamboree in TN. The best person to contact about this would be Fred Goodwin. If you do find it, please let us know because Calin would very much like a copy, too.


Fred Goodwin

c/o Concept Productions

PO Box 3151

Murfreesboro, TN 37133-3151

ph: (615) 890-3047


When you speak of "Symphony of the Sage", do you mean "Symphonies of the Sage" as on our Discography page? If so, all those Orthacoustic transcriptions were recorded in Chicago around 1940 and we have been unable to ascertain the exact dates. Karl Farr Jr. believes his family lived there for 9 months but he isn't sure, either. Because they were all radio transcriptions, we have no information about each separate recording. I see that there are several OTR (Old Time Radio) sites online now that sell hundreds of old transcriptions.


If you do find definite recording dates for the individual Orthacoustic songs, please let us know, too?


Unfortunately, most of the Bob Nolan songs on our website are not for sale anywhere. Many of the modern compilations currently for sale are listed on our Discography page but I have found that www.gemm.com has many Sons of the Pioneers LP / 78 recordings for sale.


I'm sorry we can't be of more assistance. Good luck with your search and please remember us if you are successful.



June 2, 2008

This is a wonderful site, I enjoy it very much. I recently acquired a copy of Bob Nolan's Folio of Original Cowboy Classics No. 1. I am slowly making my way thru learning the songs one at a time. Great stuff. Have a question about your site. When I call up the lyrics are the songs supposed to play at the same time? I don't get any vocals or music, just lyrics? Any suggestions?

Barry Hehn


Hello, Barry. We're happy to hear you are learning the songs from Bob's first folio. What do you think of the arrangements?


As for hearing the songs on the Lyrics page, let me ask you this - are you using a Macintosh computer? For some reason, Mac users have to download the latest version of Firefox before they can hear the song that is embedded in each page.


But there are other ways around it.  Go to the bottom of the page, click on the link to the song and see if it will load the song onto your default audio player. (I'm sure you've checked that your speakers are turned up.) Let us know if you keep experiencing difficulty.



June 6, 2008

    It's up and going. As to my favorite Bob Nolan tune it's a funny story. Many years ago on the Rider's Radio Theater I heard them doing "Song of the Bandit" At the time I though that's a nothing song. Then I listened to it about five years later and thought what a great song. It has been my favorite ever since and Ranger Doug has been nice enough to take my request and sing it on a number of occasions.. As a beginning guitar player I had it all figured out except for the last few measures. It was the reason I bought the Bob Nolan song book. My other all time favorite is "Same Old Range"

    For many years I played in a trio that did bluegrass, gospel, and cowboy songs. Our female singer was Patty Clayton, who you may have heard of. I know she has won the Western Female Singer of the Year award at least once.

    Again many thanks, I am going to start working my way thru the songs. I'm sure I will find some new favorites as Bob wrote so many great songs.




June 12, 2008

I just "googled" Bob Nolan. Fantastic!!!!!! Bob Nolan is a true hero of mine. I now feel I know much more about him & what a wonderful man he was!

Rob Hamilton


Thank you for your kind words, Rob. We hope to continue to add to his site as time goes on. Keep watching!



June 15, 2008

re rca victor questionnaires - DO YOU HAVE ONES FROM PERRYMAN SPENCER, FARR BROS, BRADY ETC. WHO ALSO RECORDED WITH RCA AND NOLAN?? No, I'm sorry. All we have are Bob Nolan's personal copies.  

also, i note by teleways the pioneers were already upping the kind of musicians they used in their performances including ivan ditmars etc.  was that a turning point in their work/careers? or brought about by changes in what kind of music was wanted by the public.

Josie Shapira


When the Sons of the Pioneers joined Dick Foran and Martha Mears on their 10-2-4 Ranch / Time Dr. Pepper Shows, Ivan Ditmars was part of the show and continued with them into the Teleways Transcriptions. It is a matter of opinion (and controversy) as to whether the Pioneers were "upping" their musicianship or not. Bob himself said that, although he admired Ivan Ditmars tremendously, he considered that the Pioneers' music was best suited to guitar and fiddles.



June 25, 2008

Terrific.  Long overdue.  Mr. Nolan was tremendously influential in western and pop music during the 30s & 40s and beyond.  Because he shunned the spotlight, he is not as well known as he should be.  I am now 66 and became a fan of his at the age of 6.  Every summer when we would drive across the country from Ohio to California, we would hear the Sons of the Pioneers on the radio.  That makes it 60 years that I have admired his music.  The Pioneers were never the same after he left.Keep up the good work.


Bob Prior, Columbus, Ohio


Thank you, Bob. Keep watching. There are more good things coming soon.



June 25, 2008

He was a relatively young man when he died - - early 70s as I recall.  What happened to him and where was Mr. Nolan buried? When I was a little guy, we would go to Saturday matinees at our local movie theater and watch Roy Rogers movies which always had a song or two by the Pioneers.  Of course, I recognized Bob right away because of his picture on our 78 album cover, "Cowboy Classics" which must have been a big seller for them. 


Hi, Bob. To find out about Bob's life after he retired, go to Biographies / Bob Nolan / 1949-1980 The Final Years. He died of a massive heart attack and his ashes were scattered over the Nevada desert near Red Rock Canyon.



June 25, 2008

Saw listing of those who recorded Tumbling Tumbleweeds....Bill Boyd is listed ??? Is that Hopalong Cassidy ???


No, not Hoppy. We asked music historian Larry Hopper for more information and this is his answer:


"This Bill Boyd and his Cowboy Ramblers was a music group in Dallas Texas. They had many successful recordings on Bluebird. Their manager was also part of the promotion department of PRC films and it was through this connection that he made 6 films for the low budget studio between 1941 & 1942 with Art Davis (who had worked in a handful of Autry films) and Lee Powell, who died in a marine assault on the island of Tinian.


"His recording of Tumbling Tumbleweeds was made in 1936 02 24


"His brother Jim was a member of the Cowboy Ramblers and later went with his own group the Men of the West and made a picture for the Texas based Astor Pictures in 1949 called Saturday Night Square Dance.


Definitely not Hoppy. Despite the fact that William "Hoppy" Boyd did not sing there are still a couple of song folios under his name and there are at least three (that I know of off hand) of Bill Boyd's material." (Lawrence Hopper)



July 3, 2008

It is absolutely great, I have long been a fan,1936, of Bob Nolan and  The Sons of The Pioneers.  Bob Nolan, a

very talented person, love his songs and singing, have many of the Pioneer recordings, including Bob's last, The Sound of A Pioneer.

