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Wayne Perryman

(For more of Wayne's pictures, go to the Lloyd Perryman page.)


            I have lots of very fond memories of Bob.  He and my dad [Lloyd  Perryman] were very close and they spent a lot of time together working on songs or just enjoying each other’s company.  I remember Bob's dog, Tumble.  Bob never stopped mourning for the loss of that beautiful black Lab that he loved so much. 

            When my dad passed away, Bob wouldn't be a pallbearer because he was just too close to my dad to deal with it.  Instead he wrote a poem for my mom and it was read at my dad's service. [Wayne understood that Bob wrote the verse but it was actually written by Stan Jones and given to Buddie by Bob Nolan when Lloyd died.]


Leaves are fallin’

Wild geese are callin’

The skies are red each dawn.

The autumn breeze the waters tease,

So they’ve put their white caps on.

All nature’s asleep

‘Neath a blanket snowflakes bring

‘Til softly kissed upon the cheek

By the warm gentle breath of Spring.

Now, should I follow the geese and the swallow,

Or thru the long nite yearn

And stay with the leaves from the barren trees,

 And wait for your return?


NB: Calin Coburn named the verse "The Grey Time" and recites it himself on the Lyrics page.


            Bob was a very special human.  He was reclusive by nature but still capable of real friendship and affection.  He could be quiet and appear aloof, but he had a wonderful sense of humor and I can remember he and my dad giggling like kids over some shared joke. 

            He loved the sound of the Spanish language and he and my grandmother would speak Spanish together for hours.  I think that some of the happiest times that my father had were with Bob.

            My mother's father had a little cabin in Pioneertown and when I was a kid we would go up there sometimes. Lloyd and Bob would hang out together some times when Bob and Peanuts would come up to visit. Clearly, Bob and my dad were pals. 


Bob Nolan and Lloyd Perryman

(Photos courtesy of Wayne Perryman)



            We spent a lot of time with Bob and P-nuts. Here is a shot of them at Pioneer town. The older man is Grandpa Thatcher who was a blacksmith with the Rough Riders. He met and married my grandmother in Puerto Rico. You will notice that beer consumption was from larger bottles to avoid the problem of frequent trips to the cooler. My mom [Buddie] is next to Bob.


            I remember we would go up to Big Bear to visit Bob and Peanuts. It was always great fun. Bob had a spot where he liked to sit and meditate, I don't think that he called it that. Anyway, he liked to just sit there peacefully with his eyes shut. I took this shot.


© Lori Faith Merritt 2008


Left: Wayne Perryman receiving the Western Music Association Hall of Fame Award, November 2008.

Right: Talking over old times with Rex Allen Jr.


I was doing some work at Camp Roberts which is the old Army depot where my dad went through basic training during WWII.

They have this picture of him in their little museum for the old base. (Wayne Perryman)