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Notes: Club Honor Roll:

S/Sgt. Lloyd W. Perryman

Pvt. Pat Brady

PFC. Roy DeWitt

Pvt. John Turgeon

Pvt. Wayne M. Reed

Cpl. Lorraine H. Hanson (WAC)



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Notes: Newsy Notes

    Mentions the Pioneers on the Kate Smith Show and the transcription of Pistol Packin' Mama.

    "John Turgeon, who is a Special Service Co. has been broadcasting five days a week from Paris, Texas. He sounds enough like Bob Nolan to be his brother."

    Mentions the grand opening of Spade Cooley's Riverside Rancho Dance. "About every western star was there. Tex Ritter, Eddie Dean, Johnny Bond, Ray Whitley and a host of others including Roy and the Pioneers. Tim, Ken, Pat, Karl and Roy entertained awhile, then Hugh put in his appearance and played that sizzling fiddle of his. Bob wasn't in evidence."



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Notes: Praise for Pioneer Pluggers

    "Our own club member, Pvt. John Turgeon gets some praise in this column for the work he's doing down on station KPLT, Paris, Texas. He's on from 6:45 to 7:00 PM every evening Mon. thru Fri. He said the favorite number there is SONG OF THE BANDIT."

    Vi Myers from Chicago listens to the Corn Crackers on WLS. "Says that Eli Havoy has a voice that resembles our own Sinatra of the West - Bob Nolan. Eli sings LONE BUCKAROO and WHEN PAYDAY ROLLS AROUND.

    From Helen Crespo, 1124 E. ST., Hayward, CA, "I arrived about 7:45 PM at the Oakland auditorium where the Sons of the Pioneers were appearing in person. Arrived early and sat near the dance floor - happened to glance across the floor, and saw Bob Nolan. He had a white suit on and looked swell. Finally I got up enough courage and went over and asked him for his autograph. We talked for awhile then I went back to my place.

    The dance started, another cowboy band played and the Pioneers came on the stage every hour for a few minutes and put some acts on. The auditorium was filled - what a crowd.

    When the boys first came on stage, Bob announced that Pat was in the service and introduced Shug Fisher who is taking his place. Then he introduced Ken. Then they went back-stage. Bet your boots I went too.

    Saw Ken standing by himself, so asked him for his autograph. He and the rest of the boys sure are friendly. The next one I talked to was Karl. He has the rosiest cheeks and the whitest teeth I've ever seen. And when he flashed that pretty smile, those teeth shine like diamonds. Had him autograph my card and he said, "Well, I'll be. A fan!" Sure was surprised - guess I was the only fan there.

    I wandered over to Hugh and got his autograph, he was so nice, I felt I've known him all my life. Had a heck of a time trying to get Tim's autograph. Poor Tim was always on the go. Finally got it and enjoyed hearing him talk - loved his drawl.

    During the night the boys sang a lot of swell songs. Among them were Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Along the Santa Fe Trail, The West is in My Soul, Timber Trail and Cool Water. The dance ended about 1 AM with the audience and Sons singing HOME ON THE RANGE and STAR SPANGLED BANNER. I'm still walking on air.



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Notes: News about the SONS OF THE PIONEERS

    Guess everyone noticed that Pat Brady's name was listed on the Honor Roll Flag. Well, the truth of the matter is that Pat is now in the Army. As yet, I do not have his camp address but will let all of you know when I do get it. He was sworn in November 29 but was given a three week furlough to finish up a movie. Heard that he may get a discharge but we don't know for sure.

    Any of you that were listening to Kay Kyser's program on the 2nd of Feb. sure were in for a surprise. Any of you that didn't hear it missed something. Our own Lloyd Perryman was on to help confuse the contestants. Kay's show was playing at San Luis Obispo where Lloyd happens to be stationed. Lloyd did parts of three songs - hummed "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" and sang parts of "Cielito Lindo" and "El Ranch Grande". Sure did enjoy hearing his swell voice again. Only sorry he didn't get a chance to sing longer, but better a little than none at all.

    Had a very nice letter from our new Pioneer, Ken Carson, who along with the rest of the Sons wish every member a very Prosperous New Year. A little late, but better late than never. It was early enough to me, though. Ken informed me his little son sure is growing up fast. The boys are working on a new picture but I'm sorry, I wasn't informed of the name.

    Also had a letter from Tim Spencer who wishes success to the club and all members. By the way - heard that Tim has a new song out called "The Little Guy that Looks Like Me" and that it's been publicized by Ginny Simms.

    Bob's new song "Half-way 'Round the World" is a dedication to his brother who is a Marine.

    Haven't heard any recent news about Karl or Hugh Farr but sure hope they're doing all right for themselves. Be sure to be on the lookout for HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER starring Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers with Ruth Terry and a host of others. Haven't been able to find out what the new pictures are yet but will let you know next time. All for the present time, so

SONS-cerely, Martha


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    In the New PIONEERooters column is this entry: Hank - the Yodeling Ranger, Box 82, Moncton, NB, Canada. (Hank Snow)



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