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Q&A 2011



January 1, 2011

Dear Mr. Coburn,  I am a singer and I do mostly music from the "silver screen" cowboys.  I work mostly fairs now days but my career has been wide spread.  I have a good career and feel very fortunate.  It has been my pleasure to have spent many hours listening to and singing songs Bob wrote.  Tonight, I was searching the web, looking for a place to find the chords to "Mystery Of His Way",  (the bridge is a little tough although I finally figured it out by myself) when I came across your site.  Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed his music.  I just said to my wife a few minutes ago,  If a guy just sang songs written by Bob Nolan and Stan Jones he would have a great and well remembered show. I was a close friend of Nudie and spent a lot of time playing music in the store (Spent a lot of money on costumes there too) with him.  I met a lot of folks who came in and always hope Bob would come through the door one day.  Unfortunately, not. Anyway,  Happy New Year to you and Yours. 


Marty Davis
1320 Honeysuckle Avenue
Medford, Oregon 97504
cell 541-840-3246
www.thelegendofthepioneers.com or




Happy 2011 Elizabeth, Calin, family & friends

From, James Molloy



January 2, 2011

Howdy. 2010 was crazy. I did 313 shows. I survived my first year as [Roy Rogers' son] Dusty's vocal arranger / baritone yodeler and rhythm guitarist. I'm gonna send you a copy of our new DVD as soon as I can. If you get RFD-TV, we are on each Saturday (Roy Rogers Happy Trails Theater) at noon Eastern, 11AM Central. I don't know if anyone contacted you but Martha Retsch passed away on Sunday December 26. I treasure her items now more than ever before and I'm so blessed I got to know her. Because of her we gained info that we probably would never have obtained otherwise.

John Fullerton



January 5, 2011

Thanks for including my piece in "Reflections."  Gave a lot of thought to which song I'd like in the background.  So many favorites!  Could you use "Trail Dreamin"" from the 1963 Pioneers album?  Understand this was arranged by Lloyd Perryman; it's very beautiful.  Typical Bob Nolan.   I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work in preserving Bob's music.  Such a tragedy for much of it be lost.  I'm glad much of it has been saved!


January 7, 2011

I was looking up "Lone Star Ranch" in Reeds Ferry New Hampshire and found this site. My husband and I played on stage there with Buzz Whittaker in 1973 and we so enjoyed it. My daughter was a small child at the time and she found your site and sent it to me of the ranch photos and information that Buzz had to close the ranch. A sad moment to think of that happening. We or rather I, as my husband has passed, have enjoyed seeing some of the stars that I knew back then. We also appeared with George Morgan, Porter and Dolly and many others too numerous to mention. The memories will always be in my heart.

Alice Jean Hart ahart_4u@comcast.net



January 9, 2011

Hello, Calin, I hope you and your family are all fine! Pardon my grammar, I'm from Brazil and my English is so so. I am a musician and Bob Nolan is one of my idols. I love Bob, his voice & songs. I also collect CDs and rare recordings of the Sons Of The Pioneers (you can see by my email as I like them). I probably have over 100 CDs of the Pioneers, including all 4 Bear Box Records. Obviously you've heard this version but I wonder if Bob and the boys took it: ''The Castration Of The Strawberry Roan''. I know this version about 10 years ago, but I always had doubts. I am sending a copy to you.
- This recording really has the participation of Bob and the boys, with lead vocal by Dick Foran?
- If yes, when was it recorded? 42...44?
- This was excerpted from Dr. Pepper program?
If you can help me with questions, I'll be very grateful. Hugs!
Carlos Fiorelli


Yes, you are listening to the Sons of the Pioneers backing Dick Foran on your recording. The Sons of the Pioneers and Dick Foran heard the song while they were in New York City in 1943 and recorded it there. It has become public property since it found its way to www.youtube.com No, this song was not one of the Dr. Pepper programs.



January 11, 2011

Hi, I am looking for old Sons of the Pioneers concert posters, handbills, business cards and radio show recordings that have not been released.
Mitch Diamond (781 391 4951)
Check out my website of posters.


Mitch, I’ve placed your want on our “Buy” page and I’ll forward this message to people who may be interested in buying from you. Good luck!