Herman Stancill



July 3, 2008

I am not real swift with the computer but what I am trying to find is the words to "My Little Sod Shanty on the Plains" can you help me it would also be helpful if I could get a cd of the song. Thank you.

Garland and Donna


Here are the words you are looking for and the song can be found on the CD at Amazon.com called "Memories of the Range"  MEMORIES OF THE RANGE - THE STANDARD RADIO TRANSCRIPTIONS (1935-36), PART 2 incl. ROY ROGERS

BCD 16104 DI DM 150, EAN-Code: 4000127161048. ISBN: 3-89795-610-1

Good luck! 


Little Old Sod Shanty


I'm looking rather seedy now while holding down my claim

And my vittles are not always served the best

And the mice play shyly round me as I nestle down to rest

In the little old sod shanty on my claim.



Oh the hinges are of leather and the windows have no glass

And the board roof lets the howling blizzard in

And I hear the hungry coyote as he slinks up through the grass

Round that little old sod shanty on my claim.


When I left my eastern home to roam, a bachelor so gay

To try and win my way to wealth and fame

I never thought that I'd come down to burning twisted hay

In the little old sod shanty on my claim.


But I rather like the novelty of living in this way

But my bill of fare is always rather tame

I'm happy as a clam on this land of Uncle Sam

In the little old sod shanty on my claim.


My clothes are plastered o'er with mud, I'm looking like a fright

And everything is scattered round the room

Still I wouldn't give the freedom that I have out in the West

For the comforts of an Eastern man's old home.


Still I wish that some kindhearted girl would pity on me take

And relieve me from this awful mess I'm in

Oh, the angel, how I'd bless her if this her home she'd make

In the little old sod shanty on my claim.




July 9, 2008

I read Mr. Nolans web sight now and then.  It is a great way to spend time indoors.  Thanks so much for what you have done for his fans.  Do you have a sight where I may buy  A sound of a pioneer ?  I have worn out mine.  Thanks  Glen


The only place I can suggest you look for "The Sound of a Pioneer" is amazon.com.



July 13, 2008

This is to let you know that next week I'll be on radio for Folk Scene with Bruce Davis:


Hear Lonesome Ron LIVE on the Radio!! On KMSU Radio 89.7 on your FM dial or Listen to the show LIVE on the Internet:Tuesday July 15, 2007 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CST http://www.mnsu.edu/kmsufm/listenlive.html


Lonesome Ron will be interviewed by the host, Bruce Davis and will perform some of his original songs. I was planning to do a show with Lona again but for Tim Spencer's 100th birthday celebration. (July 13) But we never got the ball rolling. We'll still do one perhaps in a month and we'll let you know. But for this show I'll see if we can mention it and play a song or two by him.

Ron A



July 19, 2008

I have always enjoyed the Bob Nolan classics but have just begun to discover some of the other beautiful songs he wrote. I would like to learn more about the man and his music. If you could also add my office email? Thank you.



We're happy to add you to our mailing list, Pat.



July 20, 2008

    Wanted to comment on your notes and music for Ken's and Jo's deaths. thanks so much for choosing the combo of Lloyd Perrymans/Nolan's lie low little dogies for ken's. Ken was a good friend of mine who asked me to keep in touch with him re my health and life and talked to me about the pioneers while not telling me about his own health problems.  I don't know his families very well but he and Nora sent me Christmas cards and advice etc.

     Thanks also for the choice of music for jo's obit.  Its sad perhaps that their open spaces program didn't get off the ground but I think they weren't ready at the time. So much great talent working together all the pioneers lives.  Those they worked with up to and including John Ford's films they were in were the best of the best.

     I found on YouTube a performance of pioneers and Roy Rogers after Perryman's death with Rusty on it and saved it on my computer till I can get more experienced with it.  Keep in touch re any rare CDs, movies, etc you might find of pioneers.

Joan Shapira



July 22, 2008

Looking at your co-workers section, the picture that is captioned "Joan Perry" is not her it is "Faye Emerson. " When I first saw it I thought it was wrong and I've done some checking. The picture is definitely "Faye Emerson." As usual, keep up the good work.



Good catch, Suzanne. Thanks! Have you checked out our "Puzzles" page? Perhaps you'll recognize someone there. And next month we hope to add another page of photos from John Fullerton, a young and dedicated Sons of the Pioneers fan from Missouri.


July 26, 2008

Hi! I stumbled upon your site and saw my grandpa looking at me! Thank you so much. It brings tears to my eyes. Ken Carson was my loving grandpa but also an incredible talent and vibrant energy that was electric all his days. I understand your desire to preserve and expand your grandfather's legacy... My dad, Ken's son, Scott Carson, would love to find lost volumes as well. I will let him know about your site.

Have a blessed day,

Amy Carson


Hello, Amy. Calin sent your message on to me and we're both delighted to hear from you. Ken Carson and his velvet voice was a huge part of the Sons of the Pioneers wartime sound. Although I didn't know Ken personally, a great number of the people I do know knew him very well and admired him right to the end. If you or your father remember any stories or anecdotes about Ken's time with the Sons of the Pioneers you'd like to share with us, we'd love to put them on his page. There's lots of room! In any case, it's great to hear from you. Thanks for writing.


July 26, 2008

    Sorry to hear about Ken Griffis. When I met Lloyd Perryman and asked about obtaining some of the Pioneers earlier recordings he wrote down Ken's name and told me to write to the UCLA address of the John Edwards Foundation. I then corresponded with Ken and gave him a lot of info on the songs from Roy's movies and he included me in the first printing of "Hear My Song".

     Also sad to hear about Jo Stafford. I always liked her songs, especially the ones from the 40's. Her "Ski Trails" album is so nice. They recently released it on CD and has songs like "I Like The Winter Weather" (Benny Goodman had a version of this that is great), June in January and others. Very beautiful songs. What happened to good music?

     I also wanted you to know about Timber Trail. I wanted the lyrics to this song and did a Google search and found many sites that had the words, but they all seem to be wrong. They all start out "Oh The Mountains High". I am sure it should be "Over Mountains High". Am I correct?

Fred Sopher


Good to hear from you as always, Fred. You are correct about "Timber Trail", of course. Here are the words copied from Tim's Sagebrush Symphonies song folio No.1. (You will notice other small performance changes they made for the recordings.)



(Words and Music by Tim Spencer)


Over mountains high, down the canyons wide

Let me roam and ride, ride through timber!

When the day is done, by the campfire's gleam

Let me lie and dream, dream of timber.


Tall timber's calling and the echo rings

For all nature sings a song along The Timber Trail.

Blue shadows falling down the canyon vale

Where the whispering pines entwine along The Timber Trail.


High in the sky above the love song of the trees

Will blend and wend its way out on the breeze

Tall timber's calling and the echoes ring

For all nature sings a song along The Timber Trail.



