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Last updated: August 06, 2018







January 17, 2018

Tim Spencer's son, Harold (Hal) Spencer passed away yesterday after a lengthy illness. He will be greatly missed. Thank you for letting us know, Larry.



January 20, 2018

I am so sorry to hear of Hal Spencer's passing. If any of his family reads this, you have my sincere condolences.

K.J. Bruce


February 12, 2018

We like the website very much. We are in NC also. In Chapel Hill, as well. My son, a fan, wants to know what year it was that Bob Nolan narrated the opening of the Sons of the Pioneers slide show that we watched and listened to.


Lawrence Naumoff


Hello, Lawrence. You can tell your son that the piece I used was from the intro of one of the Teleways Radio Transcriptions (1947-8).


The Sons of the Pioneers have had some personnel changes recently. The new line-up is Dusty Rogers, John Fullerton, Paul Elliott, Tommy Nallie and Ken Lattimore. MC chores will be shared by Dusty and John. John Fullerton is a Sons' historian as well as an expert on any western stringed instrument.  Randy Rudd has retired, Mark Abbott and Justin Branham have been hired by Merle Haggard's son, Marty. We are assured that the unique Sons of the Pioneers harmony will continue as Lloyd Perryman arranged.


February 15, 2018

There is a Tim Spencer song, "Texas Trail", aka "Texas Trails", in the Roy Rogers movie "Eyes of Texas". Does anyone have the sheet music for it?


Texas Trail

(Tim Spencer)


The rollin’ range is callin’ to me

So let me ride along

The Texas trail.

Out on the plains there’s plenty to see, plenty to see

All nature sings a song

Along the trail.


High on a hill a coyote may be howlin’

To his mate who’s waitin’ near

In the chill of the night out on the prairie

Still it’s music to a cowboy’s ear.


The moon above will light up the way

For everyone who loves

The Texas trail.



April 25m 2018 Don't  miss this if you are near Utah!



June 29, 2018

Dear Friends & Family:

Seven days ago, I fell asleep with the vision of our Statue of Liberty crying. Here is the resulting song.

I am lucky to have Belinda Underwood and Josiah Payne w/ me. They are the best. Please feel free to share it w/ your friends and associates. I intend that it will appear as a video soon.

Thank you very much for listening and taking a look at the words. Your critical feedback is treasured. Any ideas for using the song are appreciated too.

Larry/Lorenzo Wilder


The Lady on the Isle of Liberty

© LBW18

I am the Lady on the Isle of Liberty
Soy la Dama en la Isla de la Libertad

I hold high the Torch of Liberty
Sostengo la antorcha de la Libertad

I am crying for the children today
Estoy llorando por los niños hoy 2x

All are welcome here
Todos son bienvenidos aqui 2x

Who are all these little children?
¿Quienes son todos estos niños?

I am sorry that your parents are not here
Lamento que tus padres no están aqui 2x

I hear all of your little cries
Escucho todos gritos pequeños 2x

I am the Lady on the Isle of Liberty
Soy la Dama en la Isla de la Libertad

I am crying for the children today
Estoy llorando por los niños hoy 2x

The children will be our Light
Los niños serán nuestra Luz 2x

I must hold my Torch up Higher
Debo mantener mi antorcha mas arriba

…….. Estoy llorando por los niños hoy
……… Los niños serán nuestra Luz 2x

I am the Lady on the Isle of Liberty
Estoy llorando por los niños hoy
Estoy llorando por los niños hoy…5x


July 3, 2018

Hi Calin and Elizabeth,
Love your website! I have recently discovered "Whisperin' Wind" and have been trying to sing it to my strumming on the guitar. However, I cannot figure out the chords. Is there any way to find the chords online or in a songbook? Needless to say, I have tried to find them without success.
Don Morrison
Adrian, Michigan


Whisp'rin'Wind is a beauty. Check Tim Spencer's page for the sheet music. If you record the song, you'll have to get permission from the Spencer family.


July 19, 2018

I am trying to purchase sheet music for the song "How Shall I Know Him" (When He Walks By) by Bob Nolan.  Any help You can give is greatly appreciated.  Thank You   Bonnie Stene


Hello, Bonnie.

    I see that sheet music occasionally on eBay but you can also purchase high quality scans of it from Bob Nolan's grandson (Calin Coburn) for $18.00 per song which includes shipping and handling.  See the page on our website: http://www.bobnolan-sop.net/Lyrics/Sheet%20Music.htm#Details of sale   There is an email link at the bottom of that page.

    Calin doesn't check his email every day so it pays to be patient! If you're in a hurry, let me know and I'll call him.

    Thanks for asking!



July 31, 2018

hi there,
In reference to Picture No. 39 Who is with Hugh Farr? I'm almost for certain that would be Hugh's second wife Lynn Evans Farr, hope that helps a little

Jennifer Galland


August 1, 2018

 Do you have any copies of the Sagebrush Symphonies by Tim Spencer No. 1?

Jennifer Stanger



I'm sorry, Jenny, I have no extra copies of the folio.


August 1, 2018


It is no doubt a privilege to contact you people. Have been a regular listener to Ranger Doug's and Side Meat for @ three years now. This past weekend, they played "All Wild Things" Apparently, sung by Stan Jones and backed by Sons of the Pioneers. Is there any source for the lyrics for this song?

...To me, this song is a form of antitheses to modern society (It's All About... Me Society, 85mph+ "free"ways/racetracks, He with most toys wins). This makes me wonder exactly when this song was recorded (probably, sometime in the 1950s)? LOVE this song! It was/is sublime!

I've seen many a dead spotted fawn on Wisconsin "free"ways this spring/summer. Ever since the 2015 increase in speed (and decrease in road courtesy), people do not seem to slow down for anything/anybody. They should put a link to this song on electronic message signs on whatever roadways they are installed as a message: It's NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!

Thank You so much for taking my message!

Mike Czysh
Waldo, WI


All Wild Things
(Stan Jones)

As sung by the Sons of the Pioneers in 1962

All wild things of Your creation
Knowing neither flag or nation
Knowing just their wild demanding
Bless us with Thy understanding
Bless them with Thy sweet protection
Guard them from man’s imperfection
All wild things You must have wanted
Put them here with loving care
Teach us Thy sweet mercy for them
All wild things this earth to share
Bless them with Thy sweet protection
Guard them from man’s imperfection
All wild things You must have wanted
Put them here with loving care
Teach us Thy sweet mercy for them
All wild things this earth to share.


I am not aware of a Stan Jones recording of this song. The recording I have is from an old vinyl "Sons of the Pioneers Sing Hymns of the Cowboy" LPM/LSP 2652, ANLI-2808, 1963.


August 3, 2018 (Notice from O J Sikes)

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August 5, 2018

I was stunned to see the photo on your website listed as “After the Ball is Over.…” of Bob Nolan with a group of rodeo stars (Hotel Belvedere on October 17, 1942).

The person listed on the upper most photo as Bill Liebesing was my father, William (Bill) W. Tubesing. At the time an officer in the Army.

He told me that during that time period, while stationed in New York City, he and Turk Greenough became buddies, and that he and my mother once had breakfast with Roy Rogers. It was about this time, when Turk introduced my parents to each other.

It was absolutely wonderful to see this photo. Thanks for the website.

Tom Tubesing
10000 Lake Forest Way
Roswell GA 30076


August 6, 2018

Bruce Hickey's essay on Dick Curtis, Columbia's "bad guy".