January 12, 2011

I Googled Bob Nolan and was referred to the site. What an incredibly wonderful mother lode of information. I have been absolutely enraptured with the Sons of the Pioneers since the middle fifties when I was given a 33rpm album. I played the record constantly and read the album notes till I had them memorized, and I sing the songs virtually every day, and did even though I was labelled uncool through the 60's, 70's, etc.... Thank you sincerely for the obvious care, accuracy, and the personal touches that are in the bio's. The incredible virtuosity of the entire cast of characters I think will remain unchallenged for ever. How could Bob Nolan, the Farrs, Pat Brady, Lloyd Perryman, Ken Carson, Ken Curtis, Tim Spencer, and Leonard Slye all be joined into this phenomenon? My life is so much richer having had the Sons of the Pioneers in it. I fatuously pity people who can't relate to Singing Cowboys in general. I was especially moved by Bob Nolan's poem written as the eulogy. What and incredible man he was. I am eagerly awaiting a book on the Sons of the Pioneers that I ordered but I live in Hawaii now, and I guess it is coming by slow boat.

January 15, 2011

What a great website for those of us who love the Sons of the Pioneers!  I love the film pictures, but especially useful for me was the discography - by far, it's been my most valuable resource for sorting out all of the various re-issues as I try to assemble a more-or-less complete archive of Sons of the Pioneers recordings.  I really appreciate your taking the time to create the discography and all the rest.  Thanks!  Tom Hurst, Las Vegas, NV


January 20, 2011

Hello again!    I was watching a old Roy Rogers movie and heard a song that your uncle was singing with the Sons of the Pioneers.  The name of the song was "He's a no good Son of a Gun"   By any chance, do you have the lyrics for this one?  If so, PLEASE send a copy.  I really enjoy his songs.

Hi, Kenny. You’ll find the lyrics on our site in the “Lyrics” section. Go to our homepage www.bobnolan-sop.net and at the top of the page you’ll see a button called “Lyrics”. Click that and then choose “No-Good Son-of-a-Gun” when the page opens.




January 26, 2011

Hi friends, I'm pleased to announce that our performance of Thirteen Voices - nominated BEST ORIGINAL SONG, 2010 by the Western Music Association - is now up on YouTube. The video was taken at the Western Music Ass'n Awards in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Saturday evening, November 20, 2010. Enjoy!


Inspired by the Thirteen International Indigenous Grandmothers, the music to Thirteen Voices was composed by Ken DeAngelis, with lyrics by Ken DeAngelis and Amy Ober. It is one of 14 songs of the West from our album, RIDE AWAY, nominated ALBUM OF THE YEAR, 2010, by the Western Music Ass'n.


Suze Spencer Marshall is on guitar, and it was she who rounded up the instrumentalists for me (since I didn't have anyone with me there.)  R. J. Mills of the Tumbling Tumbleweeds, is with her, along with David & Carolyn Martin.  Suze is quite a force of nature, so totally generous with her time and talent, a real angel, and I couldn't have asked for a more stellar lineup!

Happiest of New Years!
Rich Flanders



January 27, 2011

Sir, sorry to bother you as I am looking for Lyrics to the SOP recording "Green Ice And Mountain Men". I have the song on CD but can't make out some of the words-------------I just like to sing along !! Would appreciate your help
Jud Nelson

Here are the words, Jud, courtesy of Robert Wagoner:




Green Ice and Mountain Men

(Stuart Hamblen)



Green ice on the river when chinooks begin to blow

Mountain men will rendezvous as they did in the long, long ago.


Here’s a toast to mountain men

Who fought to find the river’s end

A hundred years before the covered wagons came

In blazing sun or dark of night

Unafraid they’d stand to fight

The grizzly bear or jealous brave

‘Twas all the same.


Though their bones are mixed with dust.

Their old rifles turned to rust,

They all wait the warm chinooks to blow in Spring

When green ice begins to move

In canoes they’ll rendezvous

And canyon walls bounce the echoes when they sing.



Green ice on the river when chinooks begin to blow

Mountain men will rendezvous as they did in the long, long ago.


Abe Vermell a mountain man,

Long Tom rifle in his hand

With beaver traps he’d draw a map of his domain

From the Sioux and Navajo

To the wild Arapaho

No one lived to tell us where he staked out his claim.


When Indians tried to take his scalp

Mountain creatures gave him help

Startled wings to Abe Vermel were battle flags.

Those who tried to bring him down

Are in that Happy Hunting Ground

Where at last the warrior’s safe to boast and brag.



