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Volume 4, Number 2

(A Modern Screen Fan Club Ass'n. Member)





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Notes from page 2:



    Julia [new president of the fan club] has asked us to write up a little about our trip to Philadelphia, PA, for the Rodeo Fans of America Banquet and party and the Rodeo, so here goes.

    The Banquet and Party was held Saturday, September 14th, at the Philadelphian Hotel. There was a very large crowd there - close to 500. If we're not mistaken. The guests of honor were The Sons of the Pioneers and Roy Rogers.

    We had the good fortune of sitting at the table with the Pioneers, along with Mrs. Tim Spencer and Terry Sevigny (who is a member of our club, too.)

    During the course of the banquet, the boys did a few songs among which were TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS, WHEN PAY DAY ROLLS AROUND and COOL WATER. Pat favored the audience with YOU TELL HER, I STUTTER and a new arrangement of IT HAD TO BE YOU - which was very funny.

    After the banquet, we went to the Arena for the Rodeo performance which we all agreed was one of the best we had seen in a long time.

    The Sons did TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS, COOL WATER, YOU TELL HER, I STUTTER, and EL RANCHO GRANDE. Later on, when Roy came on, they did SIOUX CITY SUE, Roy called a square dance then he did THE KID WITH THE RIP IN HIS PANTS and everyone joined in on TAKE ME BACK TO T-E-X-A-S.

    After the Rodeo, we all went back to the Philadelphian Hotel for the party, which lasted until ___? From there, we all went back to the hotel and just gabbed away until it was time for us to leave.

    It sure was swell seeing the old gang back together again - and we hope it will be for a long, long, time. (Emma Hackett and Martha Retsch.)


DOIN'S OF THE SONS (by Martha Retsch)

   Remember in the last issue it was mentioned that Ken would take Tim's place? Well, that's all changed now. Ken Carson now has his own radio show but, sorry to report, don't know the time or network. Tim is staying with the boys for awhile and will also be their manager. Now, maybe they'll get to the top.

    Also, don't be surprised if sometime in the very near future, you will be hearing of a new town out on the coast. The name of it will be PIONEERTOWN. Yes, that's right - the Pioneers are building their own western town in the Big Bear Mountains near Yucca Valley, CA. From the reports heard, the ground has already been broken and the place is starting to take shape. There will be regular places for people to live and part of the town will be fixed up so it can be rented to movie companies. Each of the Pioneers, and Roy, already have their five acres.

    Starting October 5th, a new coast to coast show starring Roy and the Pioneers will be heard over NBC in place of the National Barn Dance. It will be on at 9:00pm EST. The first broadcast will take place in St. Louis. Also on the show will be Dale Evans and Gabby Hayes.

    The Pioneers played 10 days in Philadelphia, PA, and from there they went to St. Louis for a 10 day stand. Then, approximately three weeks in Chicago, then back to Hollywood.

    Tim has gotten tired of not having a lot of his songs, and songs of the rest of the boys, published so he has started his own music publishing company and the main office is in Hollywood. More details about that later on.

    Be on the lookout for APACHE ROSE - which is a new movie with Roy and the Sons - and it's filmed in Tru-color - similar to technicolor. Also, another new movie is UNDER NEVADA SKIES and the boys and Roy have a part in HIT PARADE OF 1947.

    Before leaving for their tour, the Pioneers made eight new recordings for Victor - and also, they have an album which is to come out soon. It will contain six records. Think the name is to be COWBOY CLASSICS but am not sure. Will have more definite information later on.

    Also, there are about 150 new transcriptions out - which will be bought by any studio to be sponsored by anyone. They are similar to the Dr. Pepper series so any of you who have heard them, know they will be good.



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Notes from page 3:


My name is John Turgeon - that is to simply introduce myself to you. I've been a member of the Pioneers Fan Club for about three years and I have enjoyed the club paper whenever I received a copy, whether it was in France, Germany or back home in Cincinnati. By trade I'm a singer of western songs, thus my great interest in the Pioneers.

    I was in St. Louis one Sunday and as I was crossing a street, there was a station wagon in front of me. I glanced in and there sat the Sons of the Pioneers. It was quite a surprise - imagine you walking down the street and seeing our favorite western band drive past you. I grabbed a paper, turned to the movie section and saw that Roy Rogers was appearing at the Arena. I tore back to the hotel, hopped in my jeep and headed for the Arena. I had a vague knowledge of the location and it took some time to find the spot. Since I'm in show business, I have a fondness for stage doors (and this is just between us club members.) I was in my western clothes so didn't have too much trouble getting past the man at the gate. Once inside, I made my way to the dressing room. Saw Lloyd first and introduced myself to him and showed him my membership card. He took me back to their dressing rooms and introduced me to Tim. There in the dressing room was Dale Evans and Roy Rogers along with a group of other people. All of the Sons were there and I met Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Perryman. One reason I wanted to meet the boys was to see if I could get some of their latest songs. I use all their music on my programs. Tim has promised to send me all of the new songs when he gets back to Hollywood; and this will be a big feather in my cap because I'll have the jump on all the other bands.

    Roy was about the enter the arena so everyone took their positions around the sides. He entered on Trigger, then introduced the Sons. The boys had opened the show, but I had arrived late so Lloyd gave me the songs they did which were "Tumbling Tumbleweeds", "El Rancho Grande", "Timber Trail" and finished with "Cool Water". Roy opened with a new number by Deuce Spriggins, "Trail to San Antone," and the "Sioux City Sue." Dale was introduced and did "Ole Buttermilk Sky."

    I'm sorry to say I had to make a very reluctant withdrawal. You see, being in St. Louis on business (auditions for some new radio shows), and I had a very early call in the morning. Had to leave in the middle of the show - which I sure hated. Tough to be a working man.

    To put in a personal somewhere, I'm known as Jack Gibson on the air. If you happen to run across my show, I promise that I'll have at least one of the Pioneers' songs on my program.



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