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Michael Copley

(Big Bear Lake, CA)

some recollections I have of Bob Nolan

Bob's relationship with Gray's Landing was when Roy Rogers and Dale Evans owned it (with partner Ray Sharpe) called the Dale Jean Corp.  It was still that name in 1970 to '73 when I was there. For some reason a falling out happened with Roy Rogers and Ray. Bob Nolan continued to fish and when Ray Sharpe came around to the dock he would always ask if Bob Nolan paid. We always said yes but we never charged Bob and gave him a permanent receipt in case Ray came around when we were not there. Ray Sharpe never looked for dates on the receipts.  Bob would see Ray and his boat coming across the lake and would say. "Uncle Ray is coming!"


While I was at Gray's landing we had a special spot on the dock marked for Bob at the end of the dock. He always came to fish around 4:30 every afternoon during the summer. His favorite pole setup was the slip bobber and Velveeta. And he always caught them! Bob Nolan  would always come up the Dock humming. I would ask what are you humming? He said maybe a new song.  I was only 15 to 17 at the time I was at Gray's and learned a lot from Bob Nolan 


One thing he disliked were the boats who came to close to the dock and he had his Pole casted u can hear his unique voice and he let those VB po people know


Bob always had a bear problem at his cabin and one day asked if I could come up and help him make a deterrent to help keep bears away. It worked. I forgot exactly what we did but once winter came so did the bears, when Bob left for the winter.


Bob Nolan's cabin at Big Bear Lake, California, courtesy of the Calin Coburn Collection 2004.


 Big Bear Lake, California from Bob's cabin, courtesy of the Calin Coburn Collection 2004.