Green ice on the river when chinooks begin to blow

Mountain men will rendezvous as they did in the long, long ago.



February 6, 2011

Stumbled across your site in my search to get an answer to something that has always puzzled me. I am 72 years old and as a kid my mom was known as Roy Rogers twin because she was born on the same day and date as him. November 5th, 1912. 40 years later Roy's year of birth is listed as November 5th, 1911. I am sure early on he listed 1912 as the year of birth. Could he have wanted to look a year younger to the movie studio and then when he became famous he went by his real year of birth?

Ed McDowell (California)


Here is your answer from our Roy Rogers expert:

"Studios often took a couple of years off actor's ages.  Roy was born in 1911.  Dale was born Oct. 31, 1912. Roy always kidded that she was the same age as he was.... for 6 days. So it the female "twin" was born a year after her "twin" brother." (Laurence Zwisohn)



February 13, 2011

Hugh McLennan has many interesting items on his "Merchandise" page, including his latest CD, "The Creak of the Leather". Accompanied on guitar by Jim McLennan, Hugh's rich and familiar voice is outstanding on "Silent Lonely Rider".



February 19, 2011

My grandmother, Mary Ruth Aaron Putnam, was one of the Randall Sisters, in a photo on your website of the 1935 short film " Slightly Static".  My grandmother, Ruth, is in the middle in the photo. On the left is her older sister Shirley and on the right is her older sister Bonnie. I am contacting a man who owns many of the old radio shows called "Pinto Pete & the Ranch Hands." Apparently the Sisters (first called Aaron Sisters, their actual last name, then the Randall Sisters) sang is dozens of these shows. I know very little about their singing group and wonder if you have any further information about them and if you know how I could purchase a copy of the short film. Thank you for any help you might offer.
Jennifer Putnam

email: jputnam-1@msn.com



March 4, 2011

Up to now I haven’t had any reason to criticise the site, but calling Pat Brady a comic is really over the top. Just as Burnette was the single most negative factor in every Autry & Durango Kid he appeared in likewise Brady was the same liability in these SOP’s Starrett’s & later the Rogers. Thankfully in these later years with the advent of the remote control we can be spared these cringe material appearances that ruin otherwise quality b westerns. It is universally accepted that Pinky Lee was the worst so called comic to be foisted on a b western leading man. I don’t consider Brady (& Burnette) to be any less worse than him. These guys, when we were kids, actually did give the movie a positive for us, when they appeared we could head for the ice cream counter safe that we weren’t going to miss anything worthwhile. Sorry but that’s how I feel about the likes of Brady & Burnette, they annoyed the heck out of me back then & any of their movies I watch these days I have to have the remote firmly in my hand.

Regards, Bruce Hickey


March 12, 2011

Searched web for info and found lyrics to "When Payday Rolls Around." Thank you for providing this wonderful information.



March 12, 2011

In the song, Cool Water, is Dan his horse or another person?


Good question. Some think it's the cowboy's horse, some think it's the prospector's burro. To my knowledge, Bob never did say.



March 12, 2011

Dear Nolan Family,
Would you be so kind as to give me the original recording date of "Let Me Share Your Name." It would be nice, for historical reasons, to give the date(s) on all titles on your site, if known.
Thank you so much,
Jeff Dorico


Hi, Jeff. The original recording date of “Let Me Share Your Name” was October, 1947. Your idea of recording dates is a good one. When time permits, we’ll put that information on the Lyrics page. Thank you!



March 20, 2011

have been informed that the above listed three CD’s are contained in your collection at Chapel Hill, NC.  When I called to request buying copies I was informed that I must request same in an E-Mail and I would receive a reply as to the process.  I have just made the request and have not yet heard back.  However while looking at information on the enter net I ran across the restriction section concerning your material and that in order to receive a copy of any of the material or recordings I must obtain your permission.


I can not tell you what a fan of the Son’s of the Pioneers I am and I am working on obtaining copies of their works.  I have become very committed to this group’s special sound and especially the voice of the one and only Ken Curtis.  It is just hard to believe that he is best remembered as “Festus” from Gun smoke and that so many folks are totally unaware of his singing ability.  I was not aware that these three CD’s were available but it is only through the efforts by folks like you that I might be able to hear other songs that he is singing. 