Bob Nolan said in one of the Teleways Transcriptions that Tim came up with the song in a couple of hours when Columbia was short one song for "Outpost of the Mounties" in 1939.



August 2, 2008


Always remembered Bob's singing when I was very young and an avid follower of Roy Rogers films.  In those days I really only wanted to see the action not the singing parts but something about him appealed to me all the same.  I am now 70 years old and it's only just occurred to me that there might be something of him on the internet, what a surprise I had. So much ! I am now armed with information which will allow me to get some of the songs I remember him singing. That should bring back fond memories. Can you tell me who in "The Sons of the Pioneers" had the very deep voice, I remember it was Bob himself but it was long ago and it may have been another in the group.I was touched by the idea of the site and find it quite moving that you should make the tribute to him.

Best wishes



Hello, Don. Thank you for your good words. Bob Nolan was a talented man and a unique person. We don't want the world to forget him; hence this website. As you can see, it is a labour of love. Hugh Farr was the Pioneer with the deep, soft voice. Go to his page by selecting Biographies / Sons of the Pioneers / Hugh Farr on our site. You will be able to enjoy his voice again.


August 3, 2008

blue prairie on john fullerton's section??? it's a version that seems different than ones I've heard before - is that the tommy doss one?



Yes, it's Tommy Doss. That recording was made on June 17, 1959. The trio was Lloyd Perryman, Tommy Doss and Dale Warren.



August 5, 2008

    Our summer holidays are over now and that means that we are back to work. In the last 4 weeks we have been away for  some time and that's why we didn't do much on the computer.

     But we looked at the Bob Nolan website now and then when checking our emails. We were very sad to hear that Ken Griffis had died. Peter remembers very well his first contacts with Ken in the mid 70s and we were proud to have one of the first issues of "Hear my Song". Only a few years back we got the revised edition of that wonderful book - that still is our main reference when it comes to Sons of the Pioneers' recordings.

     The "Top 10" of Tim Spencer's songs is also very interesting. The only thing we like to know is, how many people answered this poll.

     Your selection of "Movie of the month" is always very interesting of cause  and it gives a very good impression what the movie is about. We haven't seen "Silver Spurs" yet, but Roberto Costa will send us a copy so we can watch it, too.

     BTW we now got the Charles Starrett movies from Jimmie Willhelm we were talking of recently . We've never seen Charles Starrett movies before but now we like them very much. And we agree with you that the SOP had a lot more "to do" in these movies than in the Roy Rogers' ones.

     And what a great collection John Fullerton added to the website, especially the more "private" photos are very interesting.

     It's really nice to see how the website grew over the months and that there are still people who have something to add.

     We hope you have a nice summer time, too 



Thank you for the kind words. I'm so happy to hear you have seen some of the Starrett movies at last. From what I read, "Two-Fisted Rangers" is one of the films that showcased Bob Nolan best but we have never been able to find a copy. So, if you ever hear of someone who has it for sale, please let us know?



August 5, 2008

Howdy Calin!

I just wanted to say it's a great honor to be featured on the site in this month's Spotlight.  Martha has some really great stuff, and I'm hoping to have it all scanned and sent to Elizabeth in September. Thanks again for such a great site!  I mention you at every show, hoping that folks will get hooked on the life and songs of Bob Nolan!


John Fullerton


John, I'd like to thank you for taking such an interest in my grandfather and for sharing your pix on our website. It's nice to think you are promoting him on your shows. Too bad you couldn't have met him in person.




August 5, 2008

The following poem is by Karen Gogolick (KG and the Ranger) and appears here with her permission.


"Each of us carries a unique wealth of individual memories, and the loss of any one person touches the world by the loss of that person's accumulation of experience, wisdom, and knowledge. Following the latest round of sad news in our community (Velma Spencer, Willie Schooler and Ken Griffis), this poem kind of wrote itself. There were many more folks in my heart as I wrote this, but sadly there are too many to try and name them all. I'll just dedicate it to all who have gone on before us...." (KG)



© Karen Gogolick 2008


The old guard all are leaving us

One by one, they are no more

And taking with them when they go

An unknown wealth of lore.


Treasure vast, although its worth

In dollars can't be counted

It's only made of memories

And tales left un-recounted.


By the long lives that they lived

They stored for us the past,

And made a bridge to newer times

With younger friendships fast.


So now, torchbearers we must be

Our duty comes alive -

Keepers of the memories,

That cowboy song may thrive.




August 5, 2008

I am really enjoying your Bob Nolan website. Can you tell me whose recording of "Tumbleweed Trail" is playing on the home page? It's so beautiful, but it doesn't sound like the recording I have by the Sons of the Pioneers.

thank you.

David Haggard/Kansas City


Hello, Dave. That version was recorded by the Sons of the Pioneers on April 19, 1961. The trio was Lloyd Perryman, Tommy Doss and Dale Warren. The Sons of the Pioneers recorded that song many times over the years and all are slightly different renditions, of course. We're happy to hear you are enjoying the site. Thank you for letting us know.



August 7, 2008

I have just left the captivating Bob Nolan site.  What a tremendous service you are doing for all of us who are such great fans of the Sons of the Pioneers and Bob Nolan.  The interviews and songs are terrific.  I did not know that Nolan was born in Winnipeg (where I lived for a time).  Thank you so much for your research and for your love of the music I too love. Heard the SOP in Branson a month ago.  Dale Warren was sidelined for a while -- health issues (heart) but Gary Lemasters filled in ably as emcee. See you down the tumble weed trail,

 Abe Reddekopp <alwaysacowboy.com>



August 8, 2008

in going thru my scrapbook/picture book of photos of pioneers: I have a few pictures of them in the arena of the rodeo on the dirt singing and performing Its too small and too far away to send to you for the website but wanted to ask you a question the sign on the boards at side of arena says championship jaycee rodeo. I don’t recall where that was. I have seen them at quite a few rodeos including gresham, casper wyo clark county fair etc. do you know where it might be.


We know far too little of their rodeo activity, even though rodeo was one of their main venues. Bob did not keep a diary of any sort.



August 10, 2008

Love your website.  I noted someone wrote to you regarding Joan Perry on your co-worker page, stating the girl in the picture was Faye Emerson.  Sorry, but it is not Faye.  This is Joan Perry, who made two pics with Charles Starrett and also made one movie with Ronald Reagan and Faye Emerson.  Joan was married to Harry Cohn, president of Columbia Pictures, then to Harry Karl who dumped her for Debbie Reynolds, and then married British film star Laurence Harvey.  Faye Emerson married Elliott Roosevelt, son of FDR.  If you pull Faye's picture up after Googling her, you will see there is quite a difference in the two women.



