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Songs in the Bob Nolan Movies




        Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers appeared as a group in at least 90 feature length or short films. Individual members, particularly the Farr Brothers, worked in countless others. The Farr Brothers' music was used in movies in which they were never seen and for which they received no credit. The following list of movies in which Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers did appear as a group is incomplete. Many videos were made from worn, repaired prints or prints shortened for television. As we find more uncut versions, we discover more songs. We are still discovering short films as collectors make them available for sale.

        Many thanks to Lawrence Hopper and Laurence Zwisohn for their lists of songs from the cue sheets, American Film Institute Catalog, Variety, Exhibitor, etc, and to Fred Sopher who compiled the original list in "Hear My Song" for Ken Griffis. The tracks on this page are taken from the soundtrack of the videos available to us - some quite rare. Sound is uniformly poor. To find a list of titles and production numbers for each film, click here.


Musical Director Cy Feuer describes music in the Republic films.




    • Black Print: songs we can verify as being in the films in our personal collections

    • Grey Print: songs from films we have not viewed personally therefore we cannot verify the songs being there.

    • Green Print: songs reportedly in the films but which are not in our own copies therefore we cannot verify their presence.

    • Release dates read YEAR MONTH DAY eg: 1935 05 06 is May 6, 1935. Dates are from “Hear My Song” by Ken Griffis


1. RADIO SCOUT (Warner Brothers - Vitaphone 1935 05 06)
    • Moonlight in the Valley (Moonlight on the Prairie performance change) (Bob Nolan / Tim Spencer)

    • She'll be Comin' 'Round the Mountain

    • I Like Cowboy Music

    • The Dying Cowboy

    • Little Brown Jug

    • Turkey in the Straw

    • Shuffle off to Buffalo

    • By a Waterfall

    • Oh Dem Golden Slippers

    • Forty Second Street

2. BRONCO BUSTER (Universal 1935 08 05)

    • Sweet Betsy from Pike (Traditional. Special lyrics: Walter Lantz / victor McLeon)

    • Hold that Critter Down (Bob Nolan. Special lyrics: Walter Lantz / victor McLeon)

3. THE OLD HOMESTEAD (Liberty 1935 08 10)
    • Plow Boy (J. Keirn Brennan / Ted Snyder)

    • Bird in a Cage and a Three Rail Pen

    • When Our Old Age Pension Check Comes to Our Door (Manny Stone)

    • Plow Boy (J. Keirn Brennan / Ted Snyder)

    • Instrumental (with dialogue)

    • Instrumental (with dialogue)

    • Old Rover (Tim Spencer)

    • Deep River

    • Instrumental (with dialogue)

    • Way Out There (Bob Nolan)

    • Instrumental (with dialogue)

    • Instrumental (with dialogue)

    • Somehow I Knew (Harry Tobias / Neil Moret / Charles Rosoff)

    • Harlem Nasty Man (George Waggner / Howard Jackson)

    • Honey dat I Love So Well (Harry Freeman)

    • Happy Cowboy (Bob Nolan)

    • Tiger Rag (Hold That Tiger)

    • Moonlight in Heaven (John T. Scholl / Louis Alter)

    • Instrumental and dialogue
    • That Old White Mule of Mine (Bob Nolan)

    • Here Comes the Bride (Richard Wagner)

    • Plow Boy (J. Keirn Brennan / Ted Snyder)

    • Moonlight in Heaven finale (John T. Scholl / Louis Alter)


    • Happy Birthday (Mildred and Patty Hill)

    • There's a Round-up in the Sky (Bob Nolan)

    • Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Bob Nolan)

    • Wagon Wheels (Bill Hill / Peter DeRose)

    • Love Me Ever (Waggner / Jackson / Bennett)

4. SLIGHTLY STATIC (MGM 1935 09 07)
• Echoes from the Hills (Bob Nolan)

    • Oh Monah (Ted Weems / Country Washburne)

    • Square Dance

    • Left my Gal in the Mountains

5. ROMANCE OF THE WEST (Warner Brothers - Vitaphone 1935 11)
• I Follow the Stream (Bob Nolan)

6. WAY UP THAR (Educational 1935 11 08)

    • I Live in a House with Her

    • Listen to the Mockingbird / She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain

    • Goldfish (Joan Davis)

   • Hillbilly Blues

    • Barnyard Jubilee (Bob Nolan)

    • Stuttering Song

    • Chicken Reel

    • Kilocycle Stomp (Hugh Farr)

    • Texas Crapshooter (Traditional)


   • Eighth of January (traditional)

    • Way out There (Bob Nolan)

    • I'm a Gambler and a Rambler (Hugh Farr)

    • Oh Susanna

    • Hoe Down

7. GALLANT DEFENDER (Columbia 35 11 30)
• Covered Wagon (Roll Me Westward Ho) (Tim Spencer)
    • The New Frontier (Tim Spencer)
    • Boggy Road to Texas (Hugh & Karl Farr)


    • I Follow the Stream

    • Blue Skies Above (probably "The New Frontier")

8. THE MYSTERIOUS AVENGER (Columbia 1936 02 01)
• Oh, I Miss You So, My Darling (Bob Nolan)

    • Eight of January (traditional)