If there is any way that I might be able to purchase these three CD’s I would consider it a great honor to do so.  Thank you for your consideration to my request in advance and May the songs of the Son’s of the Pioneers always live in the hearts of their fans.



Howard Kent


 Yes, you can obtain all of the Ken Curtis’ recordings in the Elizabeth Drake McDonald Collection (Inventory #20355) by contacting Steve Weiss at the University of North Carolina. You don’t need our permission for Curtis material but you have it, anyway.



March 20, 2011

Just curious - why does BMI list Tim Spencer as the author of 'Press Along to the Big Corral'? Other sources all say it was written by Romaine Lowdermilk. Did Tim write new lyrics for it at some point?


I understand that Tim Spencer made changes in the arrangements and/or words of many songs in the public domain and re-registered them. I don't know when Lowdermilk's copyright ran out or even if he did copyright his song. I haven't heard of anyone contesting it. I wonder if this happened with "Press Along...." when he changed the words for use in Republic's "Music Mountain" as "Welcome Back to the Home Corral".



March 20, 2011

Just ran into your site. Your grandfather’s rendition of Wandering is fantastic. Just ordered one of his CD’s from Amazon. This is great music.

March 30, 2011

This is for the grandson of Bob Nolan - I am not so good in writing letters but I just had to say something about the Pioneers. I have been a dyed-in-the-wool fan of them since 1937 and I was in the 3rd Grade at the time. Was playing around with our old battery operated radio and heard some singers singing in the background, and I had to really listen and it was the Pioneers. The radio station was in Del Rio, Texas, and I was on a farm NE of Wichita, KS. But from that time on I was hooked. I am looking at 83 years in age but I have lots of CDs, LPs and 2 record players. I am retired from TWA and while working in OKC, I met the flight that the Pioneers came in on and they were being inducted in the Cowboy Hall of Fame that evening. That evening while working I heard Frontier paging Hugh Farr so I had a thrill that evening to see the Pioneers in person. Another reason for this letter was to ask you if there is a film made of the Pioneers in Carnegie Hall. If so, I would sure like to buy one if there is. Sorry to take up your time but just had to let u know how much I appreciated the Pioneers thru all these years. Far as I'm concerned, they were the best.

My best to you, James Snelling


It was wonderful to hear from you and we’re glad you took the time to write down some of your Sons of the Pioneers memories. Thank you. We haven’t come across a film of the Pioneers at Carnegie Hall but, if we do, we’ll let you know. If you find it first, remember us!  Thanks again for writing. We love to hear from fans of the Sons of the Pioneers.


March 31, 2011

I am trying to find a listing of the tracks on the Lobo Rangers CD “SONG POEMS of BOB NOLAN.

Gene Finke

Hello, Gene. You'll find the tracks on the Lobo Rangers' site.


April 7, 2011

Love this site. Came to Bob Nolan / Sons of the Pioneers via Marty Robbins who was obviously a fan. Great to see the originators of such good music and a simpler time not forgotten. Long may his and their memory remain.

Joe Norto


April 10, 2011

Great website!  Very well put together and extremely interesting to read about these cowboy poets.  Thank you.


April 15, 2011

Our wonderful old fiddler Billy Beeman from the Wagonmasters at Knotts and also from the Lobo Rangers died last week at 84. He was simply the best at playing western music. Western music was the music defined by the Sons Of The Pioneers, Roy Rogers' group. It wasn't country, it wasn't pop, it wasn't C&W, it wasn't bluegrass. It was its own genre. It was western. Songs about cowboys, sunsets, stampedes, and all the rest. If you listen to the fiddle on the Lobo Rangers' CD, you'll hear a master at work. He played underneath all of the vocals without getting in the way or being annoying. It was strictly a supportive role. His solos are generally the melody of the tune with no unnecessary embellishments, and completely devoid of ego. This is truly a lost art these days. We will be holding a musical memorial for Billy next month with most of the remaining Wagonmasters and Lobo Rangers. It should be a musical joy as we lay our old partner to rest.
Most Sincerely,


May 27, 2011

I hope (you) keep this Website refreshed from time to time. It's taken me 3 hours to finally know who this man REALLY was...for now...
R. Rogers

Yes, we constantly add to and correct the site. If it took you three hours to know Bob Nolan you are fortunate. It's taken me since 1998 and I can't say I know him yet. Neither does his grandson, Calin, who has known him (and about him) for over fifty years. Let us know if you need specific information and we'll help you any way we can.