The picture there now with Charles Starrett is, indeed, Joan Perry. The reader was referring to the picture we had before that. I changed the picture after Suzanne's letter.



August 13, 2008

Heard about you on  Our Happy Trails. I think it is one of the best i have seen, I like the music of the Son of the Pioneers of the old days, with Bob Nolan and Roy Rogers, I like also the very nice pictures ,thanks and greetings from the Netherlands.

Bep Vonk


Great to hear from you! Thank you very much for writing.



August 15, 2008   Notes on Dale Warren's funeral service by John Fullerton.

    Please forgive me in not getting in touch with you sooner regarding all this- it's really been a tough week. Okay - finally today - the Springfield News-Leader printed an obit. on Dale.




    There has been no press coverage at all in the Branson and Springfield media regarding Dale Warren's death. There is the possibility that that there won't be anything more than the obituary.   

     The visitation and memorial services were private - invitation only.  Well, I got invited about 24 hours before the visitation.  In attendance at both gatherings were just immediate friends and those who had a major connection with Dale.  No former Pioneers were present and only 4 of the current group attended.  At the memorial service Ken Lattimore who is the SOP tenor vocalist (celebrating ten years in the group by the way) sang "His Eye Is On the Sparrow" and "How Great Thou Art" backed by Luther Nallie on guitar. 

     The service was led by Pastor Cliff Braschler and Pastor Bob Hubbard.  Bob owned the Foggy River Boys Theater- where the SOP performed from 1986 thru 1992.  Cliff Braschler owned the theater where they appeared from 1993-98, and 2001-2003. 

     Bob shared a few memories, like the day the guys arrived and sorta moved in, and the fact that they brought all those fancy shirts, hats, boots, vests, etc. but the cars they drove were terrible!  Cliff recalled what it was like sharing the same dressing room, the same coffee pot, the same hallway etc. and recalled some of the funny moments like when they kicked off with "Cowboy Jubilee" and the curtain didn't open. How Dale would give you that glare if something didn't sound just right... How Dale was the first out of the parking lot after every show - after they closed with Tumbleweeds, Dale was gone and out the back door within 30 seconds. (I myself have watched him do that many times!) 

     A lot was said regarding Lloyd Perryman and his contributions and how he was to work for and how the sound and the notes always had to be true to the original way he did it with Bob and Tim.  They honored all the members who have passed and the year they died, Karl thru Dale.  Dusty Rogers and his group the Highriders were all present including other members of the Museum family. 

     At the Circle B for the next few nights we are dedicating "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" to Dale.  We did it tonight for the first time - it's so hard for me - I'm the one who sings Dale's part in the trio.  I'm always in tears when we finish.  At my Western Round-Up Show this past Monday evening - it was a miracle I pulled the thing off - did real well until "Tumbleweeds".  I displayed a ton of memorabilia and brought my scrapbook displays that featured the past 56 years of Dale's career. 

John Fullerton


Thank you, John. We've been waiting to hear. Dale will be missed by everyone.



August 18, 2008

Searched on yahoo for Bob Nolan. Wonderful! Is there a "complete" collection book of Bob Nolan's songs?

Troy Bateson


Hello, Troy. Good to hear from you. I'm afraid no one has yet published a "complete" book of Bob Nolan's songs with the music. There is, however, a complete book of the lyrics in progress. Gene Davenport has always been aware that Bob's song lyrics stand alone as poetry and he is working on a book. When it is published and ready for sale, we will post the particulars on our Home Page.



August 18, 2008




Thanks for the good words, RH. Gabby and Bob would have met at cast socials and the like but we have no record of them being close friends. Yes, Dave did a fine job on Gabby, didn't he?! and, yes, Snuff Garrett is still alive.



August 26, 2008

Found the site on Wikipedia.  A wonderful family history and tribute to a notable figure in the history of entertainment. Very well put together.

Chris Berkeley


Thank you very much for letting us know, Chris. It's the least we could do. We don't want Bob Nolan to be forgotten.



August 29, 2008

I found your site on a Google search. I have been a fan all of my life, 52 years, I just happened upon the site last year and I enjoy the music.  This music has turned me on to Don Edwards and the Sons of the San Joaquin. Thank You!



Don Edwards and the Sons of the San Joaquin are fine singers. I have their CDs, too!


August 30, 2008

Thank you for the reply.  I do not know if you handle the web site or are there in a music/info capacity so here are 2 things... There was a dead link in the 2nd part of the bio section that was supposed to be a telephone conversation with Ranger Doug of the Riders in the Sky. Have you a clue as to where to find Reinsmen music?  It seems to only be on vinyl and out of stock.

Yes, we are our own Websmasters and thank you very much for pointing out the dead link. I don't know why this happens periodically but we're always grateful when it's pointed out to us so we can fix it! The only place you can purchase The Reinsmen's 2-CD set at the present is DeepDiscountCD.com. http://search.deepdiscount.com/search?w=reinsmen& I have it and it's excellent! The Reinsmen, as well as being Bob Nolan's personal friends, used the Sons of the Pioneers harmony structure.


Done deal, it is on its way to me now. I am impressed... they even had a category that was COWBOY. I appreciate your help even if my credit card has suffered. Now to get ready for the Cowboy Symposium in Lubbock this week. Sons of the San Joaquin, Don Edwards, Waddie Mitchell, etc. It can't get better than this! Any other recommendations... just pass em on. Thanks again


You won't regret purchasing the Reinsmen CD. To find others, click on "Currently Available...." on our Home Page. To purchase them, try www.DeepDiscountCD.com or www.bostonpete.com or go to the artists themselves. Another suggestion is to go to the Western Music Association webpage www.westernmusic.org and look up the links. Don't forget Riders in the Sky! 



September 2, 2008

   Thanks for keeping us up to date on things.  ALWAYS appreciated.  I immediately noticed on the right of the web page the passing of Dale Warren.  We didn't know about this and for whatever reasons the damn media (CNN and others) didn't put this in their obits areas.  This angers me as this guy was so important to the whole music industry.
   We met Dale for the first and only time 3 years ago at the Chapel of the Hill stage in Branson and he was just the nicest person and I profusely thanked him for being with the band as long as I was old- 53 years.  This was and still is unbelievable to me his longevity- truly amazing.  The only thing is that I did have a problem with was no one in the band even remotely sounding like Nolan or Doss on leads or anything.  I didn't say anything, but feel that this is a major miss in the new group. I hope they continue the tradition for as long as they can.
   Thanks again to you and your staff and friends for having this wonderful site.  This is very special to both of us.
   FYI- I will broadcast an entire show in memory of Dale on our radio show on KUSF-FM in a couple of weeks.  The show is called "The Time Warp" and is mostly a rock, folk and jazz show.  But we play a lot of everything and the Sons (39-49) are still the finest vocal band I ever heard.  Dale was very youthful for a guy that age and who put in so much love in his work.
JD and Kim Smith


Thank you for your reminiscences of Dale.



