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Deuce Spriggens was mistakenly listed as Bruce Diggins.

Hollywood "biography" of Bob Nolan with very little truth in it.



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    Seems that quite a few of the California members had a fine time at the Los Angeles Coliseum on Sunday, July 9th. A super-colossal rodeo was staged which was headed by quite a few of the film celebrities. The stars of the show are Roy Rogers and The Sons of the Pioneers. Also, along with them were the following: Betty Hutton, Queen of the Rodeo; Wild Bill Elliott, Grand Marshall; Hoot Gibson as Arena Manager; Gabby Hayes, Dale Evans, Sunset Carson, Michael O'Shea and in the grandstand were Andy Devine, Joe E. Brown and Sgt. Gene Autry.

    Seems like there were about 700 horses in the big parade. Right after it, there was a memorial for three of the greatest cowboys that have passed to the "Great Divide." There were three large pictures of Tom Mix, Will Rogers and Buck Jones raised and a cowboy led a horse - fully saddled - around the arena, while the Pioneers sang "Empty Saddles".

    Roy and Trigger performed next and then the Pioneers started their portion of the entertainment. They did "Tumbling Tumbleweeds," Roy called a square dance - featuring the Farr brothers and their unsurpassed fiddle and guitar playing. Then Roy did "When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again," and they finished with "Home on the Range", asking the audience to sing along with them. A few more events were then featured and the rodeo was over. Heard there were approximately 70,000 people in the audience.



    On August 31, 1944, the Pioneers appeared on the Kraft Music Hall along with Vera Vague, Oscar Levant and Sonny Tufts as MC. They did "Cool Water" as only they can do it with Bob taking the lead and Ken leading on the "water" part. Towards the end of the song, the Music Maids joined them. Then at the end of the program, the boys did "The Very Thought of You" with Ken taking lead for a few lines. Just keep listening to the Kraft Music Hall for they'll be on once again within five weeks.

    Also hear that the Pioneers are being considered seriously for Warner's "Life of Will Rogers" and will do "This ain't the Same Old Range". Just found out that the boys were with Will Rogers on his last public appearance show before the fatal crash.

    Quite a few new movies are coming out. The latest one to be released is SONG OF NEVADA to be followed by LIGHTS OF OLD SANTA FE, SAN FERNANDO VALLEY and they're also in HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN.

    Seems that the boys have quite a few fans in the British Isles, too. Seems like about every fifth letter that comes in direct to the Pioneers is from 'way over there.

    Tim's song, "The Little Guy Who Looks Like You" has been sung quite a few times by both Ginny Simms and Dinah Shore.

    Doesn't look like the boys will be East for the rodeo this year - and I know that quite a few of you will be highly disappointed. They're being kept quite busy on the West Coast doing radio shows, movies and camp tours.

    A new bass fiddle player is with the boys now by the name of Bruce Diggins (or is it Deuce Spriggins?) Seems that both names are used so either one will be correct.

    A number of you have been asking about the new type of western. I wrote to Republic Studios about it and received this as an answer:


"As far as making regular Westerns again instead of the singing and dancing, it appears that the exhibitors like this new type of Western so much more than the 'shoot-'em-up drag-'em-out' Western. In fact, this new type of picture is adding to the prestige of the boys and these pictures will be showing in the most important theaters."



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Note: Shug Fisher will be with the boys in the movies; but, on the air, it will be Deuce Spriggins.


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