June 6, 2011

I listen to the songs on this site very often. Thank you so very much.
Herman Stancill



June 6, 2011

Good Day! The Bob Nolan website is very nice. Maybe you could help me.  I am looking for a DVD or VHS copy of the following movie shorts:


Romance of the West 1935

Romance in the Air 1936


Do you know where I may obtain these for my collection?






I’m afraid we haven’t found copies yet, either, Nancy. May we hope that if you do find a source that you will let us know, too? Click here for a link on our site to show you the movies and shorts we do have. Thanks, and good luck with your search.

June 8, 2011

Since the beginning of April this year Peter and I we are DJs with an internetradio called "EARS-radio" www.musictomakeyourearssmile.com is the website address. Here we do our shows in English and it's really great fun as we can play what we like and so our shows often feature the music of the SOP and Bob Nolan of course. We or I am on air at the following times:

Mondays .... 4 pm to 7 pm (Peter and me)
Wednesdays 4 am to 8 am (or later) (just me)
Thursdays 8 am to 12 pm (just me)
Fridays 12 noon to 4 pm (Peter and me)

all times are US Eastern Times

As the 16th June (Bob's day of death) is next Thursday I like to feature him and his music in my morning show then for one hour or so.


Anne & Peter Greb, Germany



June 20, 2011


I've been compiling a list of different versions of Cool Water for some time. I was trying to track down Smiley Burnette's recording when i came across your page. My list of a mere 64 versions seems like nothing compared to what you have. But I have come across a few that i didn't see in your list. My personal favorite is a Finnish version by Tapio Rautavaara. I also have one by Kai Winding and someone named Igor Glen that i could send if you're interested. Odetta also does the song, but I don't have a copy of that. And there apparently was a group from Denmark called 'Four Jacks' that did it too. I can't track that one down.  Wonderful Bob Nolan page you have.  



Our "Weeds'n'Water" pages continue to grow thanks to fans like you. Thank you so much.


June 22, 2011

Can you keep the page "Songs In Bob Nolan Movies" from the "Man of Cheyenne" page on the website permanently. It's great to be able to go down the list and listen to a lot of songs I've never heard before. I have all the Roy Roger-Pioneers movies and all the music on CD's that I can get, but I've never seen a Durango Kid movie. I'm not interested in anything past 1947-8 when Bob and Tim retired. Keep up the good work - the site is wonderful.
Suzanne B.


The Songs in the Bob Nolan Movies page is permanent. You can always find it under the "Reference" button on our home page. Select the link "The Film Songs".  By the way, try to find the Columbia films the Pioneers did with Charles Starrett. Bob Nolan has better roles and the Pioneers are showcased superbly. All the music in each show is theirs. You have a treat in store for you.


July 1, 2011

I see no mention of the Roy Rogers tribute on the Westerns Channel, only TCM. I hope everyone is watching.


July 2, 2011

        Hello!  It's a thrill for a would-be cowpoke like me, raised on RR on TV, to find this page.  I came seeking confirmation I'd seen Pat Brady in "My Pal Trigger" on TMC 7/1/11. Eventually, I got to the It's A Lie lyrics... When you have nothing better to do, you may wish to review the bold type, because I suspect "I cut a club from a sycamore gum tree / Then played tag with Geronimo’s band" should NOT have bold type, though I've probably never heard the song.
        Separate from that, at the bottom of the same page, we're encouraged to "ontact" Calin Coburn.  You'd probably like to add another "C" there.

        Anyway, keep smilin' on!


Thank you very much. We surely appreciate folks who are concerned enough to drop a line to let us know about our typos. Our purpose is to have our website accurate!


July 10, 2011

        What a splendid web site! I am a long time fan of the SOP and especially of Bob Nolan. His talent for music is almost genius. Forget the "almost" I am not a musician, but did all of the booking for my husband's Country/Western Band many years ago in North Texas. We played many of the songs of the SOP. My late husband was the finest rhythm guitar player that I ever heard anywhere. Our lead guitar player was 18 and in the Air Force when we met him. He knew an unbelievable number of songs and I would try to stump him by asking him for obscure songs. Never found one that he did not know. Ever hear of "Blue Prelude"? He knew it.