September 6, 2008

I first saw and heard the Sons of the Pioneers in the Charles Starrett and Roy Rogers movies that were shown on TV in the mid 50's. I was instantly a fan and cold not get enough. Around 1958 the only records that I could find was the RCA 25 Favorite Cowboy Songs and RCA Camden Wagons West. I played these records over and over. I had always liked the Timber Trail version best that was on the 25 Favorite Cowboy Songs album. From then on I had to wait about a year until RCA put out each new album. I managed to get Bob Nolan's address in Studio City around that time and wrote him a fan letter, but never got a response.

I first met Lloyd Perryman around 1972 at the Lewisburg, West Virginia State Fair. I have several photos of us together that I will scan for you to put up on the web site. He was very nice to me and when I asked about finding some of the songs recorded by the original group he wrote down the address of Ken Griffis and the John Edwards Memorial Foundation and told me to contact Ken which I did. Later that day as I was speaking with Lloyd again a woman walked over to us and asked about where Roy Rogers was staying. Lloyd told her a little white lie and said "I really don't know". After she left us Lloyd said to me "Roy would kill me for giving out that info" and we both had a nice laugh. During the show I was backstage talking with Lloyd and Roy Rogers walked over to us and asked Lloyd a question about travel plans and they spoke for a minute and then after Roy walked away Lloyd continued our conversation. Again he was very nice. I showed him several 8X10 glossy stills from the movies showing the Sons and Lloyd looked at them and enjoyed seeing the stills, but said to me "I am not really nostalgic".
Fred Sopher

Fred's collection of photos will be featured in October's "Spotlight".


September 14, 2008

Did you get my email with the corrections and additions to my commentary on the Nolan Site?
Yes, we did, Fred. The last message from you was on September 6 and we answered you immediately.  We always answer within 24 hours so, if you have not had a reply from us, check your mail filters. Your mail program may be blocking our address. There are three addresses you can use:






We hope to hear from you about this soon.



September 16, 2008

When I open the page and scroll all the way down, it ends with the entry for Sept. 7 but at the top, it says the last update was Sept. 12.  How do I obtain the latest entries?  I'm on the site just about every day (seldom miss one) and enjoy it tremendously!

Grace Thompson

Good question, Grace. The "last update" at the top of the page is usually a good indication of when the last question or comment was added, but not always. In this case, we had to do some work on the page although there were no questions to add. The date changes automatically every time we open the page on our computers even if we haven't added anything. Thank you for bringing up this point.


September 17, 2008

Every so often I would put the name  Bob Nolan in Google.  But to no avail.  Then I found this website--putting Bob Nolan's name in. Thanks, I have really enjoyed seeing pictures and reading about this great group of men.  They sang real Western songs, not like today. I just love it.  I have been looking for the past few  years of a web site telling about Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers.  You have done a fantastic job and I am glad that these  men finally have such a great website. Thanks again
Joyce Springer


We're happy to hear that you are enjoying the site, Joyce. Don't hesitate to ask if you need help navigating it.



September 17, 2008

I was looking for the lyrics of "Hold that Critter Down" and your site came up. This is really a great website and a fantastic tribute to this beloved songwriter and movie star.


Thank you. Keep singing!



September 18, 2008

Hello, I am wondering if you can help me out with a song title, it was sung in the movie The Searchers, every time I watch that film, that song makes me cry, it is beautiful. Can you please help?
Thanks, Jeri Saul


The song you hear throughout the movie is called "The Searchers" written by Stan Jones. The Sons of the Pioneers made a second recording of it on March 28, 1956, for an album called "Let's Go West Again" AYN1-4092 (1981) which you may find on eBay one day. It has a little different tempo but it's basically the same.

To listen to that recording and the soundtrack recording of the song, go to our page on Stan Jones, scroll to the bottom to the list of Stan's songs and click on the red title.




September 22, 2008

I have been a fan of the Pioneers since 1936,I was nine, have about 100 of their recordings, wished many times I had a voice like Bob Nolan, thank you for this site...

Herman Stancill



September 23, 2008

I found the site through a link from the first google result for "Roy Rogers Bob Nolan". Brings back memories - open air movies in tropical Indian Ocean. What I'd really like to know is which songs appeared in each movie?

Brian (UK)


Brian,  if there is a particular Sons of the Pioneers' movie from which you want the list of songs, just let us know. For the present, the Movie of the Month in our Special Features section gives a brief outline of a film complete with images and the songs. We have been working on a complete list but we've run into difficulties with the films that were cut for television. The powers-that-were in the early 1950s cut songs, of course, rather than action! However, the list will be available on our site later this Fall. It will be announced on our website update message which we send out on the first day of every month. If you wish us to include you on our mailing list, let us know. Thanks for writing! And, by the way, how is it that you were watching the Sons of the Pioneers in movies on the Indian Ocean?


As a boy in mid to late 1940's (age about 5 to 8) my father was working on Christmas Island (now Australian territory) between Australia & Indonesia. The island was mined for phosphate (guano). Every week there was an open air movie shown. Very primitive but memorable. Mostly Chinese & a few Europeans attended. The movies were mostly Roy Rogers and of course Bob Nolan, and also Gene Autry. The singing I remember most as the action is more or less the same ... (and then Along came Jones, Slow talkin' Jones....[The Coasters/Leiber & Stoller]).

Brian Raffan



September 23, 2008

I want to celebrate this news with you!  The 2008 Will Rogers Cowboy Award from the Academy of Western Artists for the "BEST SONG" was awarded to BLUE PRAIRIE from our album, YONDERING - Songs of the American West. The award was presented at the Granville Theatre in Garland, Texas, Tuesday evening, September 23 in a gala ceremony featuring top entertainers from the western music industry.  To have a first album nominated in two categories - Best Western Album of the Year and Best Song - seemed honor enough.  That the award is named after someone I've always greatly admired, Will Rogers, makes it all the more meaningful to me.  I can't think of much finer company to be in.

Rich Flanders  


Congratulations, Rich! Blue Prairie is a keeper.



October 1, 2008




You are quite right, Rich. Thank you for pointing it out to us. For some reason, the odd file will become corrupt and need replacing. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know when something isn't working right. 



