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March 24, 2017








January 17, 2017

Interesting article on Roy's [Rogers] color movies: Click here

Fred Sopher


January 29, 2017

 May all you other Pioneer admirers have a wonderful day on Lloyd Perryman's 100th birthday anniversary!
I think a lot of people would agree that what Lloyd was to the Pioneers is what a horse's hooves are to the horse---no hoof, no horse. No Lloyd, no Pioneers. ;-)
God bless!


Thank you for the reminder, Kristy. Without Lloyd, there would have been no Sons of the Pioneers Sound as we know it today!


January 30, 2017

Hi Elizabeth, the link from Lyrics; Happy Cowboy; More Information About this Song; Song Of the Saddle soundtrack; brings up movie dialog only.
Best Regards
Ian Sparrow


If you listen carefully behind the dialogue, Ian, you'll hear the Pioneers playing "Happy Cowboy" as an instrumental.


February 2, 2017

I've enjoyed Bob Nolan for decades but now I have retired I'm really getting into his work. Your site is truly epic. Do you know if anyone is considering a movie of his life? His love affair with the natural wonders is quite unique and so very special. No one has ever written or sung so evocatively about the elements.



Thank you for the good words, Ian. Our purpose is to correct all the misinformation about Bob Nolan that is out there on the Web and showcase his music.

As far as a movie goes, many fans would like to see one produced but there's a problem - there's simply not enough information about his personal life on which to base a drama - and a movie must have drama. Bob was just too private an individual to leave any information about himself for historians to use. The producer and screen writer would have to make up a lot and that's not what his real fans would like to see.

Also, movies are expensive to make....


February 4, 2017

I've just found the Sons of the Pioneers version of "Little Spaceman" on your site. How did the RCA recording come in to such a poor state?


This is a bit of a mystery. The recording was never released by RCA Victor but Bob Nolan must have obtained a pre-release copy. His grandson said it looked like it had been played to death so we presume Bob liked it and played it a lot. So, in order for Bob's fans to hear it, we sent the song to Dave Bourne to make a new demo. He did a great job but we are still looking for a better copy of the RCA original.

Here are two shows someone put up on You Tube that have the Sons as guests. One one of the shows they sing "Chant of the Plains" and do a great job. Lloyd is there but Tommy Doss is not there for some reason.  (Fred Sopher)


Melody Ranch 03

Melody Ranch 05


Tommy Doss took leave of the Pioneers in 1963, returning occasionally for special appearances. Here he is replaced in the trio by Billy Armstrong.


February 6, 2017

May I make a donation to the upkeep of the site? Ian


That's very kind of you, Ian, but Bob Nolan's grandson has prepaid it for several years. But what a nice thought!


It's just that after sometime assembling everything I can get on Amazon and Itunes and the used record market all the missing links and more are coming upon your site. I remember coming home after watching a Saturday morning B movie many many years ago humming Cool Water. I thought it was a song that must have been around for ever. It was many years later when I came across a greatest of hits the sons of the pioneers in a book local lending library of all places. I was enchanted by Song of the Bandit, Way out there and One more ride. Then I became hooked on their songs but particularly Bob Nolan songs. Incidentally did he ever meet Frank Ifield. I think his arrangement of Love Song of the Waterfall is terrific. I agree with some of your contributors that the words can stand alone, they are a testimony to all nature's wonders. They also have a really spiritual non denominational feel. On top of this melodies are truly beautiful. It astonishes me that he is not more venerated.  Ian


I'm reasonably sure Bob would have met Frankie Ifield. The western music scene was relatively small in those days.


I have been a SOP fan for many years. Bobís songs, as you say, were totally unique. Fantastic and evocative lyrics, beautiful melodies and superb vocal harmonies all add together to produce perfection. I feel certain that Bob must have had a great sense of humour too. I have only recently discovered your website and I wanted to say thank you. It is brilliant and I have learned so much about Bob and SOP from it. Long may their music live on!!
Best wishes,


February 18, 2017

I've been listening particularly to Bob's spiritual songs. Has anyone pitched a Gospel Album of his songs to an out and out Gospel singer. If Elvis were alive now I think he would be heavily into Gospel. What an album that would be. Ian


Several of his songs have been included in spiritual compilations but I haven't heard of anyone taking on his full list of spiritual and pseudo-spiritual songs:

All the Way

The Boss is Hangin' out a Rainbow

Campfires of Heaven

Close to Heaven

He Walks with the Wild and the Lonely

Heaven is My Island

Heavenly Aeroplane

Hello, Way Up There

The King's Highway

Lighthouse of the Lord

Lord, You Made the Cowboy Happy

The Mystery of His Way

A Prayer for Christmas Time

Redwood Trees

Relative Man

Round-up in the Sky

Shadow on the Wall

This ain't the Same Old Range

Three Friends Have I

The Touch of God's Hand

What You Gonna Say to Peter?

When He Walks By

When I Leave this World Behind

When the Golden Train Comes Down

The Wonder of It All


March 17, 2017

Here's an eBay listing for a DVD of Tex Ritter's Ranch Party featuring the Pioneers (Lloyd, Dale, Tommy, Hugh, Karl, & Shug) in one of the episodes. They are also in the bonus episode, Purina's Grande Ole Opry "Opry Goes West."  In the first show they sing "Chant of the Wanderer," and back Tex Ritter on "Round-Up in the Sky." On the Opry show, they sing a few bars of "Happy Rovin' Cowboy," and then "A Cowboy Has to Sing," "Cool Water," and "Tumbling Tumbleweeds."  There are only a few DVD's left, but hopefully they'll be restocked soon. (Western Reservoir)


March 17, 2017

Cheryl Rogers' New website



March 21, 2017

Just discovered this website. What a treasure!
Thank you so much. I have bookmarked it and will visit it each and every day.
Many thanks,
Judy Hicks
Novato, California