        All this is ancient history but I have some questions. In the Roy Rogers movie "My Pal Trigger" there is a night club scene with the SOP singing. Is the man between Bob and Tim, Lloyd Perryman? How tall was Bob? Did the SOP sing off screen in John Wayne's "Red River"? Who did the back up for Bob's Solo Album? I have noticed that in many, many pictures of Bob he has his fists clenched, even when he has his hands on his hips. Have you any idea why? Was it just habit? It does make him easy to spot in a group picture. or in a movie. I was aware of it because my Dad did the same thing. However, in his case, it was because of something that happened to him in World War One.
        The Lyrics section on your web site is just great, and those bits of  video are a lot of fun. Love the dance routine. I may not be the oldest of Bob's fans, but I would bet that I am close! These questions are just my curiosity.
Thank you for this web site.
Bobye Syverson


1. In the Roy Rogers movie "My Pal Trigger" there is a night club scene with the SOP singing. Is the man between Bob and Tim, Lloyd Perryman?

Answer: I’ll attach the picture of the group singing “El Rancho Grande”. Yes, the man in the dark shirt with the guitar is Lloyd Perryman. He looks happy to be back with them, doesn’t he? This is the first movie he made with the Pioneers after his discharge from the Army Air Force.


2. How tall was Bob?

Answer: Bob Nolan was 5’10” tall (or 6 feet in his cowboy boots).


3. Did the SOP sing off screen in John Wayne’s “Red River”?

Answer: You mean “Settle Down”, I think, the song under the credits? The Pioneers were never given credit for it and it doesn’t sound like them. It sounds like a studio orchestra and chorus to me.


4. Who did the backup for Bob’s solo album?

Answer: Tommy Garrett (producer of the album) used his own studio orchestra. You’ll hear the bass voice of Thurl Ravenscroft in it.


5. I have noticed that in many, many pictures of Bob he has his fists clenched, even when he has his hands on his hips. Have you any idea why” Was it just habit"?

Answer: Just habit or perhaps something to do with his hands during the shooting. This was a problem to many actors – “What do I do with my hands when I’m just standing?” You’ll notice that Gene Autry played with his gloves, etc. Bob often rested a hand on someone’s shoulder, too.


I hope this helps, Bobye. It’s easy to see from your questions that you watched Bob closely - as most people did. The Sons of the Pioneers were a good-looking group and Bob more so than any of them. He photographed well from any angle which was a plus in the movies. You may want to look over our FAQ Page to check out questions others have asked.


July 12, 2011

Loved looking at this! Tim was my great Uncle. My grandma was his sister her name was Beaunice not Bearnice. I grew up listening to his music as a child so this really brings back fond memories!

Irene Zeller (Fox)


July 12, 2011

        I have been a great fan of the music & films of Bob Nolan and the 1933-1949 SOP for some years now, and some time back I read with interest the invitation on www.bobnolan-sop.net to contact you, so I decided to do so as I do have a relevant question for you.

First off, allow me to express my tremendous gratitude to you and Calin Coburn for taking the time and making the effort to properly archive Bob's music and other data at UNC. I am neither a musician nor an academic, so I shall likely never have the opportunity to peruse that information, but I am very glad it exists and has been preserved through the efforts of researchers & archivists such as you.

        Now to my question. I have been attempting to assemble and enjoy good DVD copies of the Charles Starrett westerns in which Bob starred from 1935-1941. I have been singularly unsuccessful in my efforts. While most of the Roy Rogers films in which Bob played a role (albeit minor) are available, the Starrett films seem to be very rare or unavailable. I would be most interested in obtaining copies of those Starrett films due to the (as I understand it) far more active role Bob was apparently given in those films, as opposed to the Roy Rogers westerns. If you could possibly direct me to (or at least advise me as to the status of) sources for those 30-some films, I would be most grateful.

        Thank you again for all you've done to preserve the wonderful work of Bob Nolan, and thank you for taking the time to read this note.

Jerry Fuller

Madison, Alabama


Try Comet Video or contact Boyd Magers (at Western Clippings).



July 16, 2011

One of my daughters has been in Calgary-Banff for this week and they attended a dinner theater in Banff. The entertainment was called CANADA, EH and was all about Canada. She said they talked about Bob, his residing in New Brunswick in early years and then played Tumbling Tumbleweeds. My family is well aware of the Pioneers - Roy - having been exposed most of their lives to their music and listening to me talk about them.