October 2, 2008

A friend emailed your website to me because he knows that I am a tremendous Rogers and B-western fan. I think that it is awesome, and you guys are wonderful people to be doing such a great deed by keeping Bob and his music, along with  Roy and the Pioneers alive in our hearts. Their  spirits are as soothing as  cool, cool clear water.
Thanks A-Million.............Larry E. Roe Sr.



October 2, 2008

It's good to find people with similar interest. As a cowboy poet, I have been published in the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry and have just completed a CD entitled DOWN ON THE OLD RIVER. While the songs are not directly related to cowboy poetry they are folk related story songs. If any of you, have any interest please visit my website at www.henrycapps.com

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly,
Henry Capps


October 4, 2008

I just visited your site from Fred Sopher and loved the photos, especially the beautiful picture of Eddie Dean in the foreground of the Chinese Theater picture when Roy put his footprints in cement. I did note one error in the photos. The photo following the one of Roy and Adrienne Ames lists Pat Brady twice instead of Lloyd Perryman on the right. Love this web site and visit it all the time if only for a song before bedtime.



Thank you, Pat. We appreciate the correction!



October 5, 2008

the far enchanted isle recording on home page sounds a little like ken curtis but its one i havent played much and dont recall it.

You're right. It is Ken Curtis. It was recorded on September 25, 1957, and the Pioneers were Bob Nolan, Lloyd Perryman, Ken Curtis, Tim Spencer, Hugh and Karl Farr and Pat Brady. If you can ever find a copy of the RCA LP "Westward Ho!" (LPM-PR108), you'll find this track on it. Unfortunately, this LP is nearly impossible to find now.

do you have access to country gentlemen recordings? I have one album that i purchased but the recording company doesnt seem to exist anymore. also the album i have doesnt list any of the members names altho of course hugh farr is prominent in the picture of same but i dont recognize any of the others. it is a shame hugh didnt go to lloyd and the others re protecting the pioneer name and remain together. i think their futures would have been much different and brighter in many ways.



The album we have is called "Songs of the Pioneers" on the Cimarron label (CLP 2001). The back of the album tells us that the group was composed of Jimmie Widener, Hugh Farr, Pat Patterson and Kenny Baker.



October 8, 2008

You have done a GREAT job developing this website. I never got the chance to meet Bob Nolan, but after growing up with all of the music, it seems like I did know him. I have digitized all of my father's (Robert Wagoner) old audio tapes (Pioneers, Reinsmen, etc.) and have generated quite a collection. All of the music is now on the computer, so it will be archived for the future.Thanks again for all of your hard work.
Jeff Wagoner


I can't begin to tell you, Jeff, how much we admire your father for his dedication in recording western music in the way the "classic" Sons of the Pioneers created it. Mr. Wagoner is not only meticulous in every detail of instrumentation, he has a beautiful, true voice. We are grateful to him for presenting Bob Nolan's songs to the public today. We are grateful to you, too, for preserving your father's work because it will live on after our website is long gone. Thank you for taking the time to write. It's a pleasure to hear from you.



October 10, 2008

Calin Coburn and Elizabeth McDonald,
It's been a pleasure to visit your great web site.

We recently launched a "Sites Worth Visiting" section at www.cowboypoetry.com and were pleased to
include your site: http://www.cowboypoetry.com/sitesworthvisiting.htm#Nolan (and there is a link on our front news page:

CowboyPoetry.com is a project of the non-profit Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry. The site, updated daily, is a central resource for western and cowboy poetry and music and associated arts. We receive a monthly average of 2.5 million "hits" each month, representing an average 129,000 monthly visitors. The Center's other projects include Cowboy Poetry Week and the Rural Library Project.

With best regards,
Margo Metegrano
Editor, Cowboy Poetry at the BAR-D Ranch
The world's largest, ongoing Cowboy Poetry Gathering

I've been spending a lot of time exploring your very attractive site - and spending money, too! I found that Katie Lee has released another DVD that I found I needed. Years ago she had given me a copy of the original "The Last Wagon" on videocassette but I'd rather have it on DVD, so thanks for including her website. We have added a link to your site, too, and we will recommend it personally to others at every opportunity.



October 10, 2008

Hi Calin,

             My name is Bruce Hickey, I am from Auckland, New Zealand. I’m 65 years old & have been  a B western fan all my life, in particular the movies of Charles Starrett & Roy Rogers. I met Roy at his museum in 1983 & got to talk with him for about 30 minutes. I had corresponded with Charles from 1969 & finally met him  & Mary at the 1980 Memphis Film Festival & they invited me to visit them at their home at Laguna Beach, California. I didn’t get around to that visit until 1984 but it was worth the wait. I was accompanied by Colin Momber of England, editor of the 30 year old B Western mag., Wranglers Roost & Ab Breeden B Western historian of Los Angeles.

         I will scan & email you the articles I wrote in Wranglers Roost on those encounters. Both Roy & Charles loved & admired Bob…….

          Roy…”I loved Bob like a brother, a great talent & a wonderful friend, he should have been a western lead himself”

          Charles….”Bob should have been given his own series or at least given a brother type role with me like Hoppy had with Lucky. People said that Bob was a loner, but he wasn’t really, it's just that when he composed those wonderful songs he liked to go off by himself to the desert”.

        I was fortunate that Roy signed two 8x10’s to me as he had this policy of just posing with the fans & not signing autographs, but he made an exception in my case because I had travelled so far. I have a number of items signed by Charles to me. Here is a shot of Roy & I & one of Charles & Mary at their home.

        I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Bruce Hickey


Good morning, Bruce.
        Somehow, the scans of your articles in Wranglers' Roost didn't arrive and we'd very much like to read them. Could you attach them and re-send them to me, please? Your correspondence with Charles Starrett is of interest, too. Is that an actual quotation from one of his letters? If so, it would be nice to see a scan of that, as well.
        There are two more collections of pictures being prepared for our "Spotlight" feature - one belongs to the lady who was secretary to the Sons of the Pioneers in the late 40s and early 50s and the other belongs to the lady who was the president of the Sons of the Pioneers' first fan club. I know you will enjoy these collections, too.

Bob deserves to be mentioned in the article [on Attire of the B-Western Stars]. The other thing they [Bob and George O'Brien] had in common was their chest development. I’ve been a bit of a gymrat the past 20 years & did an article for WR on the physiques of the b westerners. Bob obviously worked out for that great physique he had.


Bob was a natural athlete,  a swimmer who liked to perform the usual gymnastics young men revel in, but his physique was not from gym work; it was a family characteristic. Only his brother, Earl, worked out on a regular basis. The rest of the family did not lift weights or work out and yet the men, right down to the present generation, were built just like Bob.



