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Transcriptions of Taped Interviews


November 1, 1968 (Ken Curtis)

The first interview Ken Griffis made of Ken Curtis for his book, Hear My Song in the TV studio of Ken Curtis. This recording was made under the auspices of the John Edwards Memorial Foundation and was used by the Foundation for the non- profit activities of this organization. Transcribed by EDM (Elizabeth Drake McDonald) from the Ken Griffis Collection with permission from James Kleist and Jeff Wagoner. Listen: Part 1    Part 2  (unedited)


April 16, 1971 (Ken Griffis interviews Tommy Doss. Audio quality is poor and I couldn't transcribe it.)  Listen: Part 1   Part 2


January 2, 1972 (First Bob Nolan interview with Lloyd Perryman and Tim Spencer at Stuart Hamblen's house.)

This was Ken's initial interview of Nolan although it was informal and in the company of Bob's friends. Heretofore, Bob had been unwilling to be interviewed, but after this evening he cooperated cheerfully with many further interviews, most unrecorded. (Transcribed by EDM from the Ken Griffis Collection with permission from James Kleist.)


January 12, 1972 (the second Ken Griffis - Bob Nolan interview in Nolan's Studio City home)

This was the second time that Bob cooperated in an interview with Ken Griffis but it is the first formal interview for historical purposes, giving Bob's personal history. (Transcribed by EDM from tapes given to Calin Coburn by the late Ken Griffis.)


January 31, 1974 Ken Griffis interviews Lloyd Perryman about the late Stan Jones.


January 15, 1976 Ken Griffis interviews Bob Nolan about his memories of the Beverly Hill Billies.


April 28, 1976 (Bob Nolan by Larimer / Rector)

On January 21, 2003, Calin Coburn received from the Country Music Foundation archive a copy of an April 28, 1976 interview by Betty Cox Larimer, the publisher of Music City News and Lee Rector, the editor. The interview took place in Bob Nolan's home in Studio City. Ken Griffis, Sons of the Pioneers' historian and friend of Bob’s, was also present. Bob’s mynah bird was there, too, constantly interrupting the interview with comments like, “Hello, P-Nuts”, “Good Morning”, and “I like gambling!” When the mynah spoke, everyone but Bob stopped speaking. As a result of this interview, an article was published in the Music City News, August, 1976, page 18. Bob's portions of the interview are reproduced here, lightly edited and illustrated with photos from the Calin Coburn Collection. Attempts to find Ms. Larimer and Mr. Rector have been unsuccessful. (Transcribed by EDM from the Calin Coburn Collection.)


September 26, 1976 (Jimmy Wakely, backstage after the Hollywood Walk of Fame celebration)

The following transcription is of the first part of an interview of Bob Nolan that Jimmy Wakely started on September 26, 1976, after the celebration at the Palladium that followed the dedicating of the Sons of the Pioneers’ star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The remainder of the interview has been lost. (Transcribed by EDM from the Calin Coburn Collection.)


February 28, 1979 (Ray Whitley Memorial Tribute)


November 20, 1979 (Douglas B. Green telephone interview. Used with Mr. Green's permission.)


1979c  (Stuart Hamblen interviews Bob Nolan.)


Also interesting:

RCA Victor Questionnaire, 1948 Copy of a questionnaire RCA sent out to its recording artists, filled out by Bob and never sent in to be filed.


Later interviews honouring Bob Nolan:

1980 KLAC (Ken Griffis interviewed after Bob's death.)

May 7, 1999 (Fred Goodwin recalls Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. Used with Mr. Goodwin's permission.)

July 13, 1999 (Wesley and Marilyn Tuttle's memories in a telephone interview with EDM, transcribed with Mrs. Tuttle's permission.)

Jan-Feb, 2004 (Dick Goodman of The Reinsmen remembers Bob Nolan. Several telephone conversations with EDM, used with Mr. Garrett's permission.)

March 4, 2004 (Tommy "Snuff" Garrett remembers Bob Nolan. Telephone conversation with EDM, used with Mr. Garrett's permission.)