9. SONG OF THE SADDLE (Warner Bros 1936 02 01)
• Underneath a Western Sky (M K Jerome / Jack Scholl / Ted FioRito)

    • Square Dance

   • Happy Cowboy (Bob Nolan)

   • Vengeance (M K Jerome / Jack Scholl)

10. RHYTHM ON THE RANGE (Paramount 1936 07 31)
• I’m an Old Cowhand (Johnny Mercer) only the part featuring the Pioneers

    • One More Ride (Bob Nolan) with dialogue


    • Wing Ding (Hugh & Karl Farr)

    • Empty Saddles in the Old Corral

    • Roundup Lullaby

    • I Can't Escape from You

    • Mr. Paganini

    • Love in Bloom

    • Drink it Down

11. THE CALIFORNIA MAIL (Warner Bros 1936 11 14)
• Square Dance
   • Underneath a Western Sky (M K Jerome / Jack Scholl / Ted FioRito)
   • Ridin’ the Mail (Jack Scholl/ M K Jerome)
   • Love Begins at Evening (Jack Scholl/M K Jerome)

12. THE BIG SHOW (Republic 1936 11 16)
• The Martins and the Coys (Ted Weems / A. Cameron)
   • Wild and Woolly West (Ted Koehler-w / Sam Stept-m)
   • Nobody’s Darlin’ But Mine (Will S. Hays)
   • Mad About You (Ted Koehler-w / Sam Stept-m)
   • Ride, Ranger, Ride (Tim Spencer)
   • Roll, Wagon, Roll (Tim Spencer / Carl Winge)
   • Ole Faithful (Jimmy Kennedy / Michael Carr)

   • Happy Go Lucky Vagabonds
   • The Lady Known as Lou (Ned Washington / Sam Stept-m)

13. THE OLD CORRAL (Republic 1936 12 21)
• The Old Corral (Walter Higdon)
   • One Man Band (Smiley Burnette)
   • Down Along the Sleepy Rio Grande (Roy Rogers)
   • He’s Gone, He’s Gone up the Trail (Vern Tim Spencer)
   • In the Heart of the West (Fleming Allan / Gene Autry)
   • Money Ain’t No Use Anyway (Gene Autry)
   • La Cucaracha (DeLorah / Savino / Traditional) with dialogue
   • Silent Trails (Tim Spencer) duet

   • Silent Trails (Tim Spencer)

   • Instrumental snippet
   • So Long Old Pinto (Oliver Drake)

14. A FEUD THERE WAS (Warner Brothers short 1937)

   • Introduction

   • Trio Yodel
   • Arkansas Traveler
   • Lets get out the shootin' irons...."

   • Short yodel

   • Short yodel

   • Short yodel

   • Short yodel to end credits

15. THE OLD WYOMING TRAIL (Columbia 1937 11 08)
• Ridin’ Home (Bob Nolan) 
   • Swing Ding (Farr Brothers)
   • Love Song of the Waterfall (Bob Nolan)
   • Chicken Reel


   • Old Paint (or Goodbye Ol' Pal)


16. THE STAR REPORTER IN HOLLYWOOD 2 (Paramount 10 22 1937) 11 minute short.

   • Way Out There (Bob Nolan)

   • Heebie Jeebies (Boy Atkins)

   • Massachusetts (Yascha Bunchuk and his Cossack Choir)

   • Chinatown, My Chinatown (Jean Schwartz / William Jerome)


   • Blue Danube - Quinlan Juvenile Singers

   • Shoe Shine Man - David Holt

17. OUTLAWS OF THE PRAIRIE (Columbia 1937 12 31)
• Open Range Ahead (Bob Nolan)
   • My Saddle Pals and I (Roy Rogers)
   • Blue Prairie (Tim Spencer / Bob Nolan)
   • Song of the Bandit (Bob Nolan)

--- COMMUNITY SING (Columbia short 1938 02 08)

18. CATTLE RAIDERS (Columbia 1938 02 12)
• Happy Cowboy (Bob Nolan)
   • Welcome to the Spring (Bob Nolan)
   • This Ain’t the Same Old Range (Bob Nolan) 
   • The Devil’s Great Grandson (Bob Nolan)

19. CALL OF THE ROCKIES (Columbia 1938 04 30)
• A Cowboy Has to Sing (Bob Nolan)
   • Following the Sun All Day (Bob Nolan)
   • The Hangin’ Blues (Bob Nolan)

   • The Home Corral (Bob Nolan)

   • A No-Good Son-of-a-Gun (Bob Nolan)

   • Tain't Worth It (Smiley Burnette)

20. LAW OF THE PLAINS (Columbia 1938 05 12)
• Sunset on the Range (Bob Nolan)

   • Wind (Bob Nolan)

   • Tommy Don't Go (Hugh Farr)

   • A No Good Son-of-a-Gun (Bob Nolan)

   • Swing Ding (Hugh & Karl Farr)


21. WEST OF CHEYENNE (Columbia 1938 06 30)
• Over the Santa Fe Trail (Tim Spencer)
   • Biscuit Blues (Bob Nolan)
   • Happy Birthday
   • Night Falls on the Prairie (Bob Nolan)