October 10, 2008

Dear artist,

By now you know that your recordings are aired on Calling All Cowboys radio, broadcast on non-profit 106.7 KPOV-LPFM in Bend, Oregon as well as posted on our web site for a whole week for on-demand listening, 24/7.

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This week, October 12-18, 2008 is KPOV's first full pledge drive since going on air in 2005. And in addition to the support that you have provided with your recordings, I am also asking for your financial support to help us keep our varied, non-commercial programming on the air.

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Please help us to continue providing our listeners with independent, non-corporate, non-commercial radio that provides a venue for the music, the interviews, the poetry, and the stories that you are passionate about.

For just $25 you can become a member of KPOV and help us stay on the air. We are in dire need of studio equipment, computers, and office furniture not to mention the daily needs of electricity, bandwidth, rent, program purchases, and so much more.

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Charley Engel
aka Chuckaroo The Buckaroo
Calling All Cowboys radio
106.7 KPOV FM
Bend, OR



October 10, 2008

I just went to your site and Tumbling Tumbleweeds was my Dad's favorite song.  He was born in 1913 and grew up out west.  I can
remember hearing this song from the time I was 4 or 5 years old and others of this type as well.  I particularly remember one night when Tumbling Tumbleweeds was performed on TV.  It was the night before Easter but my bedroom was right next to the living room and my parents let me stay awake to watch it.  It must have been around 1959.  I was so excited!  NO, it is absolutely not the same as today's "Country" music!  Thanks again for sharing!!



October 10, 2008

I've been wanting to find a list of the songs that were written by both Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer. I typed in Bob Nolan and found this sight. I've been up all night reading and listening. Again, thank you ever so much. I've loved Roy Rogers, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers since I was a little girl. I'd watch the movies all the time. Bob was always my favorite Pioneer. My mother received a tape recorder for Christmas of 57 and I recorded the songs from the films. I now have several CD's with the music and DVD's of the films. I can't thank you enough for doing this website to honor your grandfather and the rest of the pioneers. It is choked full of information that I wanted to know for so long but didn't know where to find it. I was in LA on vacation in Sept. of '76 when I heard about the Star being present to the Sons of the Pioneers but I was going to San Fran that day. I can't tell you how upset I was. I would have loved to have seen my childhood heroes. In reading the bios I find that Ken Carson moved to Delray Beach in 79 the year after I moved back. I can't believe I lived in the same city as a Pioneer. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the information.
Elsie Lightner



October 23, 2008

I commented on the song "Montana" I heard on YouTube and said that the voice was that of Bob Nolan....Someone corrected me by saying it was really Tommy Doss, but just sounded like Bob....and referred me to this site....:It was my lucky day..... This is one of most fantastic websites I have ever seen and heard....I am 74 years old and was introduced to the music of the Sons of the Pioneers by my father, who loved them, when I was a young boy. I have listened to their music since then...When I was a young boy, I tried to sing like Bob Nolan. I was never very good, but I found out that if I sang while holding my teeth together, I sounded like him (at least to me, that is the way I sounded).....I want to thank you for allowing me to see the old pictures and all the music I used to enjoy when I was young....I visit this site at least once a day and never tire of it.....

Kendall Rankin



October 27, 2008

Found your site through Google Search. Very good, and informative. I had no idea that you had this Web Sight.The song selections you chose to use are wonderful. More of the "old" songs need to be recorded so that they don't get forgotten.

Joan Hennig



November 8, 2008

We have a new mystery picture we are having trouble dating.



November 10, 2008

A fan has produced some videos for YouTube.com featuring Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. Go to www.YouTube.com and write  markalson1938 in the Search box. He has produced many videos of Frankie Laine songs but if you scroll down far enough, you'll find these by Bob Nolan and / or The Sons of the Pioneers:


(Ghost) Riders in the Sky (excellent)

The House of Broken Dreams


Ballad of Davy Crockett



November 12, 2008

I have a question about the picture used on Bob's solo of "When our Old Age Pension Check comes to our Door"....It is a picture of the original group and on the picture of Tim Spencer, there appears to be either some inititals or what looks like the name "Doc"...It is a little hard to see, but I am curious as to what this is and why it is the only initials on the picture?....
I have written to you before and thank you for your response....As usual this site keeps drawing me back daily to listen to the songs over and over....I contacted a couple of people and told them of the site....I see one of them (Markleson1938) has contacted you and has put up some of Bob's songs on Youtube......Thanks again.....I hope this site goes on forever.

Kendall Rankin

You are very observant, Kendall. The picture on that page is a close scan of the photograph on the cover of "Moonlight on the Prairie". Calin's second hand copy had some pencil marks on it. We don't know who the original owner of the sheet music was or even what the word is. Sorry!



November 14, 2008

Hello to you from the UK. Just found your website dedicated to Bob and thought I would let you know how much I like it so please keep me informed about him. Have just managed to trace the CD "Sound of a pioneer" - which I had at one time as an LP and was more than pleased to locate it as I love the sound of his voice, so distinctive and he always added that bit of something extra to the "Pioneer" sound. Will be very pleased to hear from you and will pass the website address on to my friends.

Best to you.

John Clarke


We are very pleased to hear from you, John, and we will add your address to our Bob Nolan Website Updates emailing list.  Yes, Bob's voice was just as strong and had as much range when he was 70 as it did when he was 25. Because "Sound of a Pioneer" was on the charts for so long, he was actually coming around to the idea of recording another album when he died. That's why "That Old Outlaw, Time" is so poignant. We hope you continue to enjoy the site. Today we have added a link to a newspaper article on Tommy Doss you may find interesting.



November 21, 2008

I'm very pleased to find your site. I googled Bob Nolan and there you were. I am searching for a copy of his last album songs of the pioneers. can you help me ? russell whisler


Bob Nolan's last album, "Sound of a Pioneer", is still readily available on eBay, particularly in the eBay Stores. I see that it is available on www.amazon.com, too, on both LP and CD. Good luck. You'll enjoy it!



November 22, 2008

Found this site doing a google search for Lloyd Perryman and a Mr. Thatcher (reportedly a blacksmith for Roosevelt Rough Riders), for an acquaintance, November 21, 2008. Very enjoyable.

Carole Schreiber  desert_thorn2@roadrunner.com



November 26, 2008

It is so wonderful! Many questions I'd had about early western music were answered. These songs remind me of good times watching cowboy movies on tv in the 1960's. I always loved the Sons of the Pioneers. I am sorry Mr. Nolan is no longer living - I'd like to tell him what his music means to me.

Margaret Griffin


November 26, 2008

cant figure out who is singing the song on the home page of nolan website? wish to express my thanks to wayne perryman, karl jr, and the others of the pioneers children who have donated their time and pictures etc. to the website for our enjoyment and love of their parents music and performances all these years.
josie shapira


The voice you hear singing Bob Nolan's "At the Rainbow's End" on our Home Page is the late Dale Warren.



November 26, 2008

Greatest on the net........I wish you would upload Bob's solo of "Whoopi Ti Yi Ho, Get along little Doggie".....I think that is another of his best ones.....Thanks for all that you have done.....I remain locked on this site.

Kendall Rankin


We put Whoopee Ti Yi Yo on our Home Page for next month, just for you. Thanks for the suggestion. But it's not Bob Nolan you are listening to, it's Tommy Doss. It was recorded in 1959 and it's a good one!


Thanks very much....I am sorry to have mistaken Tommy Doss for Bob, but it seems I am always getting them mixed up....If I heard Bob and then immediately heard Tommy after, I know I would know the difference, but when I hear the both of them with a week or two in the middle, I have trouble identifying who is who.....Bob's voice may have been imitated, but could never be duplicated.........Thank you again........Ken Rankin.


It's a very common error, Ken. Most of the Bob Nolan didn't know he had retired until years later - if ever! Tommy is still living and singing. There's a nice write-up about him at:
http://www.wallowacountychieftain.info/main.asp?SectionID=9&SubSectionID=61&ArticleID=17383&TM=15601.2 or you can go to our Home Page and click on Local Tribute to Tommy Doss. But perhaps you have already?



December 11, 2008

It is obvious "Gunsmoke Trail" and "Old Trail" are variations of "Silent Trails." Which came first? I suspect it was the latter since it is the best.



Tim wrote "Silent Trails" for "The Big Corral" in 1936. Glenn wrote "Old Trail" for "Gunsmoke" in 1952 or somewhere about then - but Glenn wrote only the words. Rex Koury wrote the music. Perhaps Rex was influenced by "Silent Trails".



December 12, 2008

Wonderful!!  Thank you so very much for your outstanding efforts in presenting such a wonderful, informative collection! If and when you get a chance, would you check out the link for Roy Rogers to see if the missing photos can be reinserted?!  Thank you again and again for the details; there are so many special memories!



Good morning, Colleen. Thank you very much for pointing out the missing photos in Roy's biography. We are always glad when someone takes the time to point these things out to us. And we're happy you are enjoying the site, too.



December 14, 2008

on the song epidemic where can i get the printed words of the song? there are some words i cant make out
on the recording from the r and r style of lloyd. its an excellent version of the song tho.


(Glenn Spencer)

Epidemic! Epidemic!
The lovesick fever's going around

My heart's a beatin' hard and my temperature is high
I don't know what's the matter but they tell me that I
Have got the lovesick fever, lovesick fever
I've got the lovin' bug that makes me want to hug
A purty little girl like you.

My face is getting' red, better call the doctor quick
I think that I'm infected with the lovebug tick
I've got the lovesick fever, lovesick fever
I've got the lovin' bug that makes me want to hug
A purty little girl like you.

Doctor sent the nurse who can cure the fever chills
A nurse that knows exactly what to do for my ills
I've got the lovesick fever, lovesick fever
I've got the lovin' bug that makes me want to hug
A purty little girl like you.



December 18, 2008

I was searching to find out who actually sang Mel Torme's composition "County Fair", written for the Walt Disney movie So Dear To My Heart (1948).  According to the Imdb it was sung in the film by Ken Carson.  So I decided to look further to find out more about this singer and came across your commendable site. But the above information seems to be so little known that even you do not appear to have listed it!
Kind regards.
Mel Narunsky



Good morning, Mel. Thanks for adding to our knowledge of Ken Carson. I checked with Larry Hopper,  our music history reference, and here is what he said:

"So Dear to My Heart was a part live, part animated film starring Luana Patten, Bobby Driscoll and Burl Ives.  Ken Carson was the voice of "The Wise Old Owl" in the animation sequences and sang several songs including County Fair with lyrics by Mel Torme and music by Robert Wells.  The most popular song from the picture was Lavender Blue which was recorded by many artists but, the rare fact is, the person who sang the song at the Academy Awards (it was one of the nominees) was Gene Autry, and he never recorded the song. nor have I found any performance of it on his Melody Ranch program." (Lawrence Hopper)



December 18, 2008

After looking at the "Happy Trails Museum" I did a Google search on "The Old Homestead" which is there listed as the first movie in which Roy Rogers appeared. Great site. One quibble though. In your coverage of The Old Homestead, you don't point out that Lem Slye of the Sons of the Pioneers would later be known to the world as Roy Rogers. As boyish as he looks in the 5 or 6 photos of him his hairline was already receding.


Good point, Richard. I should never take it for granted that everyone knows that Leonard Slye was Roy Rogers.



December 21, 2008

Heard about your website through YouTube. Wonderful.  I am kind of new to Bob.  Discovering him while watching Roy Rogers movies or listening to OJ Sykes on Western Music Time.  But I love his voice and am fascinated by his personality.  This is a wonderful tribute.

Edward Lund


December 24, 2008
By accident, actually, I stumbled upon the site when I Googled "The music of Bob Nolan." I love your site. It is an absolute treasure, lots of nuggets for the Bob Nolan fan or collector (me!). I spend hours here and it brings back the wonderful imagery of all the Bob Nolan songs. Thank you for keeping his music and poetry alive!

Wayne Forsythe

Thanks, Wayne, for such an encouraging message. May I ask which page you enjoy most?


Tough question, "Which page do I enjoy the most?" Really, I think the lyrics where viewers can read lyrics and hear the songs at the same time. My second favorite: the photos page. The entire site is an A+ for ease of use, content, and thorough treatment of Bob Nolan's life and music. Thanks again. Wayne Forsythe



December 27, 2008




December 27, 2008

Calin, Elizabeth
I know this is late, but sending the Bob Nolan link to a friend reminded me to thank you for doing all the work to post it.  Just about everything I know about songwriting and poetry I learned from Bob Nolan, with some finishing touches from Marty Robbins and Ian Tyson later.  Every time I visit the website I am more deeply awed by his enormous talent.
When the snow's lyin' deep in the forest
and the critters have all gone to rest
'cept the ones that can't sleep 'cause they can't forget
that the winter stars are the best
Then the Spirit of Christmas comes lurkin'
like the wind through a crack in the door
and sets you to rememberin' friends
you don't see so much anymore
'Cause they've drifted on, and you've ridden along
and the winds 'o fate have been blowin'
and none of us knows, at the start, anyhow
all the places and ways we'll be goin'
So I'll raise a toast, braise a venison roast
and thinkin' they all should be here
do the best that I can and wish'em all
Merry Christmas, a Good New New!
Ray Kraft