Grace Thompson


July 28, 2011
Thank you for the great website. Just ‘discovered’ Dick Foran and love his music and film. Saw a series of his movies on TCM recently, and would like to know the name of one of the songs, get a recording, and lyrics. However, not having success in my search. Perhaps you can provide an answer. The song includes the lyrics ‘in God’s country’ and was in one of the following movies: Moonlight on the Prairie, Song of the Saddle, Treachery Rides the Range, or Land Beyond the Law. Dick Foran sang the song at the end of the movie, and he was riding his horse. Hope that helps you answer my question. Thank you in advance.

RIDIN' HOME (Jack Scholl / M K Jerome)
I've found no listing for sheet music (so far) and, interestingly, there is no listing for the song under either composer on the Copyright site, ASCAP or BMI. It may have been copyright originally but there is no re-newal to be handily found. (Lawrence Hopper)


August 8, 2011

1. Bob and Lloyd appeared to be friends, were they? Yes, Bob and Lloyd and families were close friends.
2 I read that Bob spoke fluent Spanish. True? True.
3 I have seen only one picture signed by "the Sons of the Pioneers" which must have been intended to go to the fans. Did they send out pictures when requested, or take them to concerts to distribute? Both.
4 Did Bob ever say which song was his favorite? Written by him, or anyone else. The Mystery of His Way
5 I read that Tim Spencer sometimes sang the lead, do you know of any song that he did? Salt River Valley, for one.
6 This one is a puzzler. In the photo of Bob and Roy sitting together on a bench, Bob's eyes are large and beautiful. This is the picture of Bob that you have used a lot as a logo. In most of the other pictures, Bob's eyes look much smaller. There are dozens of pictures like that and very few with the larger appearing eyes. His picture on the cover of the Cool Water sheet music makes his eyes look larger. I used to be a professional photographer and I can't explain it. When Bob was smiling, his eyes narrowed.
Thank you for your response.
Stay cool!
Bobye Syverson Bobye@prodigy.net


August 8, 2011
I bought an old tackle box from a family member of Pat Brady in Port Orchard Washington state several years ago. It was hand engraved by Pat. I cannot locate the family to get a letter of authentication but I compared signatures and it really was his. Please contact me if you can help me find a value or someone who might want it.


360-509-4113 juliepierce1@hotmail.com



August 10, 2011

What a great page on "Man from Cheyenne"!
Ron Baker rebelbaker@hotmail.com


August 12, 2011

I do want to tell you something that I find annoying. Remember the picture that I had so much trouble getting to you? The ad in Amazon listed the cast of characters as Trigger and Bob. Well, that seller did that on purpose to be deceptive! The movie is "Texas Legionaires". Bob is in it alright, in four or five VERY brief spots, but the second lead (appearing constantly with Roy) is Pat Brady. The seller was obviously doing the old "bait and switch" giving the impression to Bob collectors that this movie features him. It does NOT. This may not be illegal, but it is far from ethical. What do you think of this?

Our copy of "Texas Legionnaires" (or "The Man from Music Mountain") was cut to about 50 minutes for television in the 1950s so we can't judge Bob's part until we have the uncut print. He may well have been featured in the original movie. But, as a general rule, the second lead (after Trigger and Dale Evans) in most of the Roy Rogers movies was usually Pat Brady, Gabby Hayes or Smiley Burnette because the formula required a comic actor. Bob was genuinely second lead in "Bells of Rosarita" but as a comic, if you'll recall. His part in the Rogers movies was substantially reduced and quite small compared with his second lead position in most of the Charles Starrett movies. Beginning with "Sunset Serenade", the credits always read "Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers", no matter who the second lead was. Any fan of Bob Nolan will be more satisfied with the Charles Starrett / Sons of the Pioneers films.



September 10, 2011

Well I am at it again. This time I would like to write a story about Tim Spencer, and his Christian faith. Could you help me?

Hello, John. I have focussed mainly on Bob Nolan and have very little on the other Pioneers but you are welcome to use anything I have on Tim. It's all on his page on our website. I can also give you two email addresses that may help:

Tim's son Hal: pcmannamusic@oregoncoast.com

Suze Spencer Marshall: suze@suzespencermarshall.com


September 17, 2011
I said I would update you about the memorabilia that I was just given. It is a large format souvenir book for Roy Rogers. It is 9x12" and is complete copies of a lot of Western songs. Everything from the "I'm an old Cowhand" to "Yellow Rose of Texas", but none of Bob's. There are 70 pages of sheet music. It is missing the first two pages, and probably an outer cover of heavier paper. There is also a double page spread of pictures. Mostly Roy of course, but also several of the SOP. The paper is that coarse kind that was used for scrap books and not great for details. I am going to try to see if I can make the pictures clearer. This must date from WW2 since there is a picture of Roy with Eleanor Roosevelt and pictures from the Stage Door canteens in NY and in Hollywood. There is a picture of Roy giving a pair of silver spurs to Mayor LaGuardia. I wonder what happened to those. There are a lot of pictures, even one of Trigger laying on his back with his feet up and Roy standing on his front hoofs (or is it hooves?) Amazing! Naturally I was hoping for some of Bob's songs, especially the lost ones, but no such luck.


Brief question - I know Tim Spencer wrote "Cigareets and Wuskey and Wild, Wild Women" but who sang it on the recording? Do you happen to know?


Tim sang his own song on the recording, in duet with Lloyd Perryman.


September 20, 2011

I have listened to Bob Nolan for most of my 74 years and admired him tremendously. However, as I found that the sound of the "Poet Laureate" of western music was taken from his web site lyrics, I am very disappointed. His grandson Calin Coburn was to be complimented for offering the lyrics and availability of hearing Nolan's singing through the computer site. It inspired me to sing along and learn many songs. If it is possible to bring the sound back to the lyrics' site, please do so! Thank You, Sincerely Gerald Fiscus, Juneau, Alaska 907-586-2987


I have checked out the sound on two different computers and found all the music is there on the “Lyrics” page. Are you getting sound at all through your computer? What is your search engine? Do you have a Mac computer? Some readers with Macs do have a problem hearing music, which is a shame. Good luck. The music is definitely there, Gerald.


September 21, 2011

Earlier this year I wrote to you about a short story I’d written using the title “The Ranch Next Door.” Well, I thought I’d give you a quick update—it’s going to be published soon. It’s the title story in a collection of Western short stories I’m publishing in eBook form, probably within a month or so. You can see the cover art here. Just thought you’d like to know!

~ Elisabeth Foley


September 26, 2011

Hi there! I was wondering if you know which of the pioneers is soloist in this link? Thanks for any help!

Elizabeth Garcia stratasfan@gmail.com

It's Ken Curtis!


October 07, 2011

"The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories" [with title suggested by one of Bob Nolan's songs] is now available! You can find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords (same price at all three).
Elizabeth Foley


October 21, 2011

In my continuing search for music by Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers (your website being the absolute biggest help on the internet, by the way) I came across a link on your site that doesn’t go through. I have pasted it below. Should take you right to the part of the page that says "10-2-4 RANCH & 10-2-4 TIME, THE DR. PEPPER SHOWS. Listen to 28 programs."


The "Listen to 28 programs" dead ends with a page not found.

I eagerly await hearing these programs.
Joseph Woodland vonscorpio@yahoo.com


It seems the website to which I directed the link has vanished. That is really too bad! Perhaps a reader will know if those 28 shows are on another website and let us know.


October 24, 2011

Those 28 episodes of 10-2-4 Ranch are available at Internet Archive: http://www.archive.org/details/10_2_4Ranch


October 25, 2011

Tommy Doss dies at 91.


November 2, 2011

Tommy's hometown paper has featured an article on him...

John Fullerton


November 2, 2011

I have a new list of some of the items that I have for sale. These western movie videos would make nice Christmas gifts. If you have any questions, please e-mail or call me.


November 16, 2011

The Sons of the Pioneers are coming to Canada, for five shows in October, 2012.


November 21, 2011

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this website. I am 70 years old and grew up with this music. Thank you for being able to listen to these songs. I do like the old Stephen Foster songs a lot.


December 12, 2011

That picture of Bob with the cast on his leg also seems to show wounds on his chest and arm. I wonder----. Did the SOP ever record any Carols?
Regards, Bobye

There were no wounds on Bob's chest and we understand the reason for the cast was a simple ankle fracture. You might find more information about it on Ken Griffis' page.
The Sons of the Pioneers recorded no actual Christmas carols but Bob did write "A Prayer for Christmas Time" which was never recorded.