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Jo Stafford

(1917 - 2008)






You asked me specifically about Bob and writing a song, "Wind", while on a trip up the Oregon coast. That would be my sister, Christine. They had a kind of a thing going for quite some time before he remarried. I know she would be the one who would have been with him because they had quite a little interest in each other for quite awhile.


We worked with them and were great admirerers of the Pioneers. They were really, I think, quite wonderful. And, of course, Bob Nolan was a complete maverick and a wonderful talent. We loved working together and we loved singing with them and they loved singing with us.


I don't know why the Open Spaces pilot never jelled because it was quite well accepted by just about everybody. We were sort of soul mates musically and so, you know, I think we appreciated each other a great deal and loved singing together and it showed.


I had a terrible crush on Roy, of course, which did me no good at all! But we were very good friends with them and knew all of them - the original group with Tim Spencer and Roy and Bob and the Farr Brothers. We were good friends. (excerpts from a telephone interview by Elizabeth McDonald, November 12, 2001)



NOTE: 1937 saw the Pioneers moving to KHJ where they had a spot on Peter Potter's Hollywood Barn Dance with the Four Squires and the Stafford SistersóChristine, Pauline and Jo, etc. The voices of the Sons of the Pioneers and the Stafford Sisters blended beautifully and Bob conceived the idea of joining the two groups and calling themselves The Sons and Daughters of the Pioneers. He put together a pilot radio show, The Open Spaces, with Harry Hall as MC. It was aired at least once and then dropped.




































Christine, seated