22. SOUTH OF ARIZONA (Columbia 1938 07 28)
• When Payday Rolls Around (Bob Nolan) Pioneers. Not Bob’s voice in solo.
   • Round Up in the Sky (Bob Nolan) Not Bob’s voice in solo.
   • One More Hand on the Range (Milton Drake) sung a cappella by all the Pioneers
   • Saddle Your Worries to the Wind (Bob Nolan)

23. THE COLORADO TRAIL (Columbia 1938 09 08)
• Cottage in the Clouds (Bob Nolan)

   • Firebugs (Hugh & Karl Farr)
   • Pioneer Waltz (Hugh & Karl Farr)

   • Texas Crapshooter

   • Lone Buckaroo (Bob Nolan)
   • Bound For the Rio Grand (Bob Nolan)

24. WEST OF THE SANTA FE (Columbia 1938 10 03)
• (When the Prairie Sun) Says Good Mornin’ (Bob Nolan)
   • Hello, Way Up There (Bob Nolan / Lloyd Perryman)
   • Song of the Prairie (Bob Nolan)

25. RIO GRANDE (Columbia 1938 12 08)
• The West is in My Soul (Bob Nolan)
   • Bronco Pal (Bob Nolan)
   • Slumber Time on the Range (Bob Nolan)

26. THE THUNDERING WEST (Columbia 1939 01 12)
• Rocky Roads (Bob Nolan) Not Bob’s voice in solo
   • Swing Ding (Hugh & Karl Farr)
   • Cody of the Pony Express (Bob Nolan) Not Bob in solo.
   • Echoes From the Hills (Bob Nolan) Not Bob in solo.
   • Rosita’s Papa (Hugh Farr)
   • Heart to Heart (Hugh Farr)


   • Ensenada

   • Dancing with You

   • Trouble Ahead

27. TEXAS STAMPEDE (Columbia 1939 02 09)
• Grab Your Saddle Horn and Blow (Bob Nolan)
   • The Boss is Hangin’ Out a Rainbow (Bob Nolan)
   • Chant of the Wanderer (Bob Nolan)
   • Rise an' Shine (Bob Nolan)

28. NORTH OF THE YUKON (Columbia 1939 03 30)
   • Still Water Pool (Bob Nolan)

   • Love Song of the Waterfall (Bob Nolan / Carl Winge / Bernard Barnes)

   • Ne Ha Neι (Bob Nolan)

29. SPOILERS OF THE RANGE (Columbia 1939 04 27)
• Saddle the Sun (Bob Nolan)
   • Up an' At 'Em (Hugh and Karl Farr)

   • Sagebrush Symphony (Tim Spencer)

   • Dallas (Hugh and Karl Farr)

   • Trail Herdin’ Cowboy (Bob Nolan)

   • Trail Dreamin’ (Bob Nolan)

   • Then I Said Goodbye (Hugh and Karl Farr)

30. WESTERN CARAVANS (Columbia 1939 06 15)
From now on, Bob's voice is heard in the solos.
• Wagons Westward Ho! (Tim Spencer)
     • Moonlight on the Trail (Tim Spencer)
     • Chant of the Wanderer (Bob Nolan)
     • O Susannah (Stephen Foster)


     • Serenade to the Night Bird

31. THE MAN FROM SUNDOWN (Columbia 1939 07 15)
• On the Rhythm Range (Bob Nolan)

     • Sunset on the Trail (Tim Spencer)

     • Springtime on the Range (Tim Spencer)
     • Roundup Time is Over (Bob Nolan)

32. RIDERS OF BLACK RIVER (Columbia 1939 08 23)
• Ridin’ on the Rocky Range (Tim Spencer)

     • Ridin’ the Range with You (Tim Spencer)
     • Campfires of Heaven (Bob Nolan)


     • Where the Rio Rolls Along (Tim Spencer)

33. OUTPOST OF THE MOUNTIES (Columbia 1939 09 14)
• Timber Trail (Tim Spencer)
     • Rocky Road in the Rockies (Tim & Glenn Spencer) 
     • Always Rolling Home (Bob Nolan)

34. STRANGER FROM TEXAS (Columbia 1939 12 18)

     • Ridin' on the Sunshine Trail (Tim Spencer)

     • Coyote Serenade (Bob Nolan)

     • Yippi Yi, Yippi Yo (Glenn Spencer)

     • Old Pioneer (Tim Spencer)

35. TWO-FISTED RANGERS (Columbia 1940 01 04)

     • When the Prairie Sun Climbs out of the Hay (Tim & Glenn Spencer)

     • Lazy Pioneers (Hugh & Karl Farr)

     • Get Along Pinto Pony (Tim Spencer)

     • Moorish (Hugh & Karl Farr)

     • I Belong to the Range (Glenn Spencer)

     • You ain't Heard Nothin' till you Hear Him Roar (Bob Nolan)

36. BULLETS FOR RUSTLERS (Columbia 1940 03 05)
• We’re Headin’ For the Home Corral (Tim Spencer/Glenn Spencer)
     • With Someone Like You (Glenn Spencer)
     • By a Campfire on the Trail (Tim Spencer)

37. BLAZING SIX SHOOTERS (Columbia 1940 04 04) 61m.
• It’s a Cowboy’s Life for Me (Glenn Spencer)
     • Don Juan (Glenn and Tim Spencer)

38. TEXAS STAGECOACH (Columbia 1940 05 23)
• Roll On with the Texas Express (Glenn & Tim Spencer)
     • Hill Country (Glenn Spencer)

39. THE DURANGO KID (Columbia 1940 08 23)
• There’s a Rainbow Over the Range (Tim Spencer)
     • The Prairie Sings a Lullaby (Glenn Spencer)
     • The Cherokee Strip (Glenn & Tim Spencer)


     • Yippi Yi Your Troubles Away (Tim Spencer / Glenn Spencer)

40. WEST OF ABILENE (Columbia 1940 10 21)

     • Down the Trail (Tim & Glenn Spencer)

     • A Cowboy's Sweetheart (Glenn & Tim Spencer)

     • Blow Wind Blow (Glenn Spencer)

     • Yippi Yi Your Troubles Away (Glenn & Tim Spencer)

41. THE THUNDERING FRONTIER (Columbia 1940 12 05)

     • I Love the Prairie Country (Glenn Spencer)

     • So Long to the Red River Valley (Glenn Spencer)

     • Jubilation Jamboree (Glenn Spencer)

     • Moonlight Melody (Glenn Spencer)

42. THE PINTO KID (Columbia 1941 02 05)
• Song of the Pioneers (Tim Spencer)

     • When We Get Old and Grey (Glenn and Tim Spencer)
Blue Mountain Sweetheart (Glenn Spencer)

43. OUTLAWS OF THE PANHANDLE (Columbia 1941 02 27)
• Ridin’ Down the Rio Valley (Tim Spencer)
     • I’ll Follow My Heart to You (Tim Spencer)
     • Come and Get It! (Glenn & Tim Spencer)
     • Yippee Yi Your Troubles Away (Tim & Glenn Spencer)

44. RED RIVER VALLEY (Republic 1941 12 12)
• Red River Valley (traditional)
     • (Love Begins at) Sunset on the Trail (Tim Spencer)
     • Lily of Hillbilly Valley (Tim Spencer)
     • Chant of the Wanderer (Bob Nolan)
     • When Payday Rolls Around (Bob Nolan)
     • Cielito Lindo (Quirino Mendoza y Cortes)
     • Rosita’s Papa (Hugh Farr)
     • Springtime on the Range Today (Tim Spencer) 

45. MAN FROM CHEYENNE (Republic 1942 01 16)
• Home Again in Old Wyomin’ (Tim Spencer)
     • Happy Cowboy (Bob Nolan)
     • Lady Be Good (Gershwin)
     • My Old Pal (Bob Nolan)
     • When a Cowboy Starts to Courtin’ (Tim Spencer)

     • You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Till You Hear Him Roar (Bob Nolan)
     • Long About (After) Sundown (Glenn & Tim Spencer)

46. SOUTH OF SANTA FE (Republic 1942 02 17)
• We’re Headin’ for the Home Corral (Tim & Glenn Spencer)
     • Song of the Vaqueros (Bob Nolan)
     • Down the Trail (Tim and Glenn Spencer)
     • Yodel Your Troubles Away (Tim Spencer)
     • Open Range Ahead (Bob Nolan)

47. SUNSET ON THE DESERT (Republic 1942 04 01)
• It’s a Lie (Bob Nolan)
     • Remember Me (Bob Nolan)
     • My Old Pal aka "Faithful Pal of Mine" (Roy Rogers/Tim Spencer)

     • Don Juan
     • Yippi-Yi Your Troubles Away

48. ROMANCE ON THE RANGE (Republic 1942 05 18)
• Coyote's Serenade (Bob Nolan)
    • O-o-oh Wonderful World (Tim Spencer)

    • Rocky Mountain Lullaby (Tim Spencer / Roy Rogers)
    • Sing as You Work (Bob Nolan)

    • When Romance Rides the Range (Glenn Spencer)

49. SONS OF THE PIONEERS (Republic 1942 07 02)
• Lily of Hillbilly Valley (Tim Spencer) background to Roy’s drive to town in his car
    • The West is in My Soul (Bob Nolan)
    • Trail Herdin’ Cowboy (Bob Nolan)
    • He’s Gone, He’s Gone Up the Trail (Tim Spencer)

    • Come and Get It (Glenn/Tim Spencer)
    • Things are Never What They Seem (Bob Nolan)

50. CALL OF THE CANYON (Republic 1942 08 10)
• Somebody Else is Taking My Place (Dick Howard / Russ Morgan / Bob Ellsworth)

    • A Cowboy has to Sing (Bob Nolan) in the medley
    • Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle (Walter G. Samuels / Leonard Whitcup / Teddy Powell)
    • When It’s Chilly Down in Chile (Jule Styne / Sol Meyer)
    • Call of the Canyon (Billy Hill)
    • Montana Plains (Patsy Montana) in Fred Sopher's uncut film.


   • 'Neath the Blue Montana Sky (Marvin / Autry)
    • Coronation March (Giocomo Meyerbeer-m / Sol Meyer-w)

51. SUNSET SERENADE (Republic 1942 09 14)
• I’m a Cowboy Rockefeller (Roy Rogers/Tim Spencer)
    • Sandman Lullaby (Bob Nolan)
    • Mavourneen O’Shea (Tim Spencer)
    • A No Good Son-of-a-Gun (Bob Nolan)
    • Song of the San Joaquin (Roy Rogers/Tim Spencer)
    • A Cowboy Has to Sing (Bob Nolan)

    • We’re Headin’ For the Home Corral (Glenn/Tim Spencer)

52. HEART OF THE GOLDEN WEST (Republic 1942 12 11)
• River Robin (Bob Nolan)
    • Cowboys and Indians (Roy Rogers/Tim Spencer)
    • Who’s Gonna Help Me Sing? (Bob Nolan)


    • Night Falls on the Prairie (Bob Nolan)

    • Under Stars over Texas (Roy Rogers / Tim Spencer)

53. RIDIN’ DOWN THE CANYON (Republic 1942 12 30)
• Sagebrush Symphony (Glenn Spencer)
    • Blue Prairie (Bob Nolan / Tim Spencer)
    • My Little Buckaroo (M. K. Jerome / Jack Scholl)
    • In a Little Spanish Town (Lewis / Young / Mabel Wayne)
    • Curly Joe From Idaho (Roy Rogers / Tim Spencer)

    • Ridin' Down the Canyon (Smiley Burnette / Gene Autry)

    • Who Am I? (in Fred Sopher's uncut film.)

54. IDAHO (Republic 1943 03 10)
• Holy, Holy, Holy (Heber/Dykes)
    • Idaho (Jesse Stone)
    • Don Juan (Glenn Spencer / Tim Spencer)
    • Lone Buckaroo (Bob Nolan)
    • Stop! (Bob Nolan)
    • Home on the Range
    • Whoopee Ti Yi Yo (traditional)

    • I Hope I'm Not Dreaming Again (R Rogers/F Rose)
    • Make Yourself at Home (W.Bullock/J.Styne)

55. KING OF THE COWBOYS (Republic 1943 04 09)
• Ride 'em Cowboy (Roy Rogers/Tim Spencer)
    • Biscuit Blues (Bob Nolan)
    • I'm an Old Cowhand from the Rio Grande (Johnny Mercer)
    • A Gay Ranchero (J J Espinoza / Francisco Luban / Abe Tuvim)
    • Roll Along Prairie Moon (Albert von Tilzer/A MacPherson/Ted Fio Rito)
    • They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree (Billy Hill)
    • Red River Valley (traditional)

    • Ride, Ranger, Ride (Tim Spencer)

56. SONG OF TEXAS (Republic 1943 06 14)

    • There’s a Rainbow over the Range (Tim Spencer)
    • Whoopee Ti Yi Yo (traditional)
    • Mexicali Rose (H. Stone/J. Tenney)
    • Swingin’ the Bow (Farr Bros)

    • On the Rhythm Range (Bob Nolan)

    • I Love the Prairie Country (Glenn Spencer)
    • Moonlight and Roses (Black/Daniels/Lemare/Moret)
    • Blue Bonnet Girl (Glenn Spencer)

    • Cielito Lindo (C. Mendoza / S. Yradnier / Neil Williams)

57. SILVER SPURS (Republic 1943 08 12)
• Jubilation Jamboree (Glenn Spencer)

    • Instrumental
    • Back in Your Own Back Yard (Al Jolson / Billy Rose / Dave Dreyer)
    • Medley: Springtime in the Rockies (Robert Sauer/Milt Taggart) Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Bob Nolan) Highways are Happy    Ways (Larry Shaw/ Tommy Malie / Harry Harris)

    • Horses and Women (Smiley Burnette)

    • Cattle Call (Tex Owens)

58. MAN FROM MUSIC MOUNTAIN (Republic 1943 10 30) 
• Welcome Back to the Home Corral a revision of "Press Along to the Big Corral"
    • I’m Beginning to Care (Gene Autry / Fred Rose) - Roy to Ruth
    • Song of the Bandit (Bob Nolan) – Pioneers at the top of the mountain, wearing jackets.
    • Smiles are Made Out of the Sunshine (Ray Gilbert / Morton Scott) Roy and Pioneers on stage

    • King of the Cowboys (Tim Spencer)
    • After the Rain (Frank Skinner / Ralph Freed)
    • Wine, Women and Song (Con Conrad / Sidney D. Mitchell / Archie Gottler)
    • Roses on the Trail (Allan Fleming / Tim Spencer)
    • I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes (A. P. Carter / Don Marcotte)

59. HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER (Republic 1944 01 05)
• Hands Across the Border (Ned Washington-w, Hoagy Carmichael-m)
    • When Your Heart’s on Easy Street (Phil Ohman / Ned Washington)
    • Hey! Hey! (It’s a Great Day) (Ned Washington-w, Phil Ohman-m)
    • The Girl With the High Button Shoes (Ned Washington-w, Phil Ohman-m)
    • Dreaming to Music (Ned Washington-w, Phil Ohman-m)
    • Ay, Nalisco, No Te Rajes! (Ernesto M. Cortazar-w, Manuel Esperon-m)

60. COWBOY AND THE SENORITA (Republic 1944 05 12)
• Cowboy and the Senorita (Ned Washington/Phil Ohman)
    • When Your Heart’s on Easy Street (Phil Ohman/Ned Washington) background music
    • What’ll I Use For Money (Ned Washington/Phil Ohman)
    • Enchilada Man (Net Washington, Phil Ohman)
    • Bunkhouse Bugle Boy (Tim Spencer)

    • Besame Mucho

    • 'Round her Neck She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

    • She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (G. A. Norton)

61. YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS (Republic 1944 06 24)
• Down in the Old Town Hall (Charles Henderson)
    • Down Mexico Way (Eddie Cherkose/Sol Meyer/Jule Styne)
    • Lucky Me, Unlucky You (Charles Henderson)
    • Old Dan Tucker (traditional)
    • Showboat (Charles Henderson)
    • Song of the Rover (Bob Nolan) i
    • Take it Easy (Vic Mizzy/Vic Taylor/Albert DeBru)
    • Timber Trail (Tim Spencer) on stage. Tree falls.
    • Two-Seated Saddle and a One-Gaited Horse (Tim Spencer)
    • Western Wonderland (Hugh Savage/Guy Carson)
    • The Yellow Rose of Texas (S. Showalte/S. Shepodd)

    • Moonlight on the River (in Fred Sopher's uncut film.)

62. SONG OF NEVADA (Republic 1944 08 05)
• There's A New Moon Over Nevada (Hugh "Ken" Carson)
    • What Are We Going to Do About This Rainy Day (Charles E. Henderson)
    • The Wigwam Song (Glenn Spencer)
    • Sweet Betsy From Pike (traditional)
    • And Her Golden Hair was Hanging Down Her Back (Felix McGlennon, Monroe H. Rosenfeld)
    • Nevada (Charles E. Henderson)
    • Little Joe the Wrangler (N. Howard "Jack" Thorp)
    • Home on the Range (with words by Smiley Burnette)


    • Harum, Scarum Baron of the Harmonium (Charles Henderson) in Fred Sopher's uncut film.
    • Hi Ho Little Dogies
    • It’s Love, Love, Love (Alex Kramer / Joan Whitney / Mack David)
    • A Cowboy Has to Yodel in the Morning (Ken Carson)

63. SAN FERNANDO VALLEY (Republic 1944 09 15)
• My Hobby is Love (Charles E. Henderson)
    • San Fernando Valley (Gordon Jenkins)
    • I Drottled a Drit Drit (William Lava-m / A. Gordon – w)
    • Over the Rainbow Trail We'll Ride (Hugh "Ken" Carson)
    • They Went That-a-Way (Tim Spencer) from Fred Sopher's uncut film.
    • One Thousand Eight Hundred & Forty Nine Years (Tim Spencer) from Fred Sopher's uncut film.
    • Could Anyone be Sweeter Than You? (C. Henderson) from Fred Sopher's uncut film.

64. LIGHTS OF OLD SANTA FE (Republic 1944 11 06)
• Amor (Sunny Skylar, Gabriel Ruiz, Ricardo Lopez Mendez)
    • Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu in B minor
    • Cowpoke Polka (Tim Spencer) Roy and the Pioneers
    • I’m a Happy Guy in My Levi Britches (Tim Spencer)
    • Cowboy Jubilee (Ken Carson)
    • The Nerve of Some People (Jack Elliott)
    • Trigger Hasn’t Got a Purty Figure (Tim Spencer)
    • Lights of Old Santa Fe (Jack Elliott)
    • Ride ‘em, Cowboy (Tim Spencer / Roy Rogers)

    • They Went Thataway (Tim Spencer) courtesy of G S Thompson

65. HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN (Republic 1944 12 30) songs by Roy and Pioneers only -
• Don't Fence Me In

    • Tumbling Tumbleweeds

    • Cajun Stomp

66. UTAH (Republic 1945 03 21)

    • Dixie (Daniel Emmett)
    • Thank Dixie for Me (Dave Franklin)
    • Utah Trail (Bob Palmer)
    • Welcome Home, Miss Bryant (Ken Carson and possibly Bob Nolan)

    • Five Little Miles (Bob Nolan)
    • There’s No Place Like Home (John Howard Payne and music by Sir Henry Bishop)
    • Home on the Range (Dr. Brewster Higley/Dan Kelley)
    • Beneath a Utah Sky (Glenn Spencer)
    • Wild and Wooly Gals From Out Chicago Way (Tim Spencer)
    • Utah (Charles E. Henderson)
    • Lonesome Cowboy Blues (Tim Spencer) 
    • Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush (traditional)

67. BELLS OF ROSARITA (Republic 1945 06 19)
• Aloha Oe (Lili
    • Bugler’s Lullaby (Robert Mitchell / Betty Best / Burt-m)
    • The Bells of Rosarita (John M. "Jack" Elliott)
    • Under a Blanket of Blue (Marty Symes / Al Neiburg / Jerry Livinston (Levinson)
    • Singin’(Swingin’) Down the Road (Charles Tobias, Raymond Scott)
    • Gonna Build a Big Fence Around Texas (Cliff Friend / George Olsen-m / Kathleen Phillips-w)
    • Michael Finnegan (traditional) r
    • When the Circus Came to Town (Jimmy Eaton / Julian Kay / Terry Shand)
    • Trail Herdin’ Cowboy (Bob Nolan)

68. MAN FROM OKLAHOMA (Republic 1945 08 01)
• I’m Gonna Have a Cowboy Weddin’ (Milo Allison Sweet / Nathaniel Vincent)
     • I’m Beginning to See the Light (Harry James /Duke Ellington / Johnny Hodges / Don George)
     • For You and Me (Kim Gannon / Walter Kent)
     • Skies are Bluer (Sanford Green / June Carroll)
     • Square Dance
     • Cherro Cherro Cherokee (Gordon Forster)

     • Prairie Mary (Charles Tobias / Abel Baer) courtesy of G S Thompson

     • Martins and the Coys (Ted Weems / A. Camero) courtesy of G S Thompson

     • Draggin' the Wagon (Gordon Forster) courtesy of G S Thompson


     • I Know a Girl Named Mary (Morton Scott)

     • Man from Oklahoma (J. Carroll / S. Green)

69. SUNSET IN EL DORADO (Republic 1945 09 24)
• Go West, Go West, Young Man (Gordon Forster aka Tim Spencer)
    • Belle of the El Dorado (Jack Elliott)
    • I’m Awfully Glad I Met You (George Meyer / Jack Brisbane)
    • The Lady Who Wouldn’t Say ‘Yes’ (Jack Elliott)
    • Call of the Prairie (Hugh “Ken” Carson)

    • Tain’t No Use (Ken Carson)
    • Be My Little Baby Bumblebee (Henry Marshal / Stan Murphy)

70. DON’T FENCE ME IN (Republic 1945 10 20)
• A Kiss Good Night (Floyd Victor / Reba Herman)
    • Choo Choo Polka (Zeke Manners/Mike Shore)
    • My Little Buckaroo (M. K. Jerome / Jack Scholl)
    • Comin’ Through the Rye (Robert Burns)
    • Don’t Fence Me In (Cole Porter)
    • Last Roundup (Billy Hill)
    • Along the Navajo Trail (Marks/Charles/Lange)
    • Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Bob Nolan)

71. ALONG THE NAVAJO TRAIL (Republic 1945 12 15)
• Free as the Wind (Jack Elliott)
    • It’s the Gypsy in Me (Jack Elliott)
    • Saskatoon (Jack Elliott)
    • Savin’ For a Rainy Day (Jack Elliott)
    • Cool Water (Bob Nolan)
    • Habaρera (Pallas Athena)
    • Along the Navajo Trail (Larry Markes, Dick Charles, Eddie DeLang)
    • How’re You Doing in the Heart Department (Charles Newman, Arthur Altman)
    • Twenty-one Years is a Mighty Long Time (Gordon Forster)

72. SONG OF ARIZONA (Republic 1946 03 09)
• Song of Arizona (Jack Elliott)

    • Way Out There (Bob Nolan)
    • Half a Chance Ranch (Jack Elliott)
    • Round and Round (The Lariat Song) (Jack Elliott)
    • Did You Ever Get That Feeling in the Moonlight? (James Cavanaugh, Larry Stock, Ira Schuster)
    • Michael O’Leary O’Brien O’Toole (Gordon Forster)

    • Will You Be My Darlin' (Mary Owens)
    • Mr. Spook Steps Out (Jack Elliott)
    • Yankee Doodle (traditional)

73. HOME ON THE RANGE (Republic 1946 04 18)
• Happy-Go-Lucky Cowboy (Gordon Forster)
    • Over the Rainbow Trail (Ken Carson)
    • Take Your Time (Glenn Spencer)
    • Down at the Old Hoedown (Gordon Forster)
    • Square Dance Call (L. Gotscher)
    • Home on the Range (Dr. Brewster Higley/Dan Kelley)

74. DING DONG WILLIAMS (RKO - Radio 1946 04 15)

75. RAINBOW OVER TEXAS (Republic 1946 05 09)
• Rainbow Over Texas (Jack Elliott)
    • Lights of Old Santa Fe (Jack Elliott)
    • Texas, USA (Tim Spencer)
    • Little Seρorita (Jack Elliott)
    • Cowboy Camp Meetin’ (Tim Spencer)
    • I’ve Been Working on the Railroad (traditional)

    • Ridin’ Down the Sunset Trail (Jack Elliott)

76. MY PAL TRIGGER (Republic 1946 07 10)
• Livin' Western Style (Don Swander / June Hershey)
    • Turkey in the Straw (traditional)
    • All the Cowhands Want to Marry Harriet (Abel Baer / Paul Cunningham)
    • Alla En El Rancho Grande (Emilio Uranga / Bartley Costello / J. J. Espinosa / J. del Moral)
    • Little Joe the Wrangler (or The Lily of the Valley)
    • Ole Faithful (Michael Carr / Hamilton Kennedy)
    • Long, Long Ago (traditional) (Thomas Haynes Bayly arrangment)
    • Rockabye Baby (traditional)

77. UNDER NEVADA SKIES (Republic 1946 08 26)
• Ne Ha Neι (Bob Nolan)
    • I Want to Go West (Jack Elliott)
    • Under Nevada Skies (Jack Elliott)
    • Any Time That I’m With You (Jack Elliott)
    • Sea Goin’ Cowboy (Gordon Forster-Tim Spencer)

78. ROLL ON TEXAS MOON (46 09 12)
• What’s Doin’ Tonight in Dreamland? (Jack Elliott)

    • Jumpin’ Bean (Tim Spencer)
    • Won’tcha Be a Friend of Mine (Jack Elliott)
    • Roll On Texas Moon (Jack Elliott)

79. HOME IN OKLAHOMA (Republic 1946 11 08)
• Home in Oklahoma (Jack Elliott)
    • I Wish I Was a Kid Again (Jack Elliott)
    • Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma (Tim Spencer)
    • Jailhouse Song (Jack Elliott)
    • Breakfast Club Song (Jack Elliott)
    • Cowboy Ham and Eggs (Tim Spencer)
    • Miguelito (Jack Elliott)
    • Hereford Heaven (Roy J. Turner)

80. HELDORADO (Republic 1946 12 15)
• Heldorado (Jack Elliott)
    • Silver Stars, Purple Sage, Eyes of Blue (Denver Darling)
    • My Saddle Pals and I (Roy Rogers)
    • Good Neighbor (Jack Elliott)
    • You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Til You Hear Him Roar (Bob Nolan)

81. APACHE ROSE (Republic 1947 02 15)
• Apache Rose (Jack Elliott)
    • Ride Vaqueros (Jack Elliott)
    • Josι (Glenn Spencer / Tim Spencer)
    • At the Wishing Well (Jack Elliott)
    • Mexican Hat Dance (Jesϊs Gonzαlez Rubio)
    • There’s Nothing Like Coffee in the Morning (Jack Elliott)

82. HIT PARADE OF 1947 (Republic 1947 03 22)
• Chiquita from Santa Anita
    • Is There Anyone Here from Texas?
    • I Guess I'll Have That Dream Right Away
    • Couldn't Be More in Love
    • The Customer is Always Wrong
    • The Cats Are Going to the Dogs
    • Brooklyn Buckaroos
    • Out California Way (J. Meakin / F. Carling) featuring the Sons of the Pioneers

83. BELLS OF SAN ANGELO (Republic 1947 05 15)
• Bells of San Angelo (Jack Elliott)
    • Hot Lead (Tim Spencer)
    • A Cowboy’s Dream of Heaven (Jack Elliott)
    • My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean (traditional)
    • I Love the West (Jack Elliott)
    • I Like to Get Up Early in the Morning (Jack Elliott)
    • The Farmer in the Dell (traditional)
    • Lazy Days (Tim Spencer)

84. SPRINGTIME IN THE SIERRAS (Republic 1947 07 15)
• Springtime in the Sierras (Jack Elliott)
    • A Cowboy Has to Sing (Bob Nolan)
    • The Quilting Party (J. Fletcher/Fran Kyle – m)
    • Pedro from Acapulco (Jack Elliott)
    • Oh, What a Picture (Jack Elliott)
    • When We Get Old and Gray (Glenn Spencer)


    • The Home Corral (At the Gates of) probably a misnomer for "A Cowboy has to Sing".

85. ON THE OLD SPANISH TRAIL (Republic 1947 10 15)
• Guadalajara (Pepe Guizar)
    • Here is My Helping Hand (Bob Nolan)
    • On the Old Spanish Trail (K L Smith / Jimmy Kennedy)
    • My Adobe Hacienda (Louise Massey / Lee Penny)
    • Una Furtiva Lagrima (Gaetano Donizetti).
    • I’ll Never Love Again moves into La Borachita

86. THE GAY RANCHERO (Republic 1948 01 03)
• The Gay Ranchero (Abe Tuvim-Ew/ Francia Luban-Ew / J. Espinosa)
    • Granada (Augustin Lara)
    • Cowboy Country (Tim Spencer)

    • Dance
    • Wait’ll I Get My Sunshine in the Moonlight (H. Guck / Jack LaMont)
    • You Belong to My Heart (Augustin Lara-Sw / Ray Gilbert-Ew)

87. UNDER CALIFORNIA STARS (Republic 1948 07 15)
• Rogers, King of the Cowboys (Jack Elliott)
    • Serenade to a Coyote (Andy Parker)
    • Dust (Johnny Marvin)
    • Little Saddle Pal (Jack Elliott)
    • Under California Stars (Jack Elliott)

88. EYES OF TEXAS (Republic 1948 07 15)
• Texas Trails (Tim Spencer)
    • Graveyard Filler of the West (Tim Spencer)
    • Padre of Old San Antone (Tim Spencer)

89. PECOS BILL from MELODY TIME (RKO Radio 1948 07 31)
• Blue Shadows on the Trail (Johnny Lange / Eliot Daniel)
    • Pecos Bill (Johnny Lange / Eliot Daniel)

90. NIGHT TIME IN NEVADA (Republic 1948 09 05)
• When It’s Night Time in Nevada (Aaron Gonzales Sw / R. Paxcoe Ew)
    • Over Nevada (Tim Spencer)
    • Big Rock Candy Mountain (Harry McClintock)
    • Sweet Laredo Lou (Bob Nolan - m / Ed Morrisey - w)


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