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Volume 3, Number 1





NOTE: This is the second issue labeled Volume 3 Number 1.



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NOTES from page 2:



    In the short biography of Hugh Farr it says, "Hugh can read music but prefers to just play a tune as he thinks and feels it should be played."


• HOLLYWOOD SON-SHINE (by Virginia Gallick)

    By now, you all know Roy isn't in the Army. He, along with the Pioneers are now making a picture at Republic. I was talking to Tim and he said that in the fall they are going back on the air and that they hoped Pat Brady would be out of the Army and back in the group.

    Deuce Spriggins has left the group to form a band of his own and it looks as tho Ken Carson is going to be a star in his own right. Ken now has his own program on the Mutual broadcasting System every Sunday at 4:30 PWT. It's called "The Ken Carson Show" or "Accent on Romance" and Ken has the voice with the "Zing" in it. Frank and Bing - beware, because our own Ken is climbing right up beside you.

    While I'm speaking of Ken, I want to announce the birth of his daughter who first saw the light of day on July 26, 1945. Ken and Kit have named her Coy Brooke; she weighed 6 lbs. 4 ozs. at birth.

    Latest report on Hugh Farr and his operation is that he has improved so rapidly that he is at work on the new movie. Bob and Karl are in the best health, too.

    I went to the Coliseum to see Roy Roger's Rodeo and it was more exciting this year than any other year. For the first time I attended an outdoor rodeo. That open air puts a different feeling into the whole show. A lot of movie stars were there too - including Bill Elliott, Leo Carrillo, Frances Langford, Van Johnson, Jane Withers, Smiley Burnette, Michael O'Shea, Hoot Gibson, Dale Evans, Peggy Stewart, Virginia Mayo and Republic's new star, Sunset Carson. The band was Spade Cooley's.



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Notes from page 4:


•John Turgeon, who is somewhere in France, saw the Pioneers with Charles Starrett in "Law of the Plains". He said it was strange to hear the boys speaking French, as the voices were dubbed in. The songs were in English, though.


• New PIONEERooter: Terry Sevigny, 174 Albemarle St, Springfield 9, Mass.


• Latest films: SUNSET IN EL DORADO. The ones coming up are RAINBOW OVER TEXAS, UNDER DAKOTA SKIES (???) and SONG OF ARIZONA. Don't forget to be on the lookout for MAN FROM OKLAHOMA to be released shortly.


• Pat Brady is in Bavaria now with a special service company. He's doing fine and has